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Hola mis amigos! Today I am publishing the history which has been sent by one of our readers. Sit back and read this!
"Was member of Just Been Paid=JBP. Was working really well,No Sponsoring required & a Shift every 90 days,where ad packs not yet expired are taken back to reduce DSC ,but every 4 converted to Ad Panels,which you could upgrade 2 postions of 6 for $10 maximum,& when filled received $60 per Ad Panel,plus a refund of $5 per $10 upgrade.

We were building,so sadly began to w/d just a few weeks before suddenly sold to ProfitClicking = PC,with ZERO notice!The JBP w/d had no restriction on limit of w/d & also paid within approx. 24 hrs.or sooner.The bad move,was giving members no warning of the sale which was in the works for a year!So no time to make a decent w/d to carry one through initial changes.PC did not have initial changes.They were one permanent disaster! Could not make a single w/d for as long as they were in.The daily limits always reached,yet nobody could EVER w/d,so we started saving & not repurchasing & built up a substantial amount in our JBP/PC wallets.One thing that always remained the same,was that you got a free $10 test drive with an ad pack & each ad pack paid 20 cents a day,7 days a week.NO Sponsoring required to earn DSC from each ad pack.They never got around to doing a single Shift,which was the ONLY way that the program had sustainability.Even although you initially lost DSC,you would in JBP have a few weeks warning of pending shift,so you stop purchasing ad packs & save all DSC,so that after the shift,you have sufficient in your wallet to purchase a whole lot of ad packs & immediately,up went your DSC.Also you ended up earning far more than from all ad packs expiring,due to the free ad panels for every 4 ad packs lost,which earned $60 as opposed to $15 after an ad pack expired.

In came ACX.At first it looked as though they were going back to the extremely successful JBP strategy.We had our ad pack wallet for DSC.Also JBP/PC wallet was carried over,but never clear acknowledgement,that without the JBP/PC members,there would be no business to purchase.It ONLY existed,due to JBP/PC members.So always as if doing us a favor by carrying over money paid for,worked fr,earned & owed.Initially all was going in a great direction.W/Ds made after about a year of ZERO access to our money earned in PC.

Slowly things started to change.First you could not transfer funds from one wallet to another.We had our ad pack wallet,DSC earnings,Shift Wallet,money received after a shift,JBP/PC wallet,now Only available to use 20-30% when purchasing a new ad pack.Next came an ACX wallet.This was for new money for purchasing.So you would have odd amounts in each wallet,not enough to purchase an ad pack or ad panel,but not able to transfer from any one to another.Next came that we were next on the agenda,going to receive an offer of a % payout for our JBP/PC wallet.This was a great relief,as for over a year it's just been numbers of money we own,but have only 20-30% access to it,in purchasing an ad pack.That offer NEVER arrived,yet Several new options came out daily.When asked about the offer,by submitting a ticket,you would receive a list of links of how to earn money with ACX.NEW Money EVERY week,Listen to ALL promotion training & referrals are rewarded,by being put at the top of the w/d list,oh yes,from w/d from Referral Wallet.No Sponsoring required,is now 100% about Sponsoring,rewarded for quicker w/ds,and the 20 cents per ad pack a day,was now changed.You could ONLY use the 20-40% of your JBP/PC wallet,IF purchased from ACX Wallet,that's purchased with new money.Also,now when purchasing from DSC,ad pack wallet,you only earn 10 cents on weekdays & 5 cents on weekends from this wallet.Even when purchasing with new money,20 cents weekdays,10 cents weekends.Shift wallet,.50 cents weekdays & .025 on weekends.So no longer 20 cents per ad pack 7 days a week,from ANY wallet.No more access to owed JBP/PC wallet,unless using New Money with it.Also the % gauged according to "in profit"
or "out of profit".We,my son,brother & me,were Always "out of profit",as our funding of JBP/PC,far outweighed our w/ds.That was always correct on my record,until the last Shift.Suddenly they had an error,my w/ds suddenly far outweighing my funding.Submitted a ticket to ask to look at my account records & please correct,as it effected my % I could use when purchasing ad packs with new money.Response,"sorry for the error".NEVER Re-adjusted to correct status!Also those JBP 90 day shifts,were suddenly happening Every 2 - 3 weeks,so money goes into Shift wallet & when you purchase ad packs with the ONLY money that you now have,except for JBP/PC which cannot use with Shift wallet,your DSC is .50 cents weekdays & .025 on weekends,so no possible way to EVER get ahead,unless you put in new money!My JBP/PC wallet has about $26,000+.My brother about $28,000+ & my son about $15,000.We have NO NEW MONEY,they have all of our money!We funded JBP/PC & have NO NEW MONEY .For Dec. they ha a special Xmas promotion.If you purchased with new money,you would receive 30% per ad pack purchased through the promotion,7 days a week.I Don't Ever put in new money to ACX anymore,but for the promotion,30% 7 days a week,I took every dime I had to purchase promo ad packs via STP,for my son,brother & me.Error.They never paid me the 30%.A "Glitch" caused us to receive 20% on weekdays & 10% on weekends.Submitted a ticket immediately.What happened to our 30% 7 days a week for ad packs purchased via STP.All in their records & mine & STP.Response,"don't worry,you will still eventually earn $15 per ad pack! It's an Xmas PROMOTION,to have money for XMAS.We need our 30% promised NOW.Never got it & anyway,they had a SHIFT & took ALL the promo ad packs back,turned to ad panels per every 4.

