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Right5 scamHola mis amigos!

Remember how I always say that no news is good news? Well, I could not be more wrong this time. As you may have noticed, not much seemed to happen last week. Maybe you felt like everything was right on track, the sun was shining and the birds were singing happy, happy tunes.

Don’t worry, I thought so as well. And we all could not be more wrong, it appears. But let’s start with some happy thoughts, shall we?



Some of you will probably be relieved to know that this week we won’t bother you with lengthy comparisons and reviews of at least 3 new programs. There was only one addition to money-monitor’s list last week, namely Fast Earn. A rather uncomplicated program with creepily happy people on the main page. It’s almost sinister how happy they are – nobody should smile this much without some major drug abuse. But that’s just my humble opinion, amigos. Fast Earn, “a new private investment fund created for people who do not have time to deal with their own finances” supposedly “[provides] top quality services” which range from “consulting to paying the earned money”. It all sounds just glamorous, but let’s check what Fast Earn is actually about, without all the fluffy sounding introductions.

Here are all the basic facts: Fast Earn is all about the Forex market, the domain was registered on September 28, 2012 and expires within a year, it’s hard to tell who pulls the strings since it’s yet another website that’s “WhoisGuard Protected”. Other than that, the page seems secure enough: the classic COMODO SLL Certificate was implemented on 10/11/2012 and should be valid for at least a year. What’s rather unusual these days is that the “support center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, but be warned that it takes the form of an extremely basic ticket. When it comes to the plans, they are your regular fast earning options, which means that “[i]nterest on your [...] account is acquired Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and credited to your available balance at the end of each day”.

The aforementioned plans are called in a different manner on the main page – which seems sloppy as well as confusing – and that is: Economy, Business, Professional and First Class. I have no idea what airline tickets have to do with HYIPs, but what do I know... In order to become a part of Fast Earn, you need at least $10 for the Economy plan (120% after 1 day), $12 for the Business plan (300% after 6 days), $15 for Professional (800% after 9 days) and $20 for First Class (1400% after 15 days). The payouts (which should take 1-20 hours) are handled manually and the “profits are gathered on your account and you can withdraw them anytime”. Only one account per person is permitted and they expect you to give your full name. You can fund your Fast Earn account via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay and... That’s practically all since not much can be said about Fast Earn’s creators and the website itself is... To say basic would be paying a compliment.


In other non-bad news, Goldenarium added EgoPay as their fourth payment processor while WeFindWays have accumulated no less than five “e-payment gateway[s]”: Pexpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay and EgoPay.

WeFindWays also bragged about attracting “200 advertisers and surfers” within just the “first seven days of operation”.


Yes, mis amigos, we’re now done with happy thoughts. If you read our interview with Ex-Admin, the author of and a former administrator of HYIPs, you should know that the HYIP business is rarely a happy one. Need some proof? newGNi’s administrator made a big deal out of the fact that Liberty Reserve reportedly blocked newGNi’s account because of some limit issues. As it turns out, Ex-Admin managed to contact Liberty Reserve with regard to such an infringement and it turned out that there was no such “limit” issue at all. According to newGNi’s admin, Jurgen “Liberty Reserve is 'limiting' accounts - for whatever reason, they are able to receive - but not to process payments, which is a deception first at all, to lure more participants into paying to a limited Liberty Reserve account, while their merchants are not able to use the funds at all. Needless to say that we were not informed about any limitation”. However, as Ex-Admin recently revealed, newGNi’s “account is working properly”, which is a direct quotation from LR’s live chat support. Moreover, such according to the LR support, such “account does not have any problem to send or receive funds”. What do you think about all this, amigos? And that’s not even all there is to know about newGNi...

As you are probably aware of, Right5 is officially over. After all how do we know if something is official these days if not from Facebook? You know what I mean, amigos... On RightFive’s Facebook page one may find the following message:

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RightFive interviewDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with RightFIVE:

Money-Monitor:  If you read our review of RIGHTfive you probably know that we found the design of RIGHT5’s website really impressive. To whom should all the credit go to?

