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Hola mis amigos!

Finally! It’s time to rest, relax and do nothing, amigos! We have waited and waited ever since Christmas and we have survived. I’d like to congratulate you and me for making it through the worst, gloomy and snowy days and nights when the final escape to the Caribbean doesn’t seem that silly. Let’s dive into the news, amigos, before we start our lovely time of overeating.



The only one with a WAITING status so far, Forex Invest was founded in 2006 and supposedly “provides provides everyone interested with a professional Forex asset management and enlarges the number of satisfied customers throughout the world“. The domain was created just recently, on March 20, and it expires within a year. Despite the young age, the page is secured with GlobalSign SLL Server Certificate issued on March 27 and valid until 10/13/2016. You can have only one account, but – to balance it, I guess – you may use STP, EgoPay, PM or LR to transfer money.

The minimum to invest is set rather high, at $20, and you can choose between three plans: EUR/USD 2-2.5% daily for 10 business days. GBP/USD 2.5-3% daily for 20 business days or AUD/USD 3-3.5% for 30 business days. All plans offer the compounding option and the principal is returnable. Fortunately, you don’t need much to withdraw as it starts at $0.1 and payouts take up to 24 hours but, according to the Q&A section, “[f]unds are usually available within 12 hours”.

nVesta is a little older, with the domain being created on February 11 this year (which expires within a year) and perhaps that is the reason that the website is so cool. This currently PAYING program invested in a GoldCoders licensed script, decent DDoS protection and GeoTrust DV SLL Certificate which is valid from 2/11/2013-2/14/2014. The website itself, although lacking certain information, is rather appealing and easy to navigate. When it comes to the money, you can fund your wallet using STP, PM, LR or EgoPay and the minimum to spend is $1.

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SureInv is four months old, has accumulated almost five thousand clients and is now launching “Regional Representative Program”. What it means is that SureInv seeks “compassionate and patient”, enthusiastic and motivated “regional reps for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation”.

The precise job description is rather uncertain, but regional representatives are surely expected to “share [their] own experience with SureInv” as well as “[assist] prospective and existing clients”, but also “work as a liaison between their referrals and Sureinv' management’. Applicants should contact SureInv via e-mail:

On another front, due to popular demand, SureInv decided to process withdrawal requests not only on weekdays, but on Saturdays as well. One should remember, however, that to receive the payout on Saturday, the request must be made before 12:00 GMT.

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Hola mis amigos!

What a nice, slow, easy-breeze week it was! Almost like a well-deserved holiday. Since there’s literally nothing bad to report, let’s go straight to the point, amigos.


Last week we’ve added two new programs to our mix: VladimirFX and Easy Growth., as one can judge by the name, is a Russian website and only portions of it are translated to English. Since I haven’t mastered Russian, I’m afraid that I can only tell you the VladimirFX basics regarding the plans and the website itself.

First of all, VladimirFX deals with the Forex market: its owner, Vladimir Kotsyuba reportedly is an “independent trader” with “first experience with Forex in 2001” and at the moment he “specializes in the GBP/USD pair”.

Secondly, to invest you need at least $50 (the principal is not really returnable but it can be withdrawn afterwards) and the profit directly depends on the amount of money you decide to put into VladimirFX: “from $50 - you get 50% of profits, from $1000 - you get 60% of profits, from $5000 - you get 70% of profits, from $10,000 - you get 80% of profits, from $50,000 - you get 90% of profits”. As you can see, the rules are simple, compounding is available, all transactions are handled manually, and it apparently deeply affects payout time since it takes place during weekends only. VladimirFX accepts Liberty Reserve, bank wires and WebMoney. The website is secured with GeoTrust RapidSSL certificate, but you can see it only when you attempt the Russian signing in/up.

Easy Growth has the “English advantage”, so more is known to an average user. Plus, (secured with COMODO SSL certificate) is actually rather appealing so searching for information is not a drudgery. To start with, according to FAQ section “Secure Income is an international investment company officially incorporated in Dominican Republic and doing its activity in compliance with all applicable policies and regulations of Dominican Republic’s government”. So “Secure Income” or “Easy Growth”, amigos? I’m confused...

