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Talkgold forumThis interview was made to explain some doubts and slander about Brian Krassenstein the person which came in the last time.

Question 1: Brian Krassenstein, you, as the leader of Talkgold forum and with more than 100,000 members and 14,500+ subscriptions, what is your goal?

Well, as many people are unaware, Our parent company sold talkgold back in November of 2008, however I have still remained on for the time being as the forum manager. As part of the current management team, I know the owners are looking to expand the core discussion of talkgold into just about every online money making field there is. This will happen over the next 12-18 months.

Question 2: What features do you plan to add to make your forum more attractive to your members?

There will be new folders added in the coming money, as we try and direct Talkgolds attention into a more stable atmosphere. We will try and give away more cash prizes in our cash folder, as well as team up with some of the more lucrative affiliate programs out there to give members some opportunities of their own.

Question 3: Please tell us more about your new project: “Team Earners” ( What was the reason to start this service? How is going your project? What is your further planning? was created in partnership between, Myself (Brian Krassenstein), Bradley Pancrose, Richard Gremus, and Edward Krassenstein. The idea was to provide a group in which like minded internet entreprenuers could have a hub for all the latest internet earning strategies and share their experiences for a price, anyone can afford. $13 per 6 months. Teamearners is off to a great start with close to 1000 members and growing.

Question 4: Are you still owner of Talkgold forum?
I read on this site: Emprezio Inc, Brian Krassenstein, and Others Make Large Website Sales that your forum was sold to Akmed Malakar. Can you confirm this information?

Yes the forum was sold to an outside group who owns several large internet based forums. We can not give too many details because of a non-disclosure agreement we have signed. The new owners have the best interest of the memberbase at mind and will run the forum in an honest fashion.

Question 5: I read on internet blogs some accusations directed to your person. Some people accuse you that a few domain names were stolen by you (Brian Krassenstein).
Can you explain to my readers what is nature of these indictments? Is it possible that some people try to ruin your good name? If yes, what is the reason?

Over the years, almost 5 years of running Talkgold, I have met a lot fo great people. Unfortionately in the High Yield investing industry there are hundreds of scammers. You ban one from your forum and suddenly they go out and write all kidns of crazy stuff about you. About the stolen domains….. I am a domain name speculator. I own over 1700 domain name. Back in February of 2008 I purchased a portfolio of several domains, just one of the probably 100+ portfolios I have purchased int he last year. It happened that this portfolio I bought has several stolen domain names in it. Once I found these names were stolen I immediately gave them back to the original owner, despite a financial loss I had to take.

Question 6: Hyip and autosurf arena is not so popular like in the past. After fail of such popular programs like 12DailyPro, Studiotraffic or PIPS (People in Profit System or Pure Investors) people are more prudent and associate hyips as a scams. What do you think about the future of hyip arena?

I have been saying the arena was going to die for years now. It always surprises me and makes a comeback. It is ashame there are so many scams out there. If only a couple legitimate programs would launch then the arena would thrive in my opinion. I don’t see it dying. HYIPs are not much different then casino gambling. There are always people willing to take risks for the big payout.

Question 7: Did you register your account on Switchbladeip forum as a “BK1981″ member? This member was pretending to be Brian, owner of TG forum. He posted on that:

“I have purchased offer 150000 domains in the last 2 years with all the e-gold I stole from you stupid fucks who go on Talkgold and I will steal more domains and money as long as you assholes can’t catch me. [..] The fact of the matter is however that I am no better than the scumbags who pay me big money to advertise their scams at Talkgold forum and you losers try to smear my name around the internet because of some grudge you hold against me going back years when you lost your money in some ponzi scheme.”

Your comment would be appreciated.

That is my username, but the owner of the forum edited my post to make me look like a thief. I would never post anything like that.

Question 8: administrator on his blog and his forum linked Idetrorce spam bot attack to your person. What is history and your relation to website?

Idetrorce was a virus that I saw that people were searching for as a web trend. What I did was register the domain and I had planned on putting up an anti-virus protection tipbook for those infected with that virus. Because that guy claimed I was somehow involved I just let the domain drop and never went forward with my plans.

Question 9: Your ex-moderator “los” has posted on code4gold forum: “TG being a criminal enterprise”. Do you agree with him? Do you plan to make your forum more unfriendly for scammers?

Los is an ex mod banned from talkgold. Read question number 5.

  • ex-moderator "los" comment: lets explore the fatcs about los a little bit.BTW i am the person once known as los. los was invited to mod at tg after modding on thf for some period, by geoff01. My specific brief was to remove scammers from tg . I did that to the point of obsession, and loved every minute, yet never once gained the support of the tg admin Brian. He, Brian could see his entire empire crumbling because if i removed all of the scammers what would he have left??
    As much as i believe HYIP’s are an adult game, something that should not be ruled by laws of any country, the fact is they are. I actually i spent up to 12 hrs a day removing criminals from tg until eventually Brian realised what i was saying re the exchange folder was true. He was enabling theft by allowing that folder, and by its presence was abetting criminal activity.

    This has nothing to do with Hyip,s at this point.That is indeed a completely different story. yet oncve that exchange folder was gone , Brian thought he had a problem, he presumed i would next turn to hyips, after removing the most blatant theft, from his site, so the the reaction was both typical and anticipated.

    i explored the many ip resources availible to tg mods and was rather amused at what i found.

    the fact i posted as such yet TG still exists shows just how inefficient our govt reseources really are in investigating online crime.

    the shame of all this is frankly i dont give 2 hoots to knowledgeable people losing money in hyips, but i do not like these programs expressed as legitimate investments which tg is so complicit in doing.

    if you play hyip’s play with money you can afford to lose and dont bother crying if you lose more than you can afford due to your own greed. And also remember the admin of tg is not to be trusted.

Question 10: Did you ever run a hyip or have you been a part of hyip team?

No I never ran any hyip. Back 4 years ago I was an advertising manager for weeklygold. The owner Mario Degryse ended up being a scammer himself. Since then I promised myself never to get myself associated with any hyip including investing into them in any way.

Question 11: What is your opinion about service?

I like it. It is a breath of fresh air. There are too many monitor sites which look the same. Money-Monitor is unique and looks to be run by honest hard working people. Good job guys.

Question 12: Is there anything else that you would like to add that I didn’t ask about?

I just want to say that anyone investing into HYIPs should in fact look at it as a game of poker. Plan to lose your money, however understand you can also make money. Never put your eggs in one basket and always do your research.

Thanks for the interview!
Brian Krassenstein


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