RightFIVE: I had very specific requirements for how I wished the site to look but our designer and programmer team deserve all the credit for pulling it off. I by no means gave them an easy task when I requested a fully custom script and design but they performed above and beyond our imagination.


Money-Monitor:  When it comes to the concept behind the website, what or who would you call your inspiration?

RightFIVE: I have been around a while myself and seen many websites over the years. I would not exactly say I took ideas for any one place in particular but our site would contain what I would describe as the best of the better sites I have seen.


Money-Monitor:  What may strike’s user is that the page is extremely user-friendly. As we all know, it’s not a popular enough quality and it takes a lot of work to make a website intuitive. How long did it actually take to create

RightFIVE: We have known for a very long time that we would take our offline operations and start providing our services as an online website based program. Silkyway has been resisted since 2010 and we have known since even before then that we wanted this. We planned out every detail of the website and by the time everything was done it would have been a good few months of solid full time work which followed many more months of slower passed work.


Money-Monitor:  While RIGHTfive’s “reading materials” are really interesting, as we mentioned in our review of the program, we did find some of the text on your website unoriginal – they can be found on other pages. Is it a coincidence?

RightFIVE: That was news to us indeed. I know my company best and wrote every word of the text myself. There really is no need for us to copy our text from anyone or anywhere but I do guess certain phrases or sentences will be used to describe investment activities and it is unavoidable to sometimes write things that are similar to what is written on other websites.


Money-Monitor:  What we know about RIGHTfive’s whereabouts so far is that the Silkyway Holdings Inc. company was registered in the Seychelles in December 2010 your IP leaves us with Providence, Utah and... That’s actually it. Could you lift the veil of mystery and tell us more about your actual location?

RightFIVE: The location of our division is on our website, address and all. Our server is however located in Providence, Utah. That is out of our control, we are hosted with BlockDos, which is a Canadian based company and they are using different datacenters hosting their clients servers all over the world. End of the day RIGHTfive is a virtual business and in terms of contact we have provided members with fast and secure channels of communication.


Money-Monitor: Since we can now imagine you in a real life scenario, tell us more about the way RIGHTfive operates on a daily basis. Do you go by the same rituals a regular company does or is it more of a remote job?

RightFIVE: I have regular meetings with all the team members and we all do push ourselves to do the best we possibly can and make the most out of each working day. As I mentioned just before myself and some of the other team members do in fact work from the office, not every day mind you but at least a few days a week. Everything that we do essentially can be done from any location but I do find the environment of a working office to be the place where I am most productive.


Money-Monitor: What’s the team behind RIGHTfive like and who are the original RIGHTfivers?

RightFIVE: We have a very good working dynamic within our current team. Everyone has their place and we run like a finely tuned ship. We did start this project quite a while back and there were only myself and Brian who put our heads together and decided to move our little operation online. Since then others working for Silkyway Holdings have seen our dream and decided to be a part of it. Now we are moving forward and won’t be looking back.


Money-Monitor: It seems that you waited almost two years before going online. What’s the reason of the two-year waiting period?

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TheMoneyGalaxyHola mis amigos!

Remember when I used to complain about the lack of action? Those good old days of summer, when I tried to suck anything interesting out of the most mundane pieces of news ever? I kind of miss those days, amigos. The days of yore, when there weren’t three new programs to learn about every week. Talk about cornucopia and never too much of a good thing... Yes, I do realize it’s ironic. And to quote the ever-quotable Phoebe Buffay from Friends, “and given my life long search for irony, you can imagine how happy I am” right now.

First things first, as I advertised before, there are three new programs added to the money-monitor list: The Money Galaxy, Royal Traders Capital and StallionGold. Let’s start with an excerpt of a rather thorough, might I humbly add, review of The Money Galaxy.




