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EurexTrade offline scamFor the very first time I have the utmost pleasure of being with you - metaphorically speaking, naturally - on the day of cuteness, pink, lovey-doveyness and basically everything that makes a sane person feel slightly nauseated. However, I am a strong believer in one rule: it's nice to celebrate, regardless of the occasion.

Thus, we truly have a plethora of news for those who need a break from all the overwhelming joy, and for those who are simply addicted to knowing stuff. Happy Valentine's Day, amigos! I mean, depending on your geographical status, I guess. Happy Post-Valentine's Day to all of those lucky ones, who can put this cuteness behind them.



If you thought that the abundance of new information was all we had to offer on this beautiful February day, you were deeply mistaken. Let's start with the "oldest" one, WhiteMoney, that has been on our list for more than 5 days and so far has the PAYING status. Despite having the most controversial name ever, WhiteMoney is actually somewhat straightforward: an investment company or "a private investment club" that calls itself a "bank established and uniting the talented financial professionals who have long been operating in best investment markets worldwide", which basically means that they "have been trading Forex for well over 7 years now and developed many Forex robots which they use for automatic trading".

The plans pay 2.2%-25% daily with the minimum investment set at $10. The page, although quite nice, does not give you a lot to work with and not much can be found there, so it's hard to tell you all the details, but they accept LR only and withdrawals should take up to 12 hours.

Another so far PAYING newbie is Malaysian Inc., a rather interesting program with "business lines in [...] core markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand". According to the website, Malaysian Inc. was registered in Malaysia in 2008 and the domain was registered on September 10, 2012. With a Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate bought on February 6, 2013 and a well-thought through website, it's easy and secure to get acquainted with Malaysian Inc.'s offer. To start with, the contact information is right out there, "Malaysia 81900 Kota Tinggi 93 Jalan Delima" and is followed by two e-mail addresses (,, well-implemented online chat and contact form.

If you're wondering why Malaysian Inc. hasn't been online before, the answer is in the exhaustive FAQ section: "our investment company exist for a small circle of customers for about 5 years old. Now we decided to enter the Internet, so that all people have the opportunity to use our services". There are 4 investment plans (Basic, Regular, Premium, Excellent) that last "15-30-60-120 business days" and the minimum investment is the "amount of 5 US Dollars". You can earn from 1.62%-2.95%, compounding is available every time and the principal is returnable. At the moment Malaysian Inc. accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and EgoPay.

Newsletter: NoBox, Sol-R, 72Business, Ad-Solid adds, OilOfAsia vs Goldenarium RSS - comments

NoBoxHola mis amigos!

As I’m always saying – not that it’s my original thought or something – when it rains it pours, and it’s as true online as it’s not at all when it comes to the weather. Let’s be honest, this saying is stupid on the literal level – thankfully, not every rain is a deluge or all of us might as well be called Noah. But the saying sure is true when you take it to another level and in this manner it has never been more true than today.

Sieving through all the e-mails, news, updates, upgrades, scandals and controversies of last week, I cannot help wondering: why now? Is it just the natural course of things or is it something in the January water that makes people go crazy? Over the years I’ve mastered my personal theory that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong in January or September. It’s a whole huge dogma and I won’t bother you with all the juicy – albeit slightly insane – arguments, but believe me: it’s so on this time...



As you should know by now, there’s nothing Money-Monitor appreciates more than transparency. That is why NoBox is a no brainer: an interesting program that is as far from anonymity as possible: founded by Karlo Marek of Santiago, Chile who has been an active InvestNote blogger for a couple of years, NoBox can pride itself in something more than a catchy name, a good slogan

(“Don't think outside the box...Think like there is No Box”)

and a well-designed website. First of all, it’s a hybrid that combines the idea of a HYIP, surf and ad platform. What’s more, the program’s “structure produces continuously revenue for the members” with some kind of an insurence scheme, that is a revenue-security holdback which is possible thanks to “banner ads, surf premium ads, text ads, affiliate revenue, cash-backs and referral commissions produced by Karlo’s investnote links”. Provided that there’s enough money, a user gets 2% per day until they achieve the 180% ROI limit. Naturally, one can also upgrade the account (with $4.99 or $6.99 per month) and, by doing so, increase the ROI limit to 250%.

Each of the three membership offers gives one different opportunities:

  • the Free Membership (minimum investment $5, non-returnable), the most basic one, requires daily surfing and limits the purchase of revenue packs to 200,
  • No Box Subscription ($4.99 a month) also requires daily surfing, but there is no limits as to how many packs you may buy, and you can “advertise 10 websites, receive 15 credits for premium ads (3 per day), receive 5 credits for manual ads (watch minimum 5, maximum 50 ads a day)”,
  • while NoSurf Subscription, as the name suggests, doesn’t require any surfing and gives one the opportunity to advertise 25 websites.

Another interesting No Box feature is called “cash back” which is a manually processed system that allows for a higher than usual affiliate commission for products from selected partners. At the moment No Box accepts LR, PM, EgoPay and STP.


Hybrids seem to be in fashion right now, since another newly founded program is one as well: AD Solid, a mix of HYIP, surf and ad platform. To add to this, AD Solid definitely got the security memo as it uses Staminus’ services, a unique script and SSL Thawte certificate. This Panama-registered program created in December 2012 not only offers a nice online experience with a pleasantly constructed website, but also five different investment plans:

UInvest’s Newest Project RSS - comments

A kiosk manufacturer from Ukraine is the newest addition to UInvest’s list of projects. To cast some light on the somewhat ambiguously sounding line of work, “kiosk manufacturer” actually means “steel manufacturer”.

