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BankOnTrafficHola mis amigos!

Those of you who follow all the financial news closely know that it has been a whirlwind of a week. If your friends know about your extra-curricular activities with the Forex market, online earning and such, you are probably getting all sorts of questions about Bitcoin. My condolences, amigos.

Or, perhaps, congratulations? After years of being those sad little geeks who stay at home instead of going out and seeing the light of day, it finally paid off to be in any way acquainted with even the sole concept of cybermoney and what-not. Kudos for having our social statuses restored!

In other news, we usually do not brag about our age and, obviously, esteem, because talking about age can be a delicate subject, but it has been 8 years, and 8 years is sure something to brag about. Let's face it, money-monitor is no longer an Internet toddler, we have fully grown and we are stronger than ever. Our celebrating will take form of upgrading the design and some of the popular functions (such as the listing or the chat) and, basically, making money-monitor an ever greater version of itself.



Internet Traffic Management may not tell you much at first, but it will become rather clear after a second. Bank On Traffic, one of our today's protagonists, is an internet advertising company specializing in "unique visitor" (UV) website traffic. Now it's obvious, right? BOT's traffic comes from associated high traffic website networks using the latest 'soft pop-under' technology along with thousands of niche domain names and search engines that redirects traffic to your site. With BOT you can make money by promoting the business model and products. What should be pointed out is that becoming a BOT member is all that easy. First, you must be able to provide some form of acceptable identification such as a Driver's License or Passport.

Without an ID, you will not be able to receive your withdrawals, which start at $50 and are handled via Payza or Solid Trust Pay. Another reason is that BOT only accepts individual membership you must be able to identify yourself as a real Human being per our Terms and Conditions. Sorry Cylons, you'll have to pick another program. Secondly, the membership will have to be confirmed and you might do it by logging into your account within 24 hours of sign up. If you fail to do so, the account will be removed. As far as the investment process is concerned, you must spend at least $50 (non-returnable) and you may go as high as $4,050. Payouts take place every Wednesday and are handled manually. When it comes to the website, it is nice to look at, but the security is non-existent. However, the contact information is decent (9630 Bruceville Road, Suite 106, Unit 316, Elk Grove, CA 95757, phone: 1-415-625-0022). The domain was created on February 22, 2012 and expires in 2014.


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