Ad Panels....used to upgrade 1st 2 positions,to max. $10 each position.When filled,receive $5 per upgrade refund & receive $60.Now they have introduced a WARP accelerator.You choose to upgrade each 2 positions per ad panel to between WARP $11-$60,to fill & get paid $60??????? Now ad panels fill at a speed according to the highest WARP positions.So I have accelerated 3 ad panels $32 each to receive $60....really $28 after putting in $32 WARP,but not one of those ad panels have filled.Used to be,you could purchase a $2.50-$10 to fill a panel.Now,after to fill the empty position with your WARP,somebody has to fill your WARP position at a speed of Max. Warp paid! What's the point of paying $120 to receive $60?????

My 1st w/d with ACX I received in 12 hrs.After they started all this Promote,Promote,Promote,Pay,pay,pay....plus all these non transferable wallets,I decided,that each time I would reach $30,I would w/d to repurchase with New Money & earn the original 20% on weekday & 10% now on weekends.This time,my son & I had a w/d in for 244hrs.It was canceled due to ANOTHER shift.The money was NOT replaced back to our ad pack wallet where it came from,but put into the Shift wallet which can be used for ZERO other than to purchase ad packs ,NEVER w/d from this wallet & get paid $0.50 on weekdays & 0.025 on weekends.

Emails EVERYDAY.Training for promoting links.Training for purchasing highest warp for ad panels to cycle."NEVER MISS ONE MINUTE OF PROMOTING,EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR THAT U ARE AWAKE!"

The list goes on & on! I am now earning nothing,due to plan to w/d & purchase with New Money,as Every time a w/d came in from a referral wallet,it was placed ahead of us,so we would never actually receive a w/d.My $34 w/d to purchase ad packs with only 20% of my JBP/PC wallet,due to their IN Profit Error,never corrected,placed in the Shift wallet,not ad pack wallet where it came from.At least we would have earned 10/5 a week,instead of 05/025 & the ONLY reason that we are still there,is the STUPID hope that their Next on Agenda,long buried offer for % of JBP/PC wallet!

90 days per shift,approx.45-70% depending on cash flow.Now become every few weeks.The 1st shift they took 45%.I was SO impressed.Suddenly 2 weeks later,they took 90% & said that they were So Sorry,but Payza had frozen their funds & it was their main source of funds,so due to this temporary obstacle,they had no choice.They at that time were still paying 20/10 from all wallets.I felt ad for them,until this not only became the norm,but each wallet was paying lower & lower DSC & All money would end up in lowest Shift wallet,as they were doing them 2 x a month.Could NEVER any longer get in a w/d as all my referrals long time left.So All money would end up in Shift wallet.Ad Panels will NEVER cycle,unless you accelerate double of what you will earn & JBP/PC wallets sit there.Funded,Worked for,Earned,Owed & ZERO access without New Money & then just 20-30% towards purchases.NEVER to w/d from.

