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Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

New Opportunities of UInvest Franchise  

Indeed, UInvest franchise opens a whole world of new opportunities for both uinvestors and business owners. Now, as you may know from the last MC, a franchisee can launch a so-called TOP fund, a tool for accumulation of uinvestors’ balances. With its help a franchisee can collect necessary funds for business projects and provide withdrawals to uinvestors. To learn more about how this model works, please click here.

Moreover, if you are a business owner and you are looking for funds, feel free to contact a TOP distributor, who now has an opportunity to list your projects.   
Submit your project today and get funded!

This Time UIdonate Helped 5 Children! 

We are happy to inform you that in November and December UIdonate project received a record amount of donations. First of all, we would like to thank our uinvestors, who donated their funds via UIdonate.

We have distributed these funds as efficiently as possible. As a result, this week 5 children have got the long-awaited help. They are Bohdan Aframchuk, Eugene Stepanov, Ilia Piven, Anastasia Golubovic and Eve Boyko. Due to our UInvestors’ donations we paid a course of the required treatment for each child. Once again, thank you very much!


Meet the Winner of the G.U.N. Contest!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we would like to congratulate the winner of the annual G.U.N. Anniversary contest, Vladislav Gorban, and wish him all the best in all his endeavors and activities as a GUN Agent.

As you may remember the task was to create a New Year card with GUN logos and post them on the GUN project facebook page. His work got the biggest number of likes from our audience and he really deserved his Apple IPad. It will be sent to him asap. Congratulations!
We would like to thank everyone, who participated in our contest.

All the best from UInvest!

Newsletter: MutualWealth presentation, Uinvest managmenet chat with CEO (Eugene) RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

It's been a lovely, calm and pleasant week. In fact, it has been such a great time lately that I feel like celebrating.

As you know, my usual manner of celebration is lying on a beach with an umbrella-adorned drink in my hand. Today, however, I'm feeling somewhat more ambitious, if you can believe it. And ambitious people celebrate by doing something, not by avoiding work, right? At least that's what I've been told, amigos…


Since no new program has been added, we'd usually go straight to the news part.

Edit: in the last hours we have added a new listing: Invest Age. A short review will be made in the next newsletter.

But not today, mis amigos! It's time to acknowledge a program that has not failed us for the last 10 months. Not once did we complain about payouts. Not once did we nag them about the support team or unfriendly layout. Who is that, you ask? Have you heard about Mutual Wealth?

According to mutualwealth.com, the company's structure is actually two-fold:

"MWF Financial Limited (founded in 2009) is the issuer and manager of portfolios and Fleet Mutual Wealth Limited works with investors and accredited advisers".

Kind of complicated, but the crucial piece of information is that "both companies are under the same management".

With a motto "Building your future", Comodo-issued SSL certificate valid from June 2012 to July 2014, a domain created in 2008 which should be valid for another year, and a freshly renewed ad contract with money-monitor, Mutual Wealth seems to do everything to show that they are actually thinking about the future.

As I mentioned before, the website is refreshingly simple and appealing at the same time. The offer seems rather daunting at the first sight, but the "Most Asked Questions" section should prove quite helpful – you'll find it under "Help". The support team awaits for your calls (+852 39733868, "calls are answered from 9am till 7pm Hong Kong time), e-mails (info@mutualwealth.com) or inquiries via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mutualwealth) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/mutualwealth). Bear in mind, though, that e-mails are answered within 12 hours. As you may have deduced, the company's official headquarters are located in Hong Kong (Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street Central), but the administrative section is in Cyprus, while the whole "IT infrastructure is located in New York".

What does it take to invest with Mutual Wealth? $100 – returnable – and at least 30 calendar days. You also need PerfectMoney or Bitcoin account, or you can simply wire the money in a traditional way. There are three major "Investment Products":

"Growth and Income", "Active Trader" and "Easy Saver" and the ROI varies between 2%-8% a week. The minimum to invest is always the same, but the investment periods can go from 30 to 180 calendar days, depending on the "product". How much have we earned so far? Let's just say our ROI is now 122%. And that is why Mutual Wealth is Number 2 on our list.


Uinvest and waiting status RSS - comments

Some of my readers are asking me why I am keeping a waiting status for Uinvest. Here is the short explanation.

Some of my withdrawals are still pending for about a month and Uinvest asked us about our account verification without a specify reason (even if we always use the some e-currency account for withdrawals). So I assume that any account can be verified anytime without any specific basis and your privacy is not safe with Uinvest. This is not a good sign. They verified our account history, e-mail, phone number but it was not enough.

I am very disappointed because we are not anonymous, we are one of the leaders of the industry and it's a really simple to verify our account possession by using our support system. I feel that this is something personal and as I treated Uinvest as a well organized and well structured investment company I feel that this is not a proper way to build a cooperation and confidence between our companies.

I will let you know about further actions.



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