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StallionGold reviewHola mis amigos!

People would go to extreme lengths just to be original. Yes, that’s not an original thought, but if the hipster movement has taught me anything it’s that even attempting originality might be a “thing”.

Despite what you may think right now, I’m not going to write about the scarves and oh-so-too-tight jeans, but – as usual – about yet another addition to the list of Internet money making programs. And the reason I began my review in the manner I did is because I firmly believe that sometimes the simple way is the best way. And that really applies to company names.

Our today’s protagonist is a gold “adult male horse that has not been castrated especially one kept for breeding” LTD. It’s not a joke, mis amigos, that’s the name of the program. OK, I’m exaggerating a bit: it’s actually StallionGold LTD, but you get my point. In the FAQ section of StallionGold’s website, one may read that the reasoning behind the name was a “natural analogy” that would “reflect the essence of our venture in its name”. The “stallion” part was supposed to mean that the “company as a whole, [the] trading strategies, the business relations and [the] forward looking business plan are naturally powerful and perhaps even ingenious” and that’s how the creators of StallionGold came up with the image of a not-yet-castrated male horse. I guess some feminists would call that sexists, some guys would shudder at the thought of castration, and some western lovers would immediately think of wild stallion roaming the hills. Or, just like StallionGold’s creators, would think about the “beauty, speed, responsibilities within the herd, some socially responsible aggressiveness”. I’m thinking about the smell of the stables. But that’s just me, amigos.

Although it may seem that StallionGold is an insatiable beast with no known address, StallionGold LTD. is actually registered in Dominica. The company went online just a couple of months ago, but supposedly they have already been around for 5 years. One cannot find out much about the domain itself since it’s “WhoIsGuardProtected”, but what is known is that it was created on the 17th of July 2009 and expires on the 17th of July 2017, which should give the stallion a lot of time to be as “naturally powerful” as he pleases.

The company’s motto, “Making the prosperity possible”, sounds promising so I think it’s time to check what they mean by that. Naturally first you need to sign up (there is one account per person) and that shouldn’t take long: all they want from you is to choose a username, password, and a PIN code. Once you’re in you can fund your account, which by default is in US dollars, using either Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money or EgoPay. The minimum to invest is $1 and there’s “practically no maximum”.

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TheMoneyGalaxyHola mis amigos!

Remember when I used to complain about the lack of action? Those good old days of summer, when I tried to suck anything interesting out of the most mundane pieces of news ever? I kind of miss those days, amigos. The days of yore, when there weren’t three new programs to learn about every week. Talk about cornucopia and never too much of a good thing... Yes, I do realize it’s ironic. And to quote the ever-quotable Phoebe Buffay from Friends, “and given my life long search for irony, you can imagine how happy I am” right now.

First things first, as I advertised before, there are three new programs added to the money-monitor list: The Money Galaxy, Royal Traders Capital and StallionGold. Let’s start with an excerpt of a rather thorough, might I humbly add, review of The Money Galaxy.




Reviewed here 

Remember Star Trek and that whole “final frontier” idea? Did you ever think that someone would apply the same metaphor to an online investment company? Would you ever expect to read “We know how to dominate the skies” in other context that, for instance, on an airplane company’s website? The inspirational quote comes from a new website,, home of The Money Galaxy Inc., “a private investment firm legally registered in Delaware”. As you should probably deduce by now, the sky and space references are a part of the whole The Money Galaxy brand. I hope you deduced that, otherwise I’m just worried. About mankind in general, amigos. The Money Galaxy has been around for some time: the domain was registered on the 28th of June 2011, and the company was officially registered on the 28th of November 2008. What The Money Galaxy aims at is “to get as much earning from Forex, Stock Market and other markets as possible”. So, amigos, sky is literally the limit, it seems. I should probably warn you: there are many space-related references ahead... According to the website, the Delaware-based The Money Galaxy Inc. “invests in all types of financial products, such as bonds, equities, money market instrument and many other investment funds”. The “Masterpiece Financial Strategy” that makes one of the headlines on the page is basically “conserving capital, spreading risk, regular investment and balance portfolio”, the last one meaning that they “make you invest in all types of financial products”.

Here’s what The Money Galaxy has to offer: an extremely well-thought through page with all the right sections. It’s one of those rare cases where you don’t have to hire a PI to learn who they are. There even is a link to Delaware’s official website where you can look up the Money Galaxy You can learn their full address, how long they have been in business and they even understand that we live in the age of pictures, so you have the photos of Delaware on the website just to make the company seem more real. We can’t learn the names of people behind the Money Galaxy, but that, unfortunately, seems to be the official policy of online money-making businesses. However, The Money Galaxy does not shy away from someday meeting you face to face: according to the comprehensive FAQ section “in the next couple of months [they] are going to open several offices in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia”, so maybe then The Money Galaxy will become even more open to clients.

What about security, you ask? First of all, again, you don’t even have to look for the information yourself. It’s the first time since, well, I can’t remember when, that I didn’t have to check all the certificates myself. The Money Galaxy put every possible information in the FAQ part of the website. See, Other Programs? It’s not that hard. Anyway, The Money Galaxy “has Global Sign extended certificate” and “is using enterprise DDoS protection of”. Moreover, they implemented a “crypto card” system, which in not-nerd-language means that once you are a member you get an e-mail with a card that “contains a table of codes and numbers which will be used for editing your information”. Also, “[y]ou may [...] use it as log in PIN or for recovering your account information”. Naturally, there is also “the secret question and secret answer” possibility, but I have a rather low opinion of that option, to be honest. Come on, how many people around you know “the name of the street where you grew up”, a.k.a. your first address? Or the place you were born? If you ever watched an episode of some CrimeSomethingTvSeries, you know that most criminal acts are committed by close friends on close friends. Or spouses, who obviously know all that stuff about you. But, again, I’m getting into that paranoid mode, sorry. In case you tend to get paranoid as well, amigos, if you are a TMG member you can “review all your log in attempts and log in IPs in the ‘History Logs’ section of your account cabinet”.


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