I could write a book.Support NEVER addresses the issue.Never correct an Error & like robots just send you all the links to learn to earn! Promote & Fund Weekly with at least $100 new money & No talk of payout offer for JBP/PC wallets.I would love to forward you one of the daily emails.Perhaps I will.

Forgive the length.Tip of the iceberg."

Love & gratitude & pray that members of your newsletter are warned,

Nadine Sirota


PRofitClicking withdrawal (bucket) system through an investor's eyes RSS - comments

Hello all!

I have been a member with PC for almost 2 years, joining when the program was JustBeenPaid. The first year and a half I put several thousand dollars into the program and watched my account grow, building up a large downline by heavily promoting.

During the year and a half not only were we able to enjoy fantastic earnings, we were able to enjoy withdrawals daily. At one point I was withdrawing $500 per week, while also continuing to build up my account with more earnings. I always left money in my balance as a safe guard for program restarts so I wouldn't lose my entire daily earnings during a restart. The system worked well. I simply followed the program's trainer's advice and played the game smart.


JustBeenPaid was changed to Profitclicking and things haven't been the same since. Several months of beta testing of the program's software, gltich after glitch, excuse after excuse, it's been a rocky ride. The system to deposit fresh money into the program works flawlessly. You can instantly deposit funds. When it comes to withdrawing the system has been in beta testing since day 1 and it isn't working and not working as advertised by the promoters.

PC has 2 withdraw systems. The regular queue and the bucket system. The regular queue used to pay out withdraw requests in 7-10 days in the beginning. Over time it grew to a month, then 2 months and now the queue has stopped paying out completley. Notice my pending withdrawals:

Newsletter: Stravia new program, Uinvest new project, IAmTrust website problems RSS - comments

StraviaHola mis amigos!

First of all, are you alive? Do you see any meteors heading in your general direction? Is Bruce Willis trying to rescue you? Or is it Will Smith? In fact, is anybody trying to save you right now?

If not, I think it’s safe to say that the Mayas simply run out of stones, or paper, or whatever it was, and just could not finish that silly calendar because of lack of resources. If we don’t survive until Christmas –- my mistake. However, I strongly believe that money-monitor can survive anything. Meteors? Aliens? Flood? Zombies? Bring it on!



For a change of pace, this week we have only one program to discuss at this point, Stravia Biz Inc., a Forex market oriented Panamanian – at least officially since the IP leaves one with a US address and according to the “About us” section they “are active in the London and NY sessions” – company that is 2 years old and can pride itself in a pretty decent website. The domain, however, was registered on November 30, 2012, so one may guess that Stravia has just begun its online journey. Perhaps that is due to the fact that Stravia’s investments “have performed incredibly well over the last 2 years, with 2012 being the most successful year so far” and the company “has seen rapid growth since September this year”.

ProfitClicking - new withdrawal rules RSS - comments

ProfitClicking new withdrawal rulesProfitClicking has launched a new withdrawal system. This change is very expected by all ProfitClicking members especially by those who have pending withdrawals for a very long time.

Now current withdrawals should be processed within about 48 hours.

One method is referred to as a “Queue” the other is a “Bucket” system. Full details of how the new withdrawal system works can be found in their FAQ:


General rules:

"We distinguish between withdrawals from Pre-ProfitShift Funds [Pre-PS] and withdrawals from Post-ProfitShift Funds (Post-PS).

We also distinguish between a "Bucket" and "Queue."

The Bucket is used to pay current withdrawals as quickly as we can. We aim at paying them within 48 hours.

Members can make ONLY one Pre-PS withdrawal per 24 hour period. At the time of writing this FAQ the limit for Pre-PS withdrawals is $50 (this will likely increase from time to time).

