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Throughout the years I've been with you, amigos, I truly learned a lot about myself. Writing reviews for you has been a real eye-opener, one might say, because now I know things about Forex and about my very humble person that I did not know before.

The first one being that I do love a good tutorial. I know, it's not something most people get to find out about themselves, but I had this chance and now I can share this secret with you. Whenever I see a page starting with "How to…", I feel better. As if life makes sense again or something equally deep. It may seem superficial to an untrained eye, but when you think about it "How to" pages are your guides into the inner-workings of the web creator’s/program creator's mind. My affection towards them proves that: a. I was a private detective in my previous life, and b. I love screen shots. Thankfully, our today's protagonist, AtrexTrade has provided me with some insight into their Seychelles-based minds.

AtrexTrade is a company that started out in 2008, but came out publicly in 2012. Working on the Forex market in both short-term and long-term capacity, according to the website AtrexTrade uses "micro-hedging technology and unique trading algorithms". The website was registered this year and has a long expiration date, that is 2024. I can't tell you much more about the company (you can ask for the registration documents once you are a verified member, according to FAQ) besides what's written on, but I do know that the page is secured with Rapid SSL certificate issued on July 8, 2014 and valid until July 11, 2015.

As far as another one of my favorites, namely design, is concerned: AtrexTrade is a simple website, readable and easy to peruse. It will not blow your mind with hot graphics or mind-boggling slogans; it simply does the job. Naturally, there's my beloved "How to Start" section which is a straight-forward guide into the world of AtrexTrade and its payment options providers: EgoPay, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. At the moment, these are the payment services available here, but "If requested, we may enlarge the number of the services available". There is also the option of funding your wallet via a bank wire transfer or a debit card to receive your profits.


If you like to try that, be sure to let AtrexTrade support system know so that they can arrange that for you. Speaking of, how's the contact aspect of AT, you ask? I know that some of you feel super-adventurous at times, so in case you need a trip destination you can surely stop by Mahe, Seychelles (103 Sham Peng Tong Plaza, Victoria, Mahe, SEYCHELLES), where AtrexTrade is registered. Or you can do the more sensible – sorry, amigos – thing and call them (+44 20 3287 8253) on Monday–Friday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST). Last but not least, you can send a message using the contact form provided online. AtrexTrade does not seem to be social media crazy, so there's no way to follow them on Facebook or Twitter, but you can visit their local representative in Kenya, if you wish.

Obviously, AtrexTrade is looking for new representatives for which you can get paid 10% commission fee from first-level affiliate programs. To participate in this deal, you need "at least 5 active downlines on your account" and have "big experience and good knowledge of the investment process", as well as being "well-acquainted with all the content of our site, section F.A.Q. and process of distributing earnings". I guess almost everybody meets the last requirement, that is having a "valid phone and e-mail". If you are really serious about representing AtrexTrade, you can even get them to compensate you for "the cost of renting office (you must provide a copy of the check) and other organizational expenses of up to 50% of total cost".

OK, I'm getting ahead of myself, amigos. First, I should answer the most important question: what does AtrexTrade actually do? As I mentioned before, it's Forex, amigos. There are four plans to choose from: A, B, C, and D, depending on the amount of money you're willing to invest and the share of daily profit you want: $10-$600 and 50%, $601-$6000 and 55%, $6001-25000 and 65%, and $25001-$60000 and 75%.

You get paid from Tuesday to Saturday, "so they money you earn on Monday will be deposited to your account on Tuesday". As you may have notices, there's no end date of the plans mentioned and it has been done for a reason, which is… There is no end date. AtrexTrade offers "non-expiring investment plans", where "your earnings depend only on the amount of money invested". You can withdraw your principal, but there are some "early contract termination fees" to consider: 65% if you withdraw it in 25-100 business days, 50% fee when it's between 100 and 124, and so on until you reach the free withdrawal period, namely after 241 business days. By the way, amigos, the information I have given you can be found in the very comprehensive FAQ section, so make sure you read it carefully.

For you information, as of the 5th of December, according to the trading reports (, day profits amounted to 1.67%. You can check everyday profit/loss reports there every day.

Setting up an account will take you about 30 seconds, provided you do not have to think long and hard about your favorite food or movie. Once you're inside, you need to deposit at least $10 to start investing. You can set up your compounding rate (e.g. 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.). The default referral commission is 5%. There's also a VIP E Plan that I have yet to tell you about: if you wish to deposit more money, where "you will have 85 % share and just 5 % of total profits will be retained as remuneration", you should contact AtrexTrade so that they can set it up. And if you do that, be sure to tell them about my fondness of "How to" pages, so that they can make even more of them, OK?


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