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Hola mis amigos!


I find it to be a challenge to review programs that have just started their online life.

Don’t get me wrong, judging people (and pages) by the first impression is always a fun job, but when you try – as I always do – to be really objective and thorough, it actually gets pretty hard.

There are so many things that one cannot foresee and I was never one to bet on the unknown.

Or read tea leaves. However, there have been times when my first instinct was right on the money, so let’s try and dissect another newcomer, Sureinv.

According to the “What We Do” section, Sureinv gives one “the possibility to invest in a high yield market without your capital being tied-up for a longer period of time”. In those simple, although a little overused, words one may find the basic philosophy of Sureinv. Oh, sorry, I meant to write “philosophie”. That’s right, amigos, we’re getting pretentious. For some unfathomable reasons, Sureinv decided to share with the readers their business’ “philosophie” in a French/German manner. In fact, I tried to investigate Sureinv’s national identity and despite the fact that they seem to be all about “transparency", but I wasn’t exactly successful.

A whois search gives us the California location, but we all know that it doesn’t mean much. Nothing is said about the creators of the service, no paper trail can be found other than the fact that the company is reportedly registered in Panama (according to Facebook, the well-organized FAQ and the following piece of information: “Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Panama and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Panamanian courts”). Maybe by transparency they mean the ever-present fashion trend of making one’s underwear visible? If so, I’d really love visiting their offices... Because the following lovely bit of information sure is not a manifestation of “transparency” policy, “just like any reliable company on the market, we sincerely believe that the strongest business is built on mutual trust.

However, the nature of our business requires us to be extremely careful when sharing sensitive information about our operations. We stick to the rule that complete statistics, operations and other figures can be disclosed only to clients who have already been with us for some time. We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this issue”. Patience and understanding? When it’s about investing one’s money? Good luck with that.


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