Members can also make requests for Post-ProfitShift Funds [Post-PS]. At the time of writing this FAQ, a member can request up to $250 per Payment Processor per 24 hour period. There is a "Bucket" for each Payment Processor. "

I hope that these changes will make payments faster.



An interview with H J Doc, Vice President of ProfitClicking RSS - comments

Related to: ProfitClicking (JustBeenPaid)

ProfitClicking interviewWe had the amazing opportunity to talk with one of the most important pieces of the Profit Clicking puzzle, its vice-president who goes by the name H J Doc.

As Profit Clicking becomes more and more popular, not to mention ubiquitous, we decided to ask all the questions that potential and actual PC members should know the answers to: from the mysterious algorithm through the as anticipated as feared restart to what's going on with the legendary Frederick Mann, and many, many more...


Money-Monitor: How does it feel to be involved in one of the most popular Internet projects?

ProfitClicking: I feel it an honor to have a part in a project that helps so many people around the world. I also feel a great responsibility to provide the best experience possible.


Money-Monitor: Do you feel like Profit Clicking is making a difference in the "earning money online" world?

ProfitClicking: Absolutely... Yes!


Money-Monitor: Let's say I'm a complete newbie when it comes to earning money online. What would you say is the most important thing I should learn?

ProfitClicking: The most important thing to learn is "Systems Succeed Where People Fail." Success comes through learning the system and following the steps outlined in the system. Once a person is familiar with the system the next important step is commitment to work the system, be consistent. The commitment is connected to the goal. For example, some goals require daily action and others require less.


Money-Monitor: And how about Profit Clicking? What are the basics that a newcomer should get to understand as soon as possible?

ProfitClicking: The Basics in Profit Clicking are simple... There are Two Ways to benefit financially... The first one is to join the system and purchase "Ad Packs." Members potentially receive $.20 per weekday and $.10 on weekends for each ad pack purchased. Qualification for Daily Sales Commissions on Ad Packs is simple: view the minimum of three websites a day in our Traffic Exchange. Secondly, find others to do the same: Profit Clicking offers a generous referral bonus for each Ad Pack purchased by members you invite. Currently the bonus is $1 on every Ad Pack purchased by your personal referral and $.50 on every Ad Pack purchased by your referrals referral. As our sales volume increases the potential for Commissions and Referral Bonuses also increases since commissions and referrals come from sales volume in the system.


Money-Monitor: And your own personal piece of advice?

ProfitClicking: My personal advice... When I look at the global economics, I see the masses struggling financially. Profit Clicking provides a simple, effective, fun way to make money online. I encourage members to share Profit Clicking ever day. Profit Clicking makes it easy by providing the first $10 value so members can begin the process without using their own money. You can "Test Drive" Profit Clicking on us and experience for yourself how easy it is to see the results immediately.


Money-Monitor: There have been many rumors and speculations regarding Frederick Mann's involvement in Profit Clicking and, as far as we know, he has supported some of PC's statements. Could you tell us if he's still involved with PC? And do you know if he approves of the way his project is being continued?

ProfitClicking: Frederick Mann has retired to focus his attention on other projects. However, he was very clear on his expectations with the migration process and has provided oversight to make sure the migration is completed correctly. Although Profit Clicking is now owned by a Global Holdings Company, Frederick is still a "Independent Business Owner, IBO" and retained the option to promote Profit Clicking as an IBO. Although I can't speak for him as to whether he approves or disapproves of specific situations, I do know that he has and continues to provide oversight until all his requirements have been met. To my knowledge he was consulted in selecting every key leadership staff member and has supported the migration process. He is also developing additional products and services that will be available to Profit Clicking members in the future.


Money-Monitor: Could you tell our readers how exactly PC functions on a day-to-day basis? How many people are involved in the project?

ProfitClicking: We have a staff of several hundred and growing. We meet daily with our Department Directors to track the development of key components, identify internal issues with hardware, software, customer service and member support, training and other items that need attention. We prioritize each item and alocate the necessary resources needed to address each item. Our daily staff functions are very similar to what you would expect to see with any Global Corporate Entity.


