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ProfitClicking interviewWe had the amazing opportunity to talk with one of the most important pieces of the Profit Clicking puzzle, its vice-president who goes by the name H J Doc.

As Profit Clicking becomes more and more popular, not to mention ubiquitous, we decided to ask all the questions that potential and actual PC members should know the answers to: from the mysterious algorithm through the as anticipated as feared restart to what's going on with the legendary Frederick Mann, and many, many more...


Money-Monitor: How does it feel to be involved in one of the most popular Internet projects?

ProfitClicking: I feel it an honor to have a part in a project that helps so many people around the world. I also feel a great responsibility to provide the best experience possible.


Money-Monitor: Do you feel like Profit Clicking is making a difference in the "earning money online" world?

ProfitClicking: Absolutely... Yes!


Money-Monitor: Let's say I'm a complete newbie when it comes to earning money online. What would you say is the most important thing I should learn?

ProfitClicking: The most important thing to learn is "Systems Succeed Where People Fail." Success comes through learning the system and following the steps outlined in the system. Once a person is familiar with the system the next important step is commitment to work the system, be consistent. The commitment is connected to the goal. For example, some goals require daily action and others require less.


Money-Monitor: And how about Profit Clicking? What are the basics that a newcomer should get to understand as soon as possible?

ProfitClicking: The Basics in Profit Clicking are simple... There are Two Ways to benefit financially... The first one is to join the system and purchase "Ad Packs." Members potentially receive $.20 per weekday and $.10 on weekends for each ad pack purchased. Qualification for Daily Sales Commissions on Ad Packs is simple: view the minimum of three websites a day in our Traffic Exchange. Secondly, find others to do the same: Profit Clicking offers a generous referral bonus for each Ad Pack purchased by members you invite. Currently the bonus is $1 on every Ad Pack purchased by your personal referral and $.50 on every Ad Pack purchased by your referrals referral. As our sales volume increases the potential for Commissions and Referral Bonuses also increases since commissions and referrals come from sales volume in the system.


Money-Monitor: And your own personal piece of advice?

ProfitClicking: My personal advice... When I look at the global economics, I see the masses struggling financially. Profit Clicking provides a simple, effective, fun way to make money online. I encourage members to share Profit Clicking ever day. Profit Clicking makes it easy by providing the first $10 value so members can begin the process without using their own money. You can "Test Drive" Profit Clicking on us and experience for yourself how easy it is to see the results immediately.


Money-Monitor: There have been many rumors and speculations regarding Frederick Mann's involvement in Profit Clicking and, as far as we know, he has supported some of PC's statements. Could you tell us if he's still involved with PC? And do you know if he approves of the way his project is being continued?

ProfitClicking: Frederick Mann has retired to focus his attention on other projects. However, he was very clear on his expectations with the migration process and has provided oversight to make sure the migration is completed correctly. Although Profit Clicking is now owned by a Global Holdings Company, Frederick is still a "Independent Business Owner, IBO" and retained the option to promote Profit Clicking as an IBO. Although I can't speak for him as to whether he approves or disapproves of specific situations, I do know that he has and continues to provide oversight until all his requirements have been met. To my knowledge he was consulted in selecting every key leadership staff member and has supported the migration process. He is also developing additional products and services that will be available to Profit Clicking members in the future.


Money-Monitor: Could you tell our readers how exactly PC functions on a day-to-day basis? How many people are involved in the project?

ProfitClicking: We have a staff of several hundred and growing. We meet daily with our Department Directors to track the development of key components, identify internal issues with hardware, software, customer service and member support, training and other items that need attention. We prioritize each item and alocate the necessary resources needed to address each item. Our daily staff functions are very similar to what you would expect to see with any Global Corporate Entity.


Money-Monitor: And who is “the boss”? :) Who represents PC?

ProfitClicking: We have an "Executive Team" responsible to complete the agreement between Frederick Mann and the Global Holdings Company, develop additional components outlined by the Global Holdings Company and Manage the day to day requirements needed to support this Massive Global Organization called Profit Clicking. The staff report to the Executive Team. The Executive Team is "The Boss."


Money-Monitor: Are you planning on opening your non-virtual offices somewhere? Or send your representatives to some particular countries?

ProfitClicking: Our goal is to provide the Profit Clicking opportunity to as many people around the world as possible. Since we are dealing with many countries, cultures, languages etc., we've found that the Virtual Office has served us better. I'm not aware of any immediate plans to open a non-virtual office but if and when it becomes necessary we will address it then.


Money-Monitor: And which country would you call your biggest “fan base”?

ProfitClicking: Hmmm... I know we have strong followings in many countries. Europe, Africa, United States, Mexico, Canada all have strong representation in our membership base. I'd prefer to say we have "Fans and Favorites" all around the world. I don't want to exclude any country as a favorite because so many countries have people who need what we have to offer.


ProfitClicking: ready, set, go! RSS - comments

ProfitClicking recently announced that the “"migration” of data is “almost complete”, and that the exact point of PC's new life can be checked on the website: a “success timer” has been implemented into

According to ProfitClicking's newsletter, “[o]once the clock hits zero... it's time to go to work!” and soon every member will be able to access “live and recorded webinars, downloadable documents” in the Media area of he website. One may only wonder how they managed to already collect at least four testimonials on how amazing ProfitClicking is, provided that the service won't be fully open for business for at least two more days...


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