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First of all, let me just say that I know that being kind of eclectic and unpolished is a thing right now. Or has been for a while now, whatever.

It’s cool to look unfinished, out of bed and wear polka dots with rhinestones and sneakers as long as you’re doing it ironically. And while I have to admit that I truly, honestly, cannot stand that in life, it’s surprisingly less annoying in the virtual reality. I don’t know why, maybe it’s the LCD that makes everything look more cute than downright irritating.

It just so happens that I have a new opportunity to test my theory since somehow leaves one with the impression of being in the middle of the whole “existing online” process. At least that’s what I figured out since there’s not much to work with here, Penny Stake is definitely one of the more private than open websites.

To start with, a whois search does not give you much. WhoIsGuardProtected and all, what we do learn is that the website was created on 20 Jan 2013 and expires within two years from that date. Usually, that’s when one has to resort to the “About Us” page/section, but – to be honest – Penny Stake’s raises more questions than answers. Want a proof?

Penny Stake is “a private investment company that is managed by Richard Brown, a professional binary option trader” that is “not a legal entity” and the creator frankly “does not expect it to be legal, because unfortunately he does not hold any license from the Security Exchange Commission”.



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