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XgoldingHola mis amigos!

Ho, ho, ho, amigos! It’s my utmost pleasure to welcome you during this lovely, albeit snowless, Christmas season. Do you feel like you’re stuffed beyond your natural capacity? Do you feel like George Michael actually was a part of your Christmas dinner? Do you smell like a forest? If so, you can checked the Christmas off, you’re done. Ready for some money making?



There’s not much to write about xGolding – besides the fact that it seems as if all the good names have already been taken and now all we are left with are names that sound like they are stright from a whole lot of different line of business, ekhm – since it still holds the money-monitor’s WAITING status. What should be said, however, is that xGolding’s website definitely gives one a lot of reading material. Also, the page seems well-prepared and thoroughly organized, which makes making one’s mind up that much easier. xGolding is “an investment company investing in the creation and development of small and medium sized businesses and sharing the dividends with final end investors”, which sounds somewhat vague, but the to-the-point FAQ section provides you with all the answers you need, e.g. “the minimum investment is $10”, “the maximum investment is $250,000” and “the investment term pays 2% for 150 business days”, that is Mon-Fri “excluding banking holidays”. xGolding accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. Thanks to the “Getting Started” subsection, signing up is pretty straightforward but if you still need some help, the live chat should make that a piece of cake.



Sureinv has been around since November but only lately we were given the opportunity to get to know Thomas Jenkins, sureinv’s administrator (, who hopes to “break the 1000 client barrier before Christmas” and according to whom, thus far sureinv’s has only encountered “minor problems”. Besides the interview, the latest newsletter contains mostly Christmas wishes and reassurance that “sureinv is not using the upcoming holidays for excuses to not to pay you:

interest will be credited as usual each day from Monday until Friday and we will process withdrawal requests on the public holidays in our country as well, which are Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st”.

Prospera Nova Holidays RSS - comments

Prospera nova inform us that, due to the holiday season, they have a few non-trading days ahead of us. December 24th, 25th and 31st as well as January the 1st will be non-trading.

Withdraws will be processed as usual, and their support will be there to work on your tickets, but there will not be any profit distribution on those days.

Prospera Nova intention was to carry on through the season working, but they were unable to circumvent the non-working days for the banks and the exchangers.

They are also updating our FAQ with answers to questions we often receive in tickets, so take a look at it every now and then.

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StraviaHola mis amigos!

First of all, are you alive? Do you see any meteors heading in your general direction? Is Bruce Willis trying to rescue you? Or is it Will Smith? In fact, is anybody trying to save you right now?

If not, I think it’s safe to say that the Mayas simply run out of stones, or paper, or whatever it was, and just could not finish that silly calendar because of lack of resources. If we don’t survive until Christmas –- my mistake. However, I strongly believe that money-monitor can survive anything. Meteors? Aliens? Flood? Zombies? Bring it on!



For a change of pace, this week we have only one program to discuss at this point, Stravia Biz Inc., a Forex market oriented Panamanian – at least officially since the IP leaves one with a US address and according to the “About us” section they “are active in the London and NY sessions” – company that is 2 years old and can pride itself in a pretty decent website. The domain, however, was registered on November 30, 2012, so one may guess that Stravia has just begun its online journey. Perhaps that is due to the fact that Stravia’s investments “have performed incredibly well over the last 2 years, with 2012 being the most successful year so far” and the company “has seen rapid growth since September this year”.

Prospera Nova: 104 Days of Bragging? RSS - comments

According to its most recent newsletter, PN is “slowly becoming the leading online investment program”, which may come as a surprise to those of you who keep track of what’s going on online – mostly due to the fact that Prospera Nova is about three months old.

However, as PN claims, “the profit is stable”, withdrawals are being processed “well below the 24h limit” and the ticket response is “quite fast”. To add to this, it is now possible for Prospera’s members to “do an exchange between processors before doing a withdraw”.

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EpicRoyalHola mis amigos!

How are you spending your last days on Earth? Have you checked everything out of your bucket list? Have you spent all your money on all your credit cards since you won't be needing them anymore anyhow?

Have you watched Glitter with Mariah Carey to prepare yourselves for what the end of the world feels like?

Let's be honest – surely not. Since you're reading this very newsletter you're probably wasting your last days on desperately trying to earn money. Congratulations, amigos. You're officially not crazy. And chances are that you will be here long enough – at least until January 2013 – to read about the best services of 2012 according to Categories include: investment programs, payment processors, exchangers, forums and blogs. All we need to do know is hope that the Mayas were just really high on drugs. Or practical jokers. Preferably both.



Since they are pretty similar, let's consider the three newest addition to our list chronologically. Constant Capital's domain,, was created on June 29, 2012 and expires within 3 years. There isn't much to write about the website itself, it's actually rather generic and may be put into the "will do" category. When it comes to the creators, according to the well-prepared FAQ section "Constant Capital Ltd. is legal and fully registered private investment and financial company in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 06817442".

