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Hola amigos!

It's such a nice day to discuss... finances! Since I consider myself your personal guide to the world of the rich and, well, richer, today I'm going to find out if Alpha Forex Investment Company is the way to live a life of luxury. Keep your fingers crossed!

            Alpha Forex is yet another long-term program that has recently been added to Money-Monitor. Theoretically, you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but who am I kidding? Even in the business world, looks are still quite important (who has not made fun of Donald Trump's hair? Anyone? Anyone? That's what I thought.), so let's take a look at what Alpha Forex has to offer in the “being pretty” department.

I hate paying compliments, but even I have to admit that their website is stylish. It's been a long time since I've seen as classy, simple and eye-catching page as this one. I especially like the way they're trying to gain my trust by putting me – literally – on the top of the world, namely an awesome, snowy mountain.

Alpha Forex

Talk about high expectations! "Smart Investing Is Knowing What We Own" is a Smart Advertising Slogan. It's catchy, yet professional – who doesn't believe that the knowledge of your assets is one's biggest asset? The menu is just as well-wrought: it's extremely easy to set up a new account, but just to make sure everybody gets it, the administrators prepared a modest, but sufficient video presentation (look it up: "Getting Started" tab). Long story short – it's quite obvious that the website is well-prepared and thought through. So, we're dealing with pros here, amigos.

            Not wanting to be accused of being superficial, obviously I've also checked Alpha Forex's history and policy. The program is said to be registered in the UK, however no certificate is to be found on their page. And now we're getting serious, guys: they've been working since 2000 and they anticipate a global success. That's right, I said it: GLOBAL. I wouldn't take it all that seriously, though, because it just seems like a sensible marketing strategy to me. You hear "famous offshore countries" and you think "big money, big money, big money," right? When you take a closer look at the texts on the website, you can see that they're not always original. Also, their domain was registered just a couple of months ago. That being said, it's a common policy in the HYIP world, so I'd look into other things that stand for stability and the longevity of a program, e.g. the fact that the domain is registered by the year 2015. If the program achieves the "PAYING" status till then – that's what we call a success.

            Scanning the webpage, we'll also find their investment plans, accepted payment systems, news and some information regarding the investment risk.

            Firstly, the investment plans are being calculated on business days (Monday to Friday) and it seems logical since the program declares earnings in the Forex market, which is closed during the weekends and holidays. Alpha Small-Cap Fund is the plan with the lowest minimum investment amount ($20). It takes 180 business days and offers a 1.6%-1.9% return, depending on the investment performance. After the end of the term, the deposit is returned to the investors. Alpha Small-Cap Fund is the only plan with variable profits.

Alpha Mid-Cap Fund, Alpha Equity-Income Fund and Alpha Fixed-Income Fund offer a fixed daily return of 2.1%-2.6%.

Using the most profitable plan with the minimum deposit of $15.000, we're left with ROI of 468%, plus the return of the deposit, and the possible earnings if we're using the compounding option. All of the aforementioned plans offer this option as well as the refundable deposit.

Even in the Forex market, stable profits at such high levels are extremely difficult to achieve and you also need to keep in mind the offered bonus, the administration fee and the affiliation system – doctor's mm_aficionado recommendation is "assess the investment risk properly." Speaking of bonus, when I invested in this program the 20% bonus was charged automatically. It's available to the first 10.000 investors, but the counter is nowhere to be found so it's hard to tell when the magic number is up. I'd definitely ask about it in our pre-planned interview with the administrators.

            The program provides three accepted payment systems: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money i Alert-pay (deposits are accepted manually). Mastercard logo can also be seen, but I have no idea why – another question for the administrators, I guess.

            Those who earn their money with affiliate programsAlpha Forex has something interesting for you. It's a three-tier program: you'll get 7% on the 1stlevel,3% on the 2ndand 1% on the 3rd. What do you think about that?

            Now it's time to complain a bit. On Tuesday, the page was unavailable for about an hour, and you know how stressful that can be when your money is involved, don't you? A quick solution to this problem would be Alpha Forex's twitter or facebook page, where one could find up-to-date info about what's going on. However, it seems that it doesn't happen a lot – maybe I'm just unlucky as my late aunt used to say? Born on Friday, or something... – since the webpage is hosted on a decent server with adequate protection against DDoS attacks. Additionally, security certificates such as GeoTrust and TRUSTe are installed on the server and the webpage is also encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption. Even a security freak like me must admit that it all seems safe enough.

            The complaint number 2: the customer care. Naturally, there is the traditional e-mail support, but they also offer phone support. Or, rather, that's what they say. I've been trying to reach them during their office hours (Mon-Fri 08:30 a.m.–05:00 p.m.) but – maybe that's my rotten luck again – to no effect. Oh, I'm sorry, there was this: "The person you're trying to reach is unavailable, please leave the message after the beep." I hate leaving the message after the beep! And it's not really helpful, is it?

            Yet, I have to admit that when it comes to the program's prognosis it really does look good. Apart from some minor and easy to fix bugs that I've ranted about, it can be objectively said that they have good intentions: they want to join our "Care Investors Program". Also, Alexa rank shows that there's a growing popularity trend when it comes to Alpha Forex.

I'm hoping to talk with Alpha Forex's administration really soon and ask them about their plans for the future and other details (like: why are they dodging my calls?! Is it personal?!). Till then, my dear readers, stay strong and keep on getting richer and richer. Hope to see you on that mountain top!

            Yours truly,



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