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Best online investmentPerhaps it is your dream to earn your living online. Odds are, if it is, you have conducted several Google searches, revealing numerous sites all of which claim to provide you with the means to achieve this dream. You may have felt overwhelmed at their number, and unsure of where to start.

The best place to start, is, just as in all other forms of business, understanding the mindset of the person who is supposed to be paying you. What service are you providing them which they will be willing to pay for? Unlike a traditional job, online, people do not meet you face-to-face, meaning they do not know much about you. This lack of knowledge is both a good and a bad thing. The good news is, everybody will face you with few preconceived notions, and you have the potential to earn without a middle-man such as an employer taking away much of the profit from your work. The downside is, that you will have to take on nearly all of the risk associated with your online endeavors yourself. Someone online who hasn't even met you face-to-face will not be willing to do it for you.

Thus, in order to be a successful online earner, it is essential to know how to manage risk, and to understand the level of risk associated with various online earning opportunities. On the one hand, we have opportunities such as "Pay to Click sites." These sites are advertiser-based. In other words, all of the site's profit, and by extension, all of your own profit, is provided by advertisers who wish for their ads to be viewed. However, instead of, or in addition to, providing content to attract viewers, they pass on some of their profit to those who view the ads. As such, these websites pay you to click on their advertiser's ads. There are numerous spin-off businesses that do not call themselves PTC sites but employ a similar model. Such an example is a "Pay to Post" forum, which pays you to post, or, from the admin's perspective, pays you to spend time on a forum with banner ads. Another such an example is the "Pay to Surf" website, which pays you to view advertiser's websites.

The upside of this advertiser-based business model is that there is little risk involved. You risk only your time, nothing else. The downside is the profits are usually very small. Even when participating in several of these programs at once, it is often difficult to earn more than just a few dollars a day. In order to earn more, one must take on greater risk.

In short, in order to take on greater risk, one needs money. After all, this is what you will be risking. Thus we encounter one of the great truths of online earning. In order to make money in any large amount, one needs money. By investing or risking this money in different ways, it is possible to multiply it. One way to do so is by investing in Forex. Forex is short for "Foreign Exchange" or the exchange of commodities from one country to another. This exchange causes a constant small fluctuation in the prices of each nation's currency. By purchasing the currency when it is valued lower, and selling it when it is valued higher, one can generate very large returns in days. The risk associated with such an activity, is of course, the fact that the currency one is invested in may decline in value. There is, however, another risk one must be aware of. This is the risk that the Forex broker, or the entity you are trading currency with, will scam you out of your money. While this does not happen very often, it is always important to research your broker and make sure they are honest.

There are other ways of investing online as well, one of the most popular being HYIP investing. HYIPs are "High Yielding Investment Programs." This means that they promise exceedingly high returns on your investment, much higher than a bank. As such, they are also much riskier than a bank. While Banks are often backed by an organization such as the FDIC, and thus your money is protected, investments in HYIPs never are. Additionally, the HYIP industry is packed full of scams and Ponzi schemes. A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud in which the scammer pays old investors with the money of new investors. While this allows the scammer to pay huge amounts of money out in the short term, in the longer term the program becomes unstable and ceases to function. At such a point, the scammer will simply shut down the program and all the money current investors have in the program is lost.

This risk does not mean investing in HYIPs is impossible, however. First, you must make sure that the HYIP is currently paying and has not already scammed. This can be done by checking HYIP monitors, such as this one. An HYIP monitor's job is to report their investments in various HYIP programs to investors. Note that just because a HYIP program is marked as PAYING on a monitor does not mean the program is not a Ponzi, as a monitor has no way of knowing such a thing. Instead, PAYING status merely indicates that the HYIP is currently paying out interest as promised. A scam HYIP could stop paying at any moment.

Thus, just because a program is PAYING does not mean it is a wise investment. It is important to thoroughly investigate any HYIP program before investing. Pay attention to the quality of the program and its promised return. As a general rule, in HYIPs, as in all investing, higher return means higher risk. A program promising a low return is less likely to be a ponzi, and even if it is one, it is much more likely to continue operation for a long period of time.

Finally, in order to invest in Forex, HYIP, or any other online program, it is necessary to transfer money online. This can be done through e-currencies. E-currencies, too, sometimes scam and run off with money they control. It is thus important to do your research and only invest in those most trusted, such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EGOPay, and Solid Trust Pay.

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