Anyway, the minimum to invest is set at $10 and, theoretically, you can withdraw as little as $0.01, but Easy Growth a.k.a. Secure Income warns potential members that it’s only true when it comes to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, because “the minimum amount that can be sent to Solid Trust Pay is $0.50” and that’s why you should “refrain from request smaller amounts to Solid Trust Pay system as these requests will be declined since they are impossible to be processed”. The whole process is handled manually and “on average all withdrawals are processed within 1-3 hours upon approval” but EG’s team “reserve the right to hold your funds for up to 12 hours for review before paying out”. No compounding is available, but the principal should be returned to you without any problems upon maturity.

The plans do not have any cute names and, naturally, the main difference between them is how much money is requested up front and how much money you can earn: 125% after 1 day, 225% after 3 days, 475% after 7 days, 2225% after 30 days, all including the principal investment.

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In a first newsletter in some time, SureInv addresses some issues that have been raised by concerned clients. First of all, some users do not receive the activation e-mails sent by SureInv upon singing up.

Since it’s a rather common complication, SureInv decided to verify all the unverified accounts so “all newly created accounts do not need to get activated at all” and if you have signed up a couple of days or weeks ago, your account is active now”. Another issue is connected with the investment slots, “limited to six per account only”, a rule that proved to be easily trespassed by inventive users who “[open] multiple accounts”, which is “strictly prohibited” by SureInv’s Terms of Service. As far as the multiple accounts’ owners are concerned, SureInv does not plan on “imposing any restrictions [...] if no referral abuse has become apparent”. Also, “as from February 1st”, SureInv is working on an “action plan” to implement client promotion. In addition to this, SureInv has “recently initiated Phase II of [the] advertising campaign”, which includes “more banners, more articles and more promotions on blogs, monitors and forums across the industry”. Lastly, SureInv reminds its clients that no interest is paid on weekends.

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BVI Trading LtdHola mis amigos!

It’s the first time we meet during this magical time! Did you enjoy your visit from Santa Claus? Or were you erased from his “nice” list years ago? And, if so, what have you done to deserve it, amigos? I hope it wasn’t because of some amazingly bad investments? That’s a lot of questions that could potentially ruin this lovely pre-Christmas time, but it’s all about transparency and honesty when it comes to gift getting, right?

Just like when it comes to investing your money online. Shall we begin this week’s sleigh-less journey into the mysterious world of HYIPs and Forex trading and such?



When “trying on” a new program, I usually go with my gut. I know it sounds corny, but that’s the honest truth – you can do all the research there is to be done, you can check all the facts, you can make yourself feel better by adding the “https” in the address to make sure the site is safe, but we all know that most of the aforementioned fireworks is usually just that – fireworks. You feel good when you watch them, but the event itself does not really matter in a great scheme of things. Still, they are so pretty that missing them is kind of a silly idea. So, amigos, let’s watch this week’s show – I present to you BVI Trading Ltd, “a private investment firm” with the goal of “connecting between investors and business owners and get as much earning from Forex, Stock Market” as... Don’t know, because they actually did not finish that sentence. But we are not in the business of rewriting somebody else’s texts, so let’s move on.

The website itself is actually nice to look at, easy to navigate and generally user-friendly with the notable exception of a truly terrible font choice, which makes me feel like I’m going to go blind any minute now. The domain was registered on October 21, 2012 (which matches the info BVI shares on their website, “The official launch date is October 21st, 2012”) and – which is quite unusual in a good way – expires within 5 years. What is even more peculiar is the fact that one can check who actually bought the domain since the website is not protected against such normal and understandable search. Although the name “Tommy Thompson” sounds weirdly fake, we are, nevertheless, left with a billing address (145-157 St John Street London), as well as a phone number (+44 7024055180) and e-mail ( And none of these things happen too often in the online reality. To add to this, BVI Trading Ltd also gives you the following piece of information in their well-prepared FAQ section:

“BVI Trading Ltd was founded in 2012 by a group of professional bankers and traders. We are private trading company registered in London of England. Our information is available in Companies House official government website followed by the name of "BVI TRADING LTD" and the file number of 8275917”. And that is a true rarity.

