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RightFive interviewDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with RightFIVE:

Money-Monitor:  If you read our review of RIGHTfive you probably know that we found the design of RIGHT5’s website really impressive. To whom should all the credit go to?

RightFIVE: I had very specific requirements for how I wished the site to look but our designer and programmer team deserve all the credit for pulling it off. I by no means gave them an easy task when I requested a fully custom script and design but they performed above and beyond our imagination.


Money-Monitor:  When it comes to the concept behind the website, what or who would you call your inspiration?

RightFIVE: I have been around a while myself and seen many websites over the years. I would not exactly say I took ideas for any one place in particular but our site would contain what I would describe as the best of the better sites I have seen.


Money-Monitor:  What may strike right5.com’s user is that the page is extremely user-friendly. As we all know, it’s not a popular enough quality and it takes a lot of work to make a website intuitive. How long did it actually take to create right5.com?

RightFIVE: We have known for a very long time that we would take our offline operations and start providing our services as an online website based program. Silkyway has been resisted since 2010 and we have known since even before then that we wanted this. We planned out every detail of the website and by the time everything was done it would have been a good few months of solid full time work which followed many more months of slower passed work.


Money-Monitor:  While RIGHTfive’s “reading materials” are really interesting, as we mentioned in our review of the program, we did find some of the text on your website unoriginal – they can be found on other pages. Is it a coincidence?

RightFIVE: That was news to us indeed. I know my company best and wrote every word of the text myself. There really is no need for us to copy our text from anyone or anywhere but I do guess certain phrases or sentences will be used to describe investment activities and it is unavoidable to sometimes write things that are similar to what is written on other websites.


Money-Monitor:  What we know about RIGHTfive’s whereabouts so far is that the Silkyway Holdings Inc. company was registered in the Seychelles in December 2010 your IP leaves us with Providence, Utah and... That’s actually it. Could you lift the veil of mystery and tell us more about your actual location?

RightFIVE: The location of our division is on our website, address and all. Our server is however located in Providence, Utah. That is out of our control, we are hosted with BlockDos, which is a Canadian based company and they are using different datacenters hosting their clients servers all over the world. End of the day RIGHTfive is a virtual business and in terms of contact we have provided members with fast and secure channels of communication.


Money-Monitor: Since we can now imagine you in a real life scenario, tell us more about the way RIGHTfive operates on a daily basis. Do you go by the same rituals a regular company does or is it more of a remote job?

RightFIVE: I have regular meetings with all the team members and we all do push ourselves to do the best we possibly can and make the most out of each working day. As I mentioned just before myself and some of the other team members do in fact work from the office, not every day mind you but at least a few days a week. Everything that we do essentially can be done from any location but I do find the environment of a working office to be the place where I am most productive.


Money-Monitor: What’s the team behind RIGHTfive like and who are the original RIGHTfivers?

RightFIVE: We have a very good working dynamic within our current team. Everyone has their place and we run like a finely tuned ship. We did start this project quite a while back and there were only myself and Brian who put our heads together and decided to move our little operation online. Since then others working for Silkyway Holdings have seen our dream and decided to be a part of it. Now we are moving forward and won’t be looking back.


Money-Monitor: It seems that you waited almost two years before going online. What’s the reason of the two-year waiting period?


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