Money-Monitor: And who is “the boss”? :) Who represents PC?

ProfitClicking: We have an "Executive Team" responsible to complete the agreement between Frederick Mann and the Global Holdings Company, develop additional components outlined by the Global Holdings Company and Manage the day to day requirements needed to support this Massive Global Organization called Profit Clicking. The staff report to the Executive Team. The Executive Team is "The Boss."


Money-Monitor: Are you planning on opening your non-virtual offices somewhere? Or send your representatives to some particular countries?

ProfitClicking: Our goal is to provide the Profit Clicking opportunity to as many people around the world as possible. Since we are dealing with many countries, cultures, languages etc., we've found that the Virtual Office has served us better. I'm not aware of any immediate plans to open a non-virtual office but if and when it becomes necessary we will address it then.


Money-Monitor: And which country would you call your biggest “fan base”?

ProfitClicking: Hmmm... I know we have strong followings in many countries. Europe, Africa, United States, Mexico, Canada all have strong representation in our membership base. I'd prefer to say we have "Fans and Favorites" all around the world. I don't want to exclude any country as a favorite because so many countries have people who need what we have to offer.


Newsletter: TheBig5, JM-Fund, ProsperaNova adds, ProfitClicking beta tests RSS - comments

TheBigFive Hola mis amigos!

 The school year started with an abundance of new programs, so be prepared! It’s just like checking if you bought all the notebooks and other supplies like, I don’t know, pencils and what-not. This time you have to make sure you’re prepared for not one, not two, but three new programs. Are you ready?



The first new program on our list is JM FUND, a company that reportedly has been in business for 5 years, but went online just recently, that is a month ago. JM FUND is for those who enjoy simplicity and do not have the time to sieve through a plethora of plans. It’s not a program directed at the “compare and contrast” crowd, there is only one plan to choose and it’s as straightforward as it gets: you get a 10% profit within 15 business days. How does it work exactly?

According to the website, the “investment model is based on short-term and long-term investments (60% in short-term and 40% in long-term) and generates income way greater than most regular investment models do”. To add to this, JM FUND supposedly works with “state, local government and companies in Asia and Africa” and in doing so “[helps] local and state government” and aids in “[revitalizing] the economy and [creating] more jobs that are so desperately needed”.

Sounds a little vague, but soon we should be able to tell you more, or at least the JM FUND’s administrator will tell you more about the way the program operates. Yes, there’s an interview coming and you’ll be able to find all the possible answers to, let’s hope, all your possible questions about JM FUND. For now, let’s focus on what we know: in order to become JM FUND investor you need at least $10, setting up an account is easy and they do not expect you to share many personal details, the “business days” are your typical Monday to Friday, no big surprises there.

You can fund your account using all the major processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, and withdrawals (minimum $0.01) shouldn’t take more than the standard 24 hours. The website itself is a little basic, but it is protected against DDoS attacks and uses the COMODO SSL certificate. Despite the fact that you can earn the money only 5 days a week, the support team works 24/7 and there is a live chat in case you have any doubts.


Prospera Nova is a little less mysterious when it comes to conveying its offer. PN has also been in business for some time now (according to the Legal Certificate displayed on the website, the company was created in 2012), the domain was registered on the 27th of May 2012 (and expires on 27-05-2014), but the online expansion started on the 5th of September. It seems that Prospera Nova mostly deals with forex investments, but “the] main portion of [PN’s] income comes from stock market activity". Unlike JM FUND, we know a little more about Prospera Nova’s whereabouts: “Prospera Nova LTD is a private investment program that is based in United Kingdom” and the server is located in the Netherlands. Becoming one of PN’s members is quick and painless, the minimum is set at one dollar only and PN’s accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, and withdrawals take up to 24 hours (minimum $0.01).