The security of the page is pretty standard, COMODO High-Assurance Secure Server Certificate bought on 11/1/2012, and so is the program’s support system – you can send them a ticket, an e-mail (, call them or send an SMS (+447024055180, +442032898899). As a plus one may note that they answer 24/7, including official holidays. The three-level affiliate program (hidden under “Partners”) is equally predictable with 1-5% commission, which naturally is not a bad thing. What’s unpredictable, however, is BVI’s investment plan offer, despite the fact that the names of the three plans offered have been more than overused. The plans go as follows: Silver (2.5% interest rate during 50 business days), Gold (minimum $501, 3% for 50 b.d.) and Diamond (minimum $10001, 3.5% for 50 b.d.).

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Hola mis amigos!


I find it to be a challenge to review programs that have just started their online life.

Don’t get me wrong, judging people (and pages) by the first impression is always a fun job, but when you try – as I always do – to be really objective and thorough, it actually gets pretty hard.

There are so many things that one cannot foresee and I was never one to bet on the unknown.

Or read tea leaves. However, there have been times when my first instinct was right on the money, so let’s try and dissect another newcomer, Sureinv.

According to the “What We Do” section, Sureinv gives one “the possibility to invest in a high yield market without your capital being tied-up for a longer period of time”. In those simple, although a little overused, words one may find the basic philosophy of Sureinv. Oh, sorry, I meant to write “philosophie”. That’s right, amigos, we’re getting pretentious. For some unfathomable reasons, Sureinv decided to share with the readers their business’ “philosophie” in a French/German manner. In fact, I tried to investigate Sureinv’s national identity and despite the fact that they seem to be all about “transparency", but I wasn’t exactly successful.

A whois search gives us the California location, but we all know that it doesn’t mean much. Nothing is said about the creators of the service, no paper trail can be found other than the fact that the company is reportedly registered in Panama (according to Facebook, the well-organized FAQ and the following piece of information: “Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Panama and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Panamanian courts”). Maybe by transparency they mean the ever-present fashion trend of making one’s underwear visible? If so, I’d really love visiting their offices... Because the following lovely bit of information sure is not a manifestation of “transparency” policy, “just like any reliable company on the market, we sincerely believe that the strongest business is built on mutual trust.

However, the nature of our business requires us to be extremely careful when sharing sensitive information about our operations. We stick to the rule that complete statistics, operations and other figures can be disclosed only to clients who have already been with us for some time. We thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this issue”. Patience and understanding? When it’s about investing one’s money? Good luck with that.

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ProBusinessHola mis amigos!

Last time we “spoke” I got scammed. Yes, there is no other word for it. Because what should one say when they try to inform the readers in a reliable manner all the basics regarding the new programs and the minute you publish your story, it turns out that the very program you just described is actually a scam?

Fortunately, I didn’t like the program from the get go, so I’m actually quite relieved that my intuition is intact. Yes, I’m all “glass half full” today, amigos. And yes, it’s because of the weather, as always. I’m telling you, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue not much can upset me. I’m that simple. So, let’s try to uncover this week’s scams and successes!


First of all, theoretically there are four new programs to enjoy – Secure Income, Sureinv, ProBusiness, Rise Capital – but the truth is that Rise Capital is already in trouble (NOT PAYING), so putting what I preach into practise, namely that one should learn from one’s mistakes, I won’t bore you with any details regarding Rise Capital, since it’s basically a(n) (un)done deal by now. It’s kind of ironic that Rise Capital stopped paying, because one of their “advantages” was that “All payouts are instant”. Got to love the irony, amigos!


When it comes to the rest of the newcomers, they all still have the WAITING status, but it seems normal since they are really new – giving them the benefit of the doubt is still in order. The Russian-themed ProBusiness has been with for a week now, and despite some really questionable English present on their website, one may conclude that ProBusiness is all about the HYIPs. According to the properly-secured, it is an “investment project (company) raising finances of private persons with the purpose of further increase of each investor’s capital”. Moreover, “with the amount equivalent to 1500 USD we propose you to enter into an agreement of online money investment in form of the offer acceptance”. There are also two types of investment packages available: “packages with 10 day payments” from 2.45 % per 10 days (valid for 30 calendar days) to 3.67 % per 10 days (valid for 720 calendar days) and “packages with payments in the end of the term” from 9 % for 30 calendar days to 300% for 720 calendar days. There is also a bonus for those whose birthday overlap with the investment period: “1% of the amount on your account for each your birthday”. The payments may be done via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, WebMoney, bank wires, Ukrainian liqpay and many, many more. To add to this, you are allowed to withdraw your money earlier, however a 20% “penalty” will be taken from your account.


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