Liberty Reserve Blocked a Million Dollar Account: the Reason of’s Death? RSS - comments problemIt has been a couple of days since the last time was online and the investors got a hold of their money.

According to’s Facebook page, all of the problems are a direct result of Liberty Reserve’s account blockage.

What’s more,’s administrator has issued a statement in which he declared that Libert Reserve “put a limit on their funds” without any notice and because of that has been struggling with “paying any withdrawals to their clients”.

If you were wondering why is in so much trouble since they also have a Perfect Money account, the administrator has come up with an explanation for that as well: “even though we have a Perfect Money account we do not keep funds in it and we deposit/transfer all our money from PM into our LR account every time.

 When we need to pay PM withdrawals we transfer money from LR to PM but all money is kept in LR”. Although this policy may sound somewhat controversial, it is not even closely as controversial as the following announcement:

“we get very huge DDoS attack on our name servers from Liberty Reserve [...] after publishing that news in our website”.

One may have thought that all the explanation is nothing we haven’t heard before from all the failed programs trying to justify their actions. However, upon a closer examination (, it turns out that’s Liberty Reserve account has over a million dollar balance (!). As shocking as it may seem, you can see that amount for yourselves:

 What does it prove exactly? First of all, since has published its account’s balance, it may seem that such an amount was in fact blocked by Liberty Reserve. 

To add to this, it proves’s popularity seeing that the program has actually accumulated such an amount of money. Still, despite the obvious acclaim, the level of investments, not to mention previous withdrawals, resulting in a one million dollar account remains truly fascinating. Naturally, the first reaction to such a piece of information is the suspicion of manipulation, but the screen above comes directly from Liberty Reserve’s website and can be checked by anyone, all you need to do is enter the following account number: U5699172.

What remains to be examined is the future of’s money and that is what is going to investigate. For the time being,’s administrator asks all interested parties to contact Liberty Reserve “by all means possible emails, support tickets, chat etc. requesting that they release the limits on AVO funds so we can pay withdrawal requests”. In case this does not happen, asks you to “request your initial investment back directly from Liberty Reserve”.


Major DDoS Trouble at AVO INC RSS - comments

“73,000,000 packets-per-second (PPS) SYN Flood and 118 Gbps UDP attack” do not sound good. According to the latest newsletter, AVO INC suffered from “the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet”.

It may sound dramatic, but as of now AVO INC is protected against such attacks by “the highest protection packages available” that “cost AVO more than half a million dollars”.

It’s hard to confirm such a piece of information but from one can gather is using Amazon Web Services to host their files and, what is actually mentioned in the newsletter, “AVO moved to Prolexic [,] [t]he same protection provider that Liberty Reserve and most of the international banks use”. AVO assures that it’s more than enough to keep the service safe and let’s hope that’s true!


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