The motto should have already been a clue, “Dream It. Achieve It”, but it still may come as a surprise that there is no maximum amount to spend. Sky’s the limit, apparently. Or perhaps not since, according to Prospera Nova’s FAQ section, “t]he profits won't reach the sky”... The compounding option is available, but beware: just like with JM FUND, the profit is earned on weekdays only. Also just like JM FUND, it’s not an offer for those who like to have options – there is only one plan and it’s the following: “[d]aily payouts of 2% (Monday to Friday) for 365 days”. Again, similarly to JM FUND, the website needs some major TLC, but it should be secure: PN invested in the RapidSSL Certificate.The support part of the website, on the other hand, could use a little diversity – in today’s world a simple ticket system just isn’t enough, even when it’s supposedly 24/7. By the way, should we assign the fact that JM FUND and Prospera Nova both offer 24/7 support but let you earn the money only on weekdays to some kind of new online eccentricity? Anyway, what’s important is that out of the three new programs Prospera Nova is the only one that gives you the compounding option and returns your principal.


ProfitClicking Beta Tests RSS - comments

ProfitClicking has been adding the “finishing touches on the dashboard in [the] customer account”.

That notification might be understood as the final announcement that ProfitClicking will soon be officially open for business or, rather, that they are “beta testing” the services. The first phase of the beta testing is focused on “the areas to fund [the] wallet and purchase [the] ad packs”.

News: Right5 add, LibertyReserve maintenance, JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking RSS - comments

RightFiveHola mis amigos!

Another sunny week has passed and the sadness of the oncoming fall is coming our way. Yes, I'm going to start this week's newsletter with a weather announcement. I have been hearing recently that – for some reason – people are into the weather.

It's my understanding that weather presenters are... Wait, what's the word for it... “Hot”? And that's what makes people interested in such trivial things as blizzards, snowstorms and what not. If only money-monitor had its own weather/investment announcer in a tiny bikini, I think we will be in for a siege of new programs and members. No server could have handled such a storm...

Yes, I know what you're thinking – there was a hot weather announcer on our page last week and that's my lame way of telling you that a simple bikini was the reason for our technical problems. Don't worry, you did not miss anything. There was no scarcely clad lady on our page, we simply encountered some difficulties. Nothing hot, pure life, amigos. But we're back and everything should work as smoothly as ever. However, if you are a relatively new reader of our website (that is, you registered your account in May or later), please set up a new account – we apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately there is no other way.

Back to some good news: we added a new program last week and you might really like it.


In my world the word “perfection” is not used very often. If you are even a somewhat regular reader of money-monitor reviews, you probably know this by now: I'm not exactly the easy-to-please type. However, “credit where credit's due” is one of my mottoes. Along with

“never mix beer and vodka” or “you should always look a gift horse in the mouth because it usually has a gun there”.

Anyway, let me ask you a question: have you ever got that feeling that someone must have literally been inside your head because what they did is just so incredibly similar to what you would have done? Or, if you were as vain and felt as self-important as I do right now, they have simply read all your reviews and got to know all your secret – and not-so-secret – pet peeves? It's an exciting moment for me, mis amigos, because that's how I'm feeling right now. With just a smudge of self-loathing for thinking so highly of myself. It's a vicious circle, really.

If you go to the RIGHTfive website, you will find a refreshingly appealing design that loads really fast. www.right5.com has all the necessary elements of a good page: a high usability factor, interesting content, and what I call a “ntk” policy. No unnecessarily boastful slogans about how great a company is and how innovative or smart or professional or whatever: "need to know" information only. There is also some decent writing in there: if they hired a copywriter, I applaud this decision. If they didn't, they should give a raise to the person who's doing it right now. An example? “Performance - when only the best is good enough” – nice, huh? Not overcomplicated, maybe not that sophisticated, but does the job. The only problem with the text is that it can also be found on metso.com. Let's hope it's just a coincidence for the guy's raise's sake...

rightfive review

Going through the intuitive RIGHTfive's page, you may notice that they are extremely well-prepared: there is a proper F.A.Q. section, a separate Investment Plan part, some corporate information can be found as well, and everything is neatly divided into logical categories. See, Other Pages? It really can be done! Unfortunately, due my old age and the fact that – since I have no life – I spend way too much time in front of the computer, the font is a little too delicate for my sage eyes. Still, I can read what's important: the company was registered in the Seychelles in December 2010, they are in the Forex Market business, thanks to BlockDos.net the website is protected against DDoS attacks, and they offer two investment plans.