Reviewed here 

Remember Star Trek and that whole “final frontier” idea? Did you ever think that someone would apply the same metaphor to an online investment company? Would you ever expect to read “We know how to dominate the skies” in other context that, for instance, on an airplane company’s website? The inspirational quote comes from a new website,, home of The Money Galaxy Inc., “a private investment firm legally registered in Delaware”. As you should probably deduce by now, the sky and space references are a part of the whole The Money Galaxy brand. I hope you deduced that, otherwise I’m just worried. About mankind in general, amigos. The Money Galaxy has been around for some time: the domain was registered on the 28th of June 2011, and the company was officially registered on the 28th of November 2008. What The Money Galaxy aims at is “to get as much earning from Forex, Stock Market and other markets as possible”. So, amigos, sky is literally the limit, it seems. I should probably warn you: there are many space-related references ahead... According to the website, the Delaware-based The Money Galaxy Inc. “invests in all types of financial products, such as bonds, equities, money market instrument and many other investment funds”. The “Masterpiece Financial Strategy” that makes one of the headlines on the page is basically “conserving capital, spreading risk, regular investment and balance portfolio”, the last one meaning that they “make you invest in all types of financial products”.

Here’s what The Money Galaxy has to offer: an extremely well-thought through page with all the right sections. It’s one of those rare cases where you don’t have to hire a PI to learn who they are. There even is a link to Delaware’s official website where you can look up the Money Galaxy You can learn their full address, how long they have been in business and they even understand that we live in the age of pictures, so you have the photos of Delaware on the website just to make the company seem more real. We can’t learn the names of people behind the Money Galaxy, but that, unfortunately, seems to be the official policy of online money-making businesses. However, The Money Galaxy does not shy away from someday meeting you face to face: according to the comprehensive FAQ section “in the next couple of months [they] are going to open several offices in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia”, so maybe then The Money Galaxy will become even more open to clients.

What about security, you ask? First of all, again, you don’t even have to look for the information yourself. It’s the first time since, well, I can’t remember when, that I didn’t have to check all the certificates myself. The Money Galaxy put every possible information in the FAQ part of the website. See, Other Programs? It’s not that hard. Anyway, The Money Galaxy “has Global Sign extended certificate” and “is using enterprise DDoS protection of”. Moreover, they implemented a “crypto card” system, which in not-nerd-language means that once you are a member you get an e-mail with a card that “contains a table of codes and numbers which will be used for editing your information”. Also, “[y]ou may [...] use it as log in PIN or for recovering your account information”. Naturally, there is also “the secret question and secret answer” possibility, but I have a rather low opinion of that option, to be honest. Come on, how many people around you know “the name of the street where you grew up”, a.k.a. your first address? Or the place you were born? If you ever watched an episode of some CrimeSomethingTvSeries, you know that most criminal acts are committed by close friends on close friends. Or spouses, who obviously know all that stuff about you. But, again, I’m getting into that paranoid mode, sorry. In case you tend to get paranoid as well, amigos, if you are a TMG member you can “review all your log in attempts and log in IPs in the ‘History Logs’ section of your account cabinet”.

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Now almost a month old, RIGHTfive is coming to the “finish of [the] first cycle”, or at least its first members are.

According to RIGHTfive’s newsletter, due to the growing popularity of the program a new marketing manager was hired. In case you have “any marketing suggestions” or need “any general assistance”, Troy Davies can be reached via e-mail ( Another feedback encouraging program, RoyalTradersCapital, in the latest newsletter reminds the members that the interest “is not credited on the weekends”.

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RightFiveHola mis amigos!

Another sunny week has passed and the sadness of the oncoming fall is coming our way. Yes, I'm going to start this week's newsletter with a weather announcement. I have been hearing recently that – for some reason – people are into the weather.

It's my understanding that weather presenters are... Wait, what's the word for it... “Hot”? And that's what makes people interested in such trivial things as blizzards, snowstorms and what not. If only money-monitor had its own weather/investment announcer in a tiny bikini, I think we will be in for a siege of new programs and members. No server could have handled such a storm...

Yes, I know what you're thinking – there was a hot weather announcer on our page last week and that's my lame way of telling you that a simple bikini was the reason for our technical problems. Don't worry, you did not miss anything. There was no scarcely clad lady on our page, we simply encountered some difficulties. Nothing hot, pure life, amigos. But we're back and everything should work as smoothly as ever. However, if you are a relatively new reader of our website (that is, you registered your account in May or later), please set up a new account – we apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately there is no other way.

Back to some good news: we added a new program last week and you might really like it.


