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In today's article I will try to proof the relations between Epay-payments(epay-payments.com) - a global payment service, Virex-system (virex-system.com) - Russian language investment program based on the invitation system only and Unico-invest (unico-invest.net) - similar program to Virex-System.

What does connect these programs? From my due diligence - the same administration team. Here is what we found:

Virex-system is one of the few programs which accepts Epay-payments payment processor. I have discovered that these services are connect to each other. When you look at their domain IP address and you reverse it you will find that both sites are using the same IP address!

Ok, but what is wrong in having own payment processor? Every investment program dreams about it. The problem is that not all their customers are happy.

One of their investors described here http://epay-payments.blogspot.com his own problems with this company. He claims that his account was deleted and $3,000 erased. He also publish some screens showing his balance and withdrawal request. I am trying to contact with this person and ask him about details.

Someone may say that this is only one and individual case, ok so let's continue our investigation.

Here is another service which accepts E-PayPayments:


They also offer like Virex some shares and have similar statistics on the website:

Virex system


Both programes offer similar bonuses, conferences at hotconference.com, the same menu tabs. Any difference? Grandigroup is working on the unlicensed GoldCoders script. They stopped paying because their Latvian bank account was blocked, but you will not find this information on their news section and they still accept new investments.

Not enough? What about this:

Another program which accepts E-PayPayments is


It's a nice ponzi design isn't?

Go to their main website here: nettaller.com/website/

It's the next Russian language website (you join only by invitation), but when you translate it (translate.google.com) you will discover that you are dealing with a simple ponzi-scheme structure! No real investments!

This one has exactly the same script like Virex, they also invitie to join to their conference at hotconference.com, and of course the same payments systems. They are also hosted on the same server but with different IP address:


Server Type: Apache/2.2.8 (Linux/SUSE)
ASN: AS8560
IP Location: - Germany - 1&1 Internet Ag
IP Address:


Server Type: Apache/2.2.4 (Linux/SUSE)
ASN: AS8560
IP Location: - Germany - 1&1 Internet Ag
IP Address:

How can we treat the administration seriously if they are running ponzi games?

Do you want to know which another program is registered on Nettaller.com ip?

Check here:



Unico-Invest is the next one from this family, they also accept EPayPayments and they offfer conferencies at hotconference.com.

Unico was founded after Virex, so the question is what for they create new investment project? Was the old not so successful?

All these domains mentioned above are registered by the same company - GoDaddy.

Do you think it was the last one? No... here is another project:


The same ISP:

B-Investor IP:
B-Investor server location: Germany
B-Investor ISP: 1&1 Internet AG 

Similar title to Epay-payments:

Epay-Payments Title: - ..:: ePay Payments ::..
B-Investor Title: -
..:: New Franchising Systems Inc. ::..

Of course they also have conferences and they accept EPay-Payments. What is also interesting, Virex and B-investor have very similar Alexa traffic trend:

b-investor.com alexa

virex system alexa

It all looks like a multi-ponzi structure, they are private and you have to be invited to join and they probably use this veil to trick and to show that they are more reliable. My suggestion is to make your own detailed DD before investing.



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