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XgoldingHola mis amigos!

Ho, ho, ho, amigos! It’s my utmost pleasure to welcome you during this lovely, albeit snowless, Christmas season. Do you feel like you’re stuffed beyond your natural capacity? Do you feel like George Michael actually was a part of your Christmas dinner? Do you smell like a forest? If so, you can checked the Christmas off, you’re done. Ready for some money making?



There’s not much to write about xGolding – besides the fact that it seems as if all the good names have already been taken and now all we are left with are names that sound like they are stright from a whole lot of different line of business, ekhm – since it still holds the money-monitor’s WAITING status. What should be said, however, is that xGolding’s website definitely gives one a lot of reading material. Also, the page seems well-prepared and thoroughly organized, which makes making one’s mind up that much easier. xGolding is “an investment company investing in the creation and development of small and medium sized businesses and sharing the dividends with final end investors”, which sounds somewhat vague, but the to-the-point FAQ section provides you with all the answers you need, e.g. “the minimum investment is $10”, “the maximum investment is $250,000” and “the investment term pays 2% for 150 business days”, that is Mon-Fri “excluding banking holidays”. xGolding accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. Thanks to the “Getting Started” subsection, signing up is pretty straightforward but if you still need some help, the live chat should make that a piece of cake.



Sureinv has been around since November but only lately we were given the opportunity to get to know Thomas Jenkins, sureinv’s administrator (, who hopes to “break the 1000 client barrier before Christmas” and according to whom, thus far sureinv’s has only encountered “minor problems”. Besides the interview, the latest newsletter contains mostly Christmas wishes and reassurance that “sureinv is not using the upcoming holidays for excuses to not to pay you:

interest will be credited as usual each day from Monday until Friday and we will process withdrawal requests on the public holidays in our country as well, which are Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st”.

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ProBusinessHola mis amigos!

Last time we “spoke” I got scammed. Yes, there is no other word for it. Because what should one say when they try to inform the readers in a reliable manner all the basics regarding the new programs and the minute you publish your story, it turns out that the very program you just described is actually a scam?

Fortunately, I didn’t like the program from the get go, so I’m actually quite relieved that my intuition is intact. Yes, I’m all “glass half full” today, amigos. And yes, it’s because of the weather, as always. I’m telling you, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue not much can upset me. I’m that simple. So, let’s try to uncover this week’s scams and successes!


First of all, theoretically there are four new programs to enjoy – Secure Income, Sureinv, ProBusiness, Rise Capital – but the truth is that Rise Capital is already in trouble (NOT PAYING), so putting what I preach into practise, namely that one should learn from one’s mistakes, I won’t bore you with any details regarding Rise Capital, since it’s basically a(n) (un)done deal by now. It’s kind of ironic that Rise Capital stopped paying, because one of their “advantages” was that “All payouts are instant”. Got to love the irony, amigos!


When it comes to the rest of the newcomers, they all still have the WAITING status, but it seems normal since they are really new – giving them the benefit of the doubt is still in order. The Russian-themed ProBusiness has been with for a week now, and despite some really questionable English present on their website, one may conclude that ProBusiness is all about the HYIPs. According to the properly-secured, it is an “investment project (company) raising finances of private persons with the purpose of further increase of each investor’s capital”. Moreover, “with the amount equivalent to 1500 USD we propose you to enter into an agreement of online money investment in form of the offer acceptance”. There are also two types of investment packages available: “packages with 10 day payments” from 2.45 % per 10 days (valid for 30 calendar days) to 3.67 % per 10 days (valid for 720 calendar days) and “packages with payments in the end of the term” from 9 % for 30 calendar days to 300% for 720 calendar days. There is also a bonus for those whose birthday overlap with the investment period: “1% of the amount on your account for each your birthday”. The payments may be done via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, WebMoney, bank wires, Ukrainian liqpay and many, many more. To add to this, you are allowed to withdraw your money earlier, however a 20% “penalty” will be taken from your account.


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