You can be a Day or a Week Trader: a Day Trader must spend at least $20 and earns 5% daily for 30 days, while a Week Trader can earn up to 110% after 7 days with the same principal amount. You can have one account only, but five active investments at a time.

RightFive forum

There's no compounding option, the minimum amount to withdraw is $2; bear in mind, however, that you can make only one, noncancelable withdrawal request per day and payment processors (Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money). If you don't feel like a Day or Week Trader, you can always go into their affiliate program. In order to become a part of it, an account is a must, but you don't need to deposit any money. With RIGHTfive you get “5% commission of the deposited funds - each and every time”.
When it comes to setting up an account, it's pretty straightforward, but those with privacy issues will probably have, well, issues, since RIGHTfive requests your full name and date of birth (necessary in case you forget your password). Once you are logged in, you can also use their mobile phone verification, which should make your account more secure (not available to US member because of “carrier limitations”) and will come in handy in case you forget your security PIN number (those who do not activate mobile phone verification need to pay $1 in order to prove the ownership of their account).
As you can see, I don't go around screaming "perfection" without any apparent reason. If I did, I would be in a nice white padded room by now. To be clear, I do not say this about RIGHTfive's offer – that is to be judged by you, amigos – but about the execution: it's honestly pretty awesome. And to think that all it takes is just a simple, well-prepared and thought through website! Naturally, there are some areas that are in need of some tlc: one would be grateful for more information regarding RIGHTfive itself and the company Silkyway Holdings Inc. (all I could find, besides the Seychelles thing, is that their IP location is Providence, Utah), a phone number or a live chat would be a nice addition to their offer (the only support they have is an e-mail address: info@right5.com). However, given that rightfive.com is 55 days old (it was created on 2012-06-25), these are not deadly sins. At least they managed to open a Facebook and Twitter account by now, while so many programs seem to forget we live in the social media world now. At least those of us who have friends. Or are celebrity stalkers. Wait, isn't that the same thing? I keep on forgetting...

I hope you at least got the gist of the review. I know, I know, I shouldn't start the newsletter with a bikini mentioning, your concentration level probably does not exist by now. I won't make that mistake again, I promise. BIKINI! Ha, I got you, didn't I? OK, so here's what happened last week.


JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking Transformation RSS - comments

ProfitClicking JustBeenPaidAll the buzz surrounding JustBeenPaid for a couple of months finally proved to be well-founded: JustBeenPaid has been acquired by ProfitClicking.

According to profitclicking.com (a domain registered on 03/14/2012), the company was founded in 2004 in order to “provide rewarding programs that are effective for everyone, regardless of experience or financial situation". Sounds familiar? How about this: ProfitClicking's mission is to “[provide] a solution for the other 98%”, while JustBeenPaid's mission used to be “t]o provide the means for the '98%' (who typically struggle to earn money online)”. No wonder those “in the know" debate whether ProfitClicking and JustBeenPaid aren't just the same thing wrapped in a new shiny paper.

Especially since a simple whois search provides one with the following revelation: JustBeenPaid.com and ProfitClicking.com are both registered to “Bigbooster Ltd”, the same company that was responsible for JustBeenPaid, and the contact information gives you one name: Frederick Mann. Some may find it bizarre since the ProfitClicking welcome message states that he has retired. Nevertheless, reportedly JBP “evolution" means that there will be “a brand new traffic exchange system, a pay per click marketing network and [...] contact management and marketing system”. As stated in the introductory announcement, the JBP accounts “are waiting to make the migration” along with the current “downline, [...] marketing links, [and] packages”. What do you think about this revolution?


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