One may wonder, however, how a UK-based person could have written the following jewel of dyslexia, "to check our company registration certificate, please KLIK HERE". But maybe that's a kind of an inner joke that we're simply not familiar with? The investment plans (Silver, Platinum and Gold) are straightforward: 3-5% daily profits for 30 calendar days with returnable principal. You may start with $10 and go as high as $4999. You may also request your money back before the end of the term, but bear in mind that by doing so "you are reducing funding by 25% as a fee". Constant Capital accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay, the minimum to withdraw is set at $0.01 and it takes up to 24 hours. Opening an account is fairly easy and you can open as many of them as you want if you provide different e-mail accounts. CC's support system is well done: there is an online chat, a ticket system and four different e-mail addresses to contact them (Investors Support:, Affiliate Program:, Accout issues:, Spam Abuse:, as well as the actual address

(Head Office: 266-268 WICKHAM ROAD, SHIRLEY, CROYDON - SURREY, UK and Sub Office: 87 The Crescent, West Wickham, Bromley, UK).

What should be mentioned is that so far Constant Capital is the only program out of the three newbies to have a PAYING status.


Although EpicRoyal sounds like a casino name or a Ocean's Eleven spin-off, it's actually "an offshore private wealth/retirement club formed in 2010 by merger of Ericson Private Investment Club (est. 2006) and Royal Caribbean Investment Group (est. 2008)". What is really means is that EpicRoyal is a company registered in Panama with its headquarters in Stockholm, or at least that's what a whois search leaves us with (to be precise:

EPIC 688577 Panama S.A., Jeffrey Ericson, Engelbrektsgatan 23, Stockholm).

It should be pointed out that EpicRoyal is one of those unfortunately rare programs about which such a piece of information can still be found. The domain,, was created on September 19, 2012 and expires within 3 years. As mentioned in their "About Us" message, EpicRoyal used to be a "closed" and "inclusive" club for "investors mainly from Northern and Western Europe". In a way, it seems that they cannot leave that image behind – is divided into separate "Private Website" and "Members Sign-In" sections, and you need a "sponsor/guarantor" to enter the "Private" one. Elitist much? What's even more annoying is the waiting since will not be added to the "fastest website" category anytime soon. One may even say that the only really simple part of are the plans: 8-130% rate of interest for 7-60 calendar days. And the fact that the principal is returned upon maturity. OK, maybe instant withdrawals and accepting all the major payment processors, namely Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay as well as bank wires can also fall into the "easy" group. In case you need some more information, you should contact Jeffrey Ericson (+46 812 410 505). Those who have already registered may also use the ticket system. However, becoming one is definitely not a piece of cake: maybe it's just my rotten luck again, but the page crashed five times when I was trying to register. Hope you'll be more lucky, amigos.

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In the latest newsletter, Prospera Nova decided to make the available funding options clear to all members.

It seems it also gave them a chance to review all of the most popular payment processors, starting with Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and ending with the newest member to the club, namely EgoPay. According to Prospera Nova, LR and PM are “quite alike” and “best as far as privacy is concerned”. To add to this, “there are no chargebacks”, by which they mean that “your money stays put once you get paid”.

What Prospera Nova points out is that PM is different from LR in one aspect only, “you can fund Perfect Money directly, using a wire transfer, but you must verify your account first”. Another processor, Solid Trust Pay, is – as Prospera Nova claims – [...] slowly raising up as direct competition to PayPal, but as a more secure option with less frauds, chargebacks, etc.”. Solid Trust Pay can be funded via bank wire, transfer and credit cards, however the “account verification process” can be found rather “demanding” and “the fees are high and the limits are low”. A relative newbie, EgoPay, “best described as a Payza proxy [...] mostly used by Payza users”. Prospera Nova recommends EgoPay’s support, but usually seems to “be having trouble with deposits as well as withdraws”. And which one do you prefer?

Prospera Nova First Month Summary RSS - comments

It may seem as if every day is yet another celebration for a program.

This time Prospera Nova announced that a month passed since they had begun their online invasion. Moreover, according to the newsletter, “things are going fine and according to their plans”, “withdrawals are being processed within a couple of hours” and if you’d like to suggest some changes, you should not “hesitate to e-mail them and they will do their best to please your needs”.

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Related to: Prospera Nova

ProsperaNova reviewHola mis amigos!

In this day and age it may seem sometimes that people would do literally anything to be original, don’t you think?

It’s like nobody can give a straight answer to a question no more. What do I mean, amigos?

Let’s say you want to ask somebody about their hobbies. In the old days, people would typically tell you that they like reading, dancing or watching movies. Now, you will often hear words that aren’t words and names that sound made up. If you’re not into night-skating, molecular cuisine or some indie band called I Sniff Glue, you’re nobody. Really, amigos. That’s why more and more often I find simplicity relaxing and soothing. And that’s why I get really annoyed with making something more sophisticated than it should be.

