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I welcome all investors!

As I promised I’ve started publishing a series of articles which may help our readers realize the truth about the activity and nature of hyip programs. 

It's very important to understand how these programs are really operating because with that information it would be much easier for you to create an effective investment strategy. It would be also much easier to analyze hyip signals which often determine when hyips may collapse.


The first article from this series is available under this link:


Now I would like to introduce two new programs which have recently been added to money-monitor. First of them is called BensonUnion. I have to admit that this program has impressed me.  It is obvious and visible everywhere that the owners have put  big effort into building and integration of their project. The program has a professional design additionally supplemented with video presentations and tutorials. Unique script solutions and meticulousness also deserve mentioning.


I was considering adding this program for a long time mainly because of their support which usually doesn't work. Their online chat is almost always offline and my support tickets are unanswered. In addition the administrators published information on TG forum that they have no Russian roots but this statement stand in contradiction to the information I’ve gained. I’m in possession of a screen of their Youtube channel which indicates exactly Russian description:


Of course this description was swiftly changed but the fact is that someone isn't telling the whole truth.


Despite these doubts it's hard to remain indifferent to this program and any investor should strongly consider adding it to his investment portfolio.


All investment plans are daily and the choice between them is large according to the rule: there's something for every taste. The least profitable plan is Ontario fund but the min. investment there is only $10. Erie fund plan offers already 1.4% daily and the min. of investment is $500. HuronFund offers 1.7% profit daily but you have to invest $5000. The next plan is called Michigan fund  where we earn quite a lot – 2.1% daily but this plan is quite expensive, because the min. of deposit is here $25,000. The last plan called Superior Fund offers 2.45% and the minimum is $50,000.

All the plans last for 170 days and the profit is calculated in business days. All plans have also compounding available and you may withdraw your deposit anytime with 25% fee.

All withdrawals are processed instantly. They accept LR, PM and wire payments.


The second of today's propositions is a program of autosurf type – 35three. Autosurfs are similar to hyips and once in the past this type of programs was very popular. Here we have two types of accounts: free and upgraded.

A free account is active after a successful registration and by watching website ads you earn some credits which you can use to advertise your own pages. You can also upgrade your account so that except earning credits you can also earn money for viewing ads. As an upgraded member you can earn 2% daily or 35% daily for 3 days. You have to remember to surf pages daily to make a profit.

You may deposit here via LR and PM.



FxPulse has aded a special calculator through which we can calculate the profits from our deposits. The link can be found under the investment plans.

In the ‘video tutorials’ section there are available new videos, showing how to open an account, how to manage it and make a deposit.



The layout of Enzex Finance website was reconstructed. It is supposed to be clearer and easier to navigate now. These changes are mostly cosmetic and do not affect the functionality of the program.



Royalty7 informs us that they have started accepting bank transfers with no receiving fees. There is also a possibility to order e-currencies directly from the program.



IncomeInt has started its own discussion forum. It’s available under the link:



HYIP Innovation has promised that within 2 week they will solve all their withdrawal problems. They’ve mentioned new investment plans and asked not to change their status but 2 weeks have passed and nothing has changed; there are no updates so I‘ve changed their status to NOT PAYING.

WorldWide Capital has stopped paying me and my referrals so I am forced to change their status to NOT PAYING.


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