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ArbPlayerDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with Arbplayer:

Money-Monitor: Could you give us the name of the company that's behind

ArbPlayer: We are group of individuals and refer ourselves as Arb Player.


Money-Monitor: What's the structure of your company? How does ArbPlayer operate on a day-to-day basis?

ArbPlayer: We work as a team. Every team member has personal accounts with bookmakers. When an arb occur, some team members place bet at one bookmaker and rest team members place bet at another bookmaker. Simply, any team member never place bets on all bookmakers for the same arbitrage bets. It reduces risk of being highlighted in case bookmakers communicate to know arbitragers.


Money-Monitor: According to your website, you have "experience in sports arbitrage, especially soccer arbitrage". Where does this interest in arbitrage come from? How long exactly have you been doing this?

ArbPlayer: I love soccer. First time, i heard about bet from my friend. He had an account with Pinnacle. But i opened an account with Marathonbet as Marathonbet withdrawal was free (it's still free). Sometimes i won while sometimes lost. Once i had a bet for my team (to win) but i lost. Next day, i just asked my friend about his bet and he told that he won as he had a bet on the opposite team (to win). But my curiosity was about the odds. It was different for the same game and covering both results i.e. Win/loss. I told my friend about this and next time we searched for the same. I searched on Marathonbet and he searched on Pinnacle for odds. We found one for over/under and he placed bet at Pinnacle and i placed bet at Marathonbet. Next day when we checked our account. He lost but i won and for surprise i won more than our total amount placed in bets at both bookmakers. It was simple mathematics. It was a win-win situation for us and the journey started. Now, we are professional.


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