Now, let’s talk new programs. As you know, most programs tend to advertise themselves as “professional”, “inspiring” and what-not. Prospera Nova went for the American dream metaphor,

“Dream it! Achieve it!”.

If only... First of all, if any of you ever read The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you probably remember that having your dreams come true can mean being stuck on a dark island in the middle of nowhere, where all your nightmares keep on happening over and over. Secondly, however good a money-making program may be, it still won’t make me a Pulitzer winner, or an Oscar recipient, right? But let’s get to the good part: simplicity. That’s the area in which Prospera Nova truly excels.

Despite the fact that their logo is somewhat creepy – a huge sad eye with freakishly long eyelashes – their plan should not scare you. It’s simple: you get a 2% daily profit from Monday to Friday, and you will be getting it for 365 days. What you need to do first is set up an account, which won’t take more than a few minutes since you won’t even have to give them information regarding your source of income. It’s as simple as it gets: you don’t even need to reveal your surname, Prospera Nova wants to be on a first name basis with you. Naturally, there is at least one ridiculous “Secret Question” on the list, namely “What was your first phone number”, but maybe you’re one of those numbers freaks who always remember everything. In that case, congratulations, amigo. When setting up an account, you need to give them “Financial Information”, which means listing the payment processors that you use: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay or EgoPay. Then you deposit at least $1 or as much as... Well, you name it, since “Dream it! Achieve it!” is Prospera Nova’s motto, you can give them as much money as you dream.

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TheBigFive Hola mis amigos!

 The school year started with an abundance of new programs, so be prepared! It’s just like checking if you bought all the notebooks and other supplies like, I don’t know, pencils and what-not. This time you have to make sure you’re prepared for not one, not two, but three new programs. Are you ready?



The first new program on our list is JM FUND, a company that reportedly has been in business for 5 years, but went online just recently, that is a month ago. JM FUND is for those who enjoy simplicity and do not have the time to sieve through a plethora of plans. It’s not a program directed at the “compare and contrast” crowd, there is only one plan to choose and it’s as straightforward as it gets: you get a 10% profit within 15 business days. How does it work exactly?

According to the website, the “investment model is based on short-term and long-term investments (60% in short-term and 40% in long-term) and generates income way greater than most regular investment models do”. To add to this, JM FUND supposedly works with “state, local government and companies in Asia and Africa” and in doing so “[helps] local and state government” and aids in “[revitalizing] the economy and [creating] more jobs that are so desperately needed”.

Sounds a little vague, but soon we should be able to tell you more, or at least the JM FUND’s administrator will tell you more about the way the program operates. Yes, there’s an interview coming and you’ll be able to find all the possible answers to, let’s hope, all your possible questions about JM FUND. For now, let’s focus on what we know: in order to become JM FUND investor you need at least $10, setting up an account is easy and they do not expect you to share many personal details, the “business days” are your typical Monday to Friday, no big surprises there.

You can fund your account using all the major processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, and withdrawals (minimum $0.01) shouldn’t take more than the standard 24 hours. The website itself is a little basic, but it is protected against DDoS attacks and uses the COMODO SSL certificate. Despite the fact that you can earn the money only 5 days a week, the support team works 24/7 and there is a live chat in case you have any doubts.


Prospera Nova is a little less mysterious when it comes to conveying its offer. PN has also been in business for some time now (according to the Legal Certificate displayed on the website, the company was created in 2012), the domain was registered on the 27th of May 2012 (and expires on 27-05-2014), but the online expansion started on the 5th of September. It seems that Prospera Nova mostly deals with forex investments, but “the] main portion of [PN’s] income comes from stock market activity". Unlike JM FUND, we know a little more about Prospera Nova’s whereabouts: “Prospera Nova LTD is a private investment program that is based in United Kingdom” and the server is located in the Netherlands. Becoming one of PN’s members is quick and painless, the minimum is set at one dollar only and PN’s accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, and withdrawals take up to 24 hours (minimum $0.01).

The motto should have already been a clue, “Dream It. Achieve It”, but it still may come as a surprise that there is no maximum amount to spend. Sky’s the limit, apparently. Or perhaps not since, according to Prospera Nova’s FAQ section, “t]he profits won't reach the sky”... The compounding option is available, but beware: just like with JM FUND, the profit is earned on weekdays only. Also just like JM FUND, it’s not an offer for those who like to have options – there is only one plan and it’s the following: “[d]aily payouts of 2% (Monday to Friday) for 365 days”. Again, similarly to JM FUND, the website needs some major TLC, but it should be secure: PN invested in the RapidSSL Certificate.The support part of the website, on the other hand, could use a little diversity – in today’s world a simple ticket system just isn’t enough, even when it’s supposedly 24/7. By the way, should we assign the fact that JM FUND and Prospera Nova both offer 24/7 support but let you earn the money only on weekdays to some kind of new online eccentricity? Anyway, what’s important is that out of the three new programs Prospera Nova is the only one that gives you the compounding option and returns your principal.



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