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Hola mis amigos!

As you probably know by now, I tend to get picky, especially when it comes to things like the generally understood aesthetics, being sufficiently prepared or, let’s face it, choosing a good name.

I realize that it doesn’t sound all that important, but in my humble opinion a relatable, not-too-out-there and yet easy to remember name is the key to success. What we usually get in this business, however, are names related to making money, earning money or being – for want of a better word – awesome. That is why I really appreciate Stabilico’s name, which – might I add – I managed to memorize the second I heard it. What the name implies is that Stabilico’s strongest suite is that it’s reliable and rarely changes, a connotation that should be well-received amongst potential investors. Does it live up to the name?

First of all, one should point out that is actually rather nice to look at, although someone may have overdosed when applying the yellow additions, not to mention correctly secured (GeoTrust certificate valid from 10/2/2012 to 10/4/2016). However, despite its looks it’s not that easy to navigate and, for instance, the investment plans are not as straightforward as it may seem. To start with, in theory three languages are available – English, German and Spanish – but the Spanish version is not finished. Moreover, Stabilico makes it easy to choose an investment option, but when you start thinking about the real implications it may turn out that, for example, you don’t really know what options you had time-wise. While the investment calculator should make it easier for you, it in fact makes it impossible to choose since the slider is not easy to manipulate (it tends to skip certain values) – thankfully its creator did think of a place where you can simply write the number you are looking for.


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