The company has been in business for 5 years now and requires $1,950,000 in order to “introduce new production lines to satisfy its partners' requirements” given that reportedly “kiosk manufacturing grows rapidly to catch the exceeding demand”. The investment period is set at 2 years and the expected monthly return is 17.5% ($105) with $600 initial price. As of now, there should be more than 2000 shares left, so if you’re interested be sure to check it out before they’re gone.

UInvest: Identification Technology Project Added RSS - comments

Identidication technology

For those who cannot wait for new UInvest projects: good news, they have just added an “Identification Technology” Africa and Europe-based business which has been around for 8 years.

The monthly earnings are estimated at $127,575 and what the company actually does is “integrate a fingerprint scanner of 300 micron into the card”.

How does it sound?

Newsletter: TheMoneyGalaxy, Royal Traders and StallionGold adds and other news RSS - comments

TheMoneyGalaxyHola mis amigos!

Remember when I used to complain about the lack of action? Those good old days of summer, when I tried to suck anything interesting out of the most mundane pieces of news ever? I kind of miss those days, amigos. The days of yore, when there weren’t three new programs to learn about every week. Talk about cornucopia and never too much of a good thing... Yes, I do realize it’s ironic. And to quote the ever-quotable Phoebe Buffay from Friends, “and given my life long search for irony, you can imagine how happy I am” right now.

First things first, as I advertised before, there are three new programs added to the money-monitor list: The Money Galaxy, Royal Traders Capital and StallionGold. Let’s start with an excerpt of a rather thorough, might I humbly add, review of The Money Galaxy.




Reviewed here 

Remember Star Trek and that whole “final frontier” idea? Did you ever think that someone would apply the same metaphor to an online investment company? Would you ever expect to read “We know how to dominate the skies” in other context that, for instance, on an airplane company’s website? The inspirational quote comes from a new website,, home of The Money Galaxy Inc., “a private investment firm legally registered in Delaware”. As you should probably deduce by now, the sky and space references are a part of the whole The Money Galaxy brand. I hope you deduced that, otherwise I’m just worried. About mankind in general, amigos. The Money Galaxy has been around for some time: the domain was registered on the 28th of June 2011, and the company was officially registered on the 28th of November 2008. What The Money Galaxy aims at is “to get as much earning from Forex, Stock Market and other markets as possible”. So, amigos, sky is literally the limit, it seems. I should probably warn you: there are many space-related references ahead... According to the website, the Delaware-based The Money Galaxy Inc. “invests in all types of financial products, such as bonds, equities, money market instrument and many other investment funds”. The “Masterpiece Financial Strategy” that makes one of the headlines on the page is basically “conserving capital, spreading risk, regular investment and balance portfolio”, the last one meaning that they “make you invest in all types of financial products”.

Here’s what The Money Galaxy has to offer: an extremely well-thought through page with all the right sections. It’s one of those rare cases where you don’t have to hire a PI to learn who they are. There even is a link to Delaware’s official website where you can look up the Money Galaxy You can learn their full address, how long they have been in business and they even understand that we live in the age of pictures, so you have the photos of Delaware on the website just to make the company seem more real. We can’t learn the names of people behind the Money Galaxy, but that, unfortunately, seems to be the official policy of online money-making businesses. However, The Money Galaxy does not shy away from someday meeting you face to face: according to the comprehensive FAQ section “in the next couple of months [they] are going to open several offices in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia”, so maybe then The Money Galaxy will become even more open to clients.

What about security, you ask? First of all, again, you don’t even have to look for the information yourself. It’s the first time since, well, I can’t remember when, that I didn’t have to check all the certificates myself. The Money Galaxy put every possible information in the FAQ part of the website. See, Other Programs? It’s not that hard. Anyway, The Money Galaxy “has Global Sign extended certificate” and “is using enterprise DDoS protection of”. Moreover, they implemented a “crypto card” system, which in not-nerd-language means that once you are a member you get an e-mail with a card that “contains a table of codes and numbers which will be used for editing your information”. Also, “[y]ou may [...] use it as log in PIN or for recovering your account information”. Naturally, there is also “the secret question and secret answer” possibility, but I have a rather low opinion of that option, to be honest. Come on, how many people around you know “the name of the street where you grew up”, a.k.a. your first address? Or the place you were born? If you ever watched an episode of some CrimeSomethingTvSeries, you know that most criminal acts are committed by close friends on close friends. Or spouses, who obviously know all that stuff about you. But, again, I’m getting into that paranoid mode, sorry. In case you tend to get paranoid as well, amigos, if you are a TMG member you can “review all your log in attempts and log in IPs in the ‘History Logs’ section of your account cabinet”.

UInvest: Uganda, and LA RSS - comments

Uinvest SoyfoodUInvest now welcomes “projects that need funding from all around the world”. Because of that, one of the executives recently visited Uganda, “home of SoyProcessing project”.

Soyfood Processing Project has just been added to UInvest portfolio and, according to the newsletter, “first earnings will be paid out on October 17th”. The 5-year-old soy business is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

When it comes to the UInvest website, it turns out that “ puts UInvest on the 4th place among crowdfunding platforms” worldwide. Crowdfunding will be the the subject of the oncoming UInvest Conference in Los Angeles, which is going to be held on the 30th of October. For those interested in participating, the registration will be possible for 27 more days.


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