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Hola mis amigos!

It may seem as if we endured the worst. We should be over the hump and it’s all sunshine and daisies from now on.

Literally, amigos, since I’m referring to the terrible winter that seems to be over now. Unless you live in the lovely Southern Hemisphere, but then you’ll get no sympathy from me, you lucky one. Anyway, along with the efflorescence in nature, we have been facing a similar cornucopia with all the news coming from different programs. Fortunately, being harsh critics, as usually we managed to sieve through all the data and give you the necessary gist you need. Here we go, amigos.



When a program is called “fast, prompt money”, we expect a lot. So, how quick is Swift Money, a company that protects its identity and, therefore, remains rather mysterious? First of all, the registration process is, in fact, easy and prompt. Making a deposit, using STP, LR or PM, is also straightforward.

To add to this, the page seems secure with PositiveSLL certificate issued by Comodo on February 28, 2013 – not that it requires speed, but still worth mentioning. Second of all, the plans offer a rather rapid gratification: 120 % after 1 day, 450% after 7 days, 1200% after 15 days, 2500% after 25 days, 5000% after 50 days. However, mind you, that these are only the names of the plans and the actual plans are a little different.

For example, “120 % after 1 day” actually means that, depending on how much you invest, you can earn 105-120% after a day. Inside each plan there are actually 5-7 sub-plans, the minimum remains $10 (and is returnable) and can be up to $10,000 or $50,000. Payouts are also on the faster side since “funds are usually available within 1 - 16 hours”; they are handled manually and separately. As you can see, Swift Money was not named so without a reason. Yet, since nothing – besides the fact the domain was registered for a year on February 12, 2013 – can be learned about the company itself, that’s all we know.


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