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Hola mis amigos!

It's a magical day today and I think the newsletter will prove that. Amidst the pre-Christmas craziness, the frenzy of shopping and barely surviving the crowds buying all the perfumes and pajamas in the world, we managed to carve a small piece of fairy-tale-like reality in the world of money making.

Today we have pirates, games, and hotels in Italy, amigos. Oh, and some wickedness as well, naturally. It wouldn't be a proper fairy tale without the darkness, right?



I realize it's silly, but I want to utter the phrase "Ahoy Mateys!" so badly right now. Today's first protagonist is Pirate Skull, a program with a website evoking all the imagery usually associated with Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp or Captain Hook, depending on your preference. I'm guessing Captain Hook is closer to the creator of the program, Oleg, since he goes by the name "Capitan Skull". According to the snippets of information on the website, the administrator has been online for 5 years – whatever this means – and has been investing online for 3 years. He was dealing mostly with "bit coin and crypto money (bit coin stocks market)". Then he "sold his old bmw, this January and moved all his energy for money mining! Some C## and he made some stock broker bots for mtgox and btc-e" and now he wants to "work for your money", along with his robot, "growing, pumping and dumping Crypto Markets".

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Hola mis amigos!

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the lovely weather circumstances, it has been a week full of drama and troubles. I mean three programs have been awarded with the PROBLEM award and one got the prestigious NOT PAYING statuette.

Congrats, you guys, thanks to you my faith in humanity is, well, disappearing at a quicker rate. So, let’s start with some good news, amigos.



I don’t know if Amazing6 is trying to join the most popular trend right now, that is the superhero mania, but if so, then they’re right on the money. I mean, reportedly the newest Iron Man franchise is just killing it everywhere. While it’s hard to say what’s so amazing about Amazing6 since it has been online no more than a couple of weeks, what one can say that it managed to achieve the PAYING status on our list within just 20 hours. Let’s dish out some more facts: Amazing6 accepts all the major players: STP, EgoPay, LR, PM, a whois search leaves you not only with a date (domain was created in 2012 and expires in 2015), but also with an actual contact (Milan Glista, Janackova 52, Ostrava, Czech Republic).

In addition to this, the website is extremely well-secured with an actual and real, one-year valid Extended Validation SSL certificate issued by DigiCert Inc. on April 19, 2013, DigiCertHigh Assurance EV CA-1. What’s more, the company indulges us with a legal address: 286 Euston Road, London, as well as a phone number: +448448028557. However, while the reading materials that can be found on the website are thoroughly enjoyable and well-written, the gist is rather hard to find: “with many specialized tools at hands we provide all interested investors with a wide variety of opportunities. The new investments platform developed and promoted by our financial managers does integrate perfectly in the world of online trading”. Still, the rules of the program are pretty straightforward: 106% after 6 days or 6% daily for 24 days. The interest is paid every calendar day, the minimum investment is $10 (non-returnable) and minimum to withdraw is $0.01. According to the well-developed FAQ section, “most of the transactions are instant, but in some cases it may take up to 24 hours”. The affiliate program pays 3-6% commission, “depending on plan”, and is paid “from every amount your referral has deposited with Amazing6”.


ProfitUnion, another new addition, is also somewhat generous as far as the referral commission is concerned: you get 5% for recommending the service to others. To add to this, ProfitUnion is also rather charitable when it comes to sharing information: “ProfitUnion company history dates back to 2010, it was founded by a group of prospective traders”, “today ProfitUnion operates 10 branches in 3 regions”, its headquarters are in New Zealand (8 Haultain St, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024) and is in the Forex business. The domain was created on April 24, 2013 and is valid for a year. The website is secured with a four-year-valid GlobalSign Organization Validation certificate issued by GlobalSign on May 7, 2013.

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Hola mis amigos!

What a nice, slow, easy-breeze week it was! Almost like a well-deserved holiday. Since there’s literally nothing bad to report, let’s go straight to the point, amigos.


Last week we’ve added two new programs to our mix: VladimirFX and Easy Growth., as one can judge by the name, is a Russian website and only portions of it are translated to English. Since I haven’t mastered Russian, I’m afraid that I can only tell you the VladimirFX basics regarding the plans and the website itself.

First of all, VladimirFX deals with the Forex market: its owner, Vladimir Kotsyuba reportedly is an “independent trader” with “first experience with Forex in 2001” and at the moment he “specializes in the GBP/USD pair”.

Secondly, to invest you need at least $50 (the principal is not really returnable but it can be withdrawn afterwards) and the profit directly depends on the amount of money you decide to put into VladimirFX: “from $50 - you get 50% of profits, from $1000 - you get 60% of profits, from $5000 - you get 70% of profits, from $10,000 - you get 80% of profits, from $50,000 - you get 90% of profits”. As you can see, the rules are simple, compounding is available, all transactions are handled manually, and it apparently deeply affects payout time since it takes place during weekends only. VladimirFX accepts Liberty Reserve, bank wires and WebMoney. The website is secured with GeoTrust RapidSSL certificate, but you can see it only when you attempt the Russian signing in/up.

Easy Growth has the “English advantage”, so more is known to an average user. Plus, (secured with COMODO SSL certificate) is actually rather appealing so searching for information is not a drudgery. To start with, according to FAQ section “Secure Income is an international investment company officially incorporated in Dominican Republic and doing its activity in compliance with all applicable policies and regulations of Dominican Republic’s government”. So “Secure Income” or “Easy Growth”, amigos? I’m confused...

Anyway, the minimum to invest is set at $10 and, theoretically, you can withdraw as little as $0.01, but Easy Growth a.k.a. Secure Income warns potential members that it’s only true when it comes to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, because “the minimum amount that can be sent to Solid Trust Pay is $0.50” and that’s why you should “refrain from request smaller amounts to Solid Trust Pay system as these requests will be declined since they are impossible to be processed”. The whole process is handled manually and “on average all withdrawals are processed within 1-3 hours upon approval” but EG’s team “reserve the right to hold your funds for up to 12 hours for review before paying out”. No compounding is available, but the principal should be returned to you without any problems upon maturity.

The plans do not have any cute names and, naturally, the main difference between them is how much money is requested up front and how much money you can earn: 125% after 1 day, 225% after 3 days, 475% after 7 days, 2225% after 30 days, all including the principal investment.


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