In my world the word “perfection” is not used very often. If you are even a somewhat regular reader of money-monitor reviews, you probably know this by now: I'm not exactly the easy-to-please type. However, “credit where credit's due” is one of my mottoes. Along with

“never mix beer and vodka” or “you should always look a gift horse in the mouth because it usually has a gun there”.

Anyway, let me ask you a question: have you ever got that feeling that someone must have literally been inside your head because what they did is just so incredibly similar to what you would have done? Or, if you were as vain and felt as self-important as I do right now, they have simply read all your reviews and got to know all your secret – and not-so-secret – pet peeves? It's an exciting moment for me, mis amigos, because that's how I'm feeling right now. With just a smudge of self-loathing for thinking so highly of myself. It's a vicious circle, really.

If you go to the RIGHTfive website, you will find a refreshingly appealing design that loads really fast. has all the necessary elements of a good page: a high usability factor, interesting content, and what I call a “ntk” policy. No unnecessarily boastful slogans about how great a company is and how innovative or smart or professional or whatever: "need to know" information only. There is also some decent writing in there: if they hired a copywriter, I applaud this decision. If they didn't, they should give a raise to the person who's doing it right now. An example? “Performance - when only the best is good enough” – nice, huh? Not overcomplicated, maybe not that sophisticated, but does the job. The only problem with the text is that it can also be found on Let's hope it's just a coincidence for the guy's raise's sake...

rightfive review

Going through the intuitive RIGHTfive's page, you may notice that they are extremely well-prepared: there is a proper F.A.Q. section, a separate Investment Plan part, some corporate information can be found as well, and everything is neatly divided into logical categories. See, Other Pages? It really can be done! Unfortunately, due my old age and the fact that – since I have no life – I spend way too much time in front of the computer, the font is a little too delicate for my sage eyes. Still, I can read what's important: the company was registered in the Seychelles in December 2010, they are in the Forex Market business, thanks to the website is protected against DDoS attacks, and they offer two investment plans.

You can be a Day or a Week Trader: a Day Trader must spend at least $20 and earns 5% daily for 30 days, while a Week Trader can earn up to 110% after 7 days with the same principal amount. You can have one account only, but five active investments at a time.

RightFive forum

There's no compounding option, the minimum amount to withdraw is $2; bear in mind, however, that you can make only one, noncancelable withdrawal request per day and payment processors (Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money). If you don't feel like a Day or Week Trader, you can always go into their affiliate program. In order to become a part of it, an account is a must, but you don't need to deposit any money. With RIGHTfive you get “5% commission of the deposited funds - each and every time”.
When it comes to setting up an account, it's pretty straightforward, but those with privacy issues will probably have, well, issues, since RIGHTfive requests your full name and date of birth (necessary in case you forget your password). Once you are logged in, you can also use their mobile phone verification, which should make your account more secure (not available to US member because of “carrier limitations”) and will come in handy in case you forget your security PIN number (those who do not activate mobile phone verification need to pay $1 in order to prove the ownership of their account).
As you can see, I don't go around screaming "perfection" without any apparent reason. If I did, I would be in a nice white padded room by now. To be clear, I do not say this about RIGHTfive's offer – that is to be judged by you, amigos – but about the execution: it's honestly pretty awesome. And to think that all it takes is just a simple, well-prepared and thought through website! Naturally, there are some areas that are in need of some tlc: one would be grateful for more information regarding RIGHTfive itself and the company Silkyway Holdings Inc. (all I could find, besides the Seychelles thing, is that their IP location is Providence, Utah), a phone number or a live chat would be a nice addition to their offer (the only support they have is an e-mail address: However, given that is 55 days old (it was created on 2012-06-25), these are not deadly sins. At least they managed to open a Facebook and Twitter account by now, while so many programs seem to forget we live in the social media world now. At least those of us who have friends. Or are celebrity stalkers. Wait, isn't that the same thing? I keep on forgetting...

I hope you at least got the gist of the review. I know, I know, I shouldn't start the newsletter with a bikini mentioning, your concentration level probably does not exist by now. I won't make that mistake again, I promise. BIKINI! Ha, I got you, didn't I? OK, so here's what happened last week.



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