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Hello all HYIP investors,

It has come to my attention that there is a growing controversy surrounding the popular program Profitclicking which recently bought out JustBeenPaid, another popular online earning opportunity. The controversy is centered around the management of ProfitClicking. As you may know, JustBeenPaid used to be run by a man known as "Frederick Mann" who the ProfitClicking administration now says retired just before JustBeenPaid was bought out by Profitclicking.

Some believe that JustBeenPaid, however, was instead operated by a group of highly skilled scammers, running under the pseudonym of "Frederick Mann."

In any case, the critics claim, the new management of ProfitClicking surely makes it a scam. A man named "HJ Dockstader" now works for the marketing team of Profitclicking. HJ Dockstader has an interesting history in the industry of online earning programs; indeed, he ran "Elite Activity" an online-based pyramid scheme eventually shut down by the US government. While it should be noted that the HJ Dockstader is still considered by some to be "truthful" as he did disclose that all members were paid from the investments of new members from the beginning of his "Elite Activity" program, such a program is against the law in the US. Because of this, HJ Dockstader was sentenced to 2 years of prison.

The critics of Profitclicking, most noteably the hyip-pulse blog, claim that HJ Dockstader is secretly behind all of Profitclicking and perhaps JustBeenPaid as well. They believe that it is highly unlikely that JustBeenPaid's previous admin would retire precisely when ProfitClicking buys out the company, and that Profitclicking would just "happen" to hire a previous "scammer" as an important marketing figure.

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Right5 scamHola mis amigos!

Remember how I always say that no news is good news? Well, I could not be more wrong this time. As you may have noticed, not much seemed to happen last week. Maybe you felt like everything was right on track, the sun was shining and the birds were singing happy, happy tunes.

Don’t worry, I thought so as well. And we all could not be more wrong, it appears. But let’s start with some happy thoughts, shall we?



Some of you will probably be relieved to know that this week we won’t bother you with lengthy comparisons and reviews of at least 3 new programs. There was only one addition to money-monitor’s list last week, namely Fast Earn. A rather uncomplicated program with creepily happy people on the main page. It’s almost sinister how happy they are – nobody should smile this much without some major drug abuse. But that’s just my humble opinion, amigos. Fast Earn, “a new private investment fund created for people who do not have time to deal with their own finances” supposedly “[provides] top quality services” which range from “consulting to paying the earned money”. It all sounds just glamorous, but let’s check what Fast Earn is actually about, without all the fluffy sounding introductions.

Here are all the basic facts: Fast Earn is all about the Forex market, the domain was registered on September 28, 2012 and expires within a year, it’s hard to tell who pulls the strings since it’s yet another website that’s “WhoisGuard Protected”. Other than that, the page seems secure enough: the classic COMODO SLL Certificate was implemented on 10/11/2012 and should be valid for at least a year. What’s rather unusual these days is that the “support center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, but be warned that it takes the form of an extremely basic ticket. When it comes to the plans, they are your regular fast earning options, which means that “[i]nterest on your [...] account is acquired Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and credited to your available balance at the end of each day”.

The aforementioned plans are called in a different manner on the main page – which seems sloppy as well as confusing – and that is: Economy, Business, Professional and First Class. I have no idea what airline tickets have to do with HYIPs, but what do I know... In order to become a part of Fast Earn, you need at least $10 for the Economy plan (120% after 1 day), $12 for the Business plan (300% after 6 days), $15 for Professional (800% after 9 days) and $20 for First Class (1400% after 15 days). The payouts (which should take 1-20 hours) are handled manually and the “profits are gathered on your account and you can withdraw them anytime”. Only one account per person is permitted and they expect you to give your full name. You can fund your Fast Earn account via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay and... That’s practically all since not much can be said about Fast Earn’s creators and the website itself is... To say basic would be paying a compliment.


In other non-bad news, Goldenarium added EgoPay as their fourth payment processor while WeFindWays have accumulated no less than five “e-payment gateway[s]”: Pexpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay and EgoPay.

WeFindWays also bragged about attracting “200 advertisers and surfers” within just the “first seven days of operation”.


Yes, mis amigos, we’re now done with happy thoughts. If you read our interview with Ex-Admin, the author of and a former administrator of HYIPs, you should know that the HYIP business is rarely a happy one. Need some proof? newGNi’s administrator made a big deal out of the fact that Liberty Reserve reportedly blocked newGNi’s account because of some limit issues. As it turns out, Ex-Admin managed to contact Liberty Reserve with regard to such an infringement and it turned out that there was no such “limit” issue at all. According to newGNi’s admin, Jurgen “Liberty Reserve is 'limiting' accounts - for whatever reason, they are able to receive - but not to process payments, which is a deception first at all, to lure more participants into paying to a limited Liberty Reserve account, while their merchants are not able to use the funds at all. Needless to say that we were not informed about any limitation”. However, as Ex-Admin recently revealed, newGNi’s “account is working properly”, which is a direct quotation from LR’s live chat support. Moreover, such according to the LR support, such “account does not have any problem to send or receive funds”. What do you think about all this, amigos? And that’s not even all there is to know about newGNi...

As you are probably aware of, Right5 is officially over. After all how do we know if something is official these days if not from Facebook? You know what I mean, amigos... On RightFive’s Facebook page one may find the following message:


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