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exchange seizedThe e-currency world is still in the shock after unannounced seizure of Liberty Reserve domain and their server and after arresting the owner - Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk.

But this is not the only effect of the recent US goverment actions. They claim also that not only LibertyReserve is responsible for money laundering, but exchange services too. I'd like to remind that funding and withdrawals of LibertyReserve were only possible by means of exchange services. In US gov. opinion, this is the reason of their shared responsibility and Liberty Reserve's exchangers maitained direct financial relationships with LR. They were registered in such countries like Malaysia, Russia, Nigeria and Vietnam and they operated without a financial license. Their responsibility based on the fact that without exchangers there would not have been money for LR to launder and they help to keep a better anonymity for cyber criminals. They also work in conspiracy with LR.


Here is the list of blocked exchangers' domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But so far only .com domains were seized.

As the fight of U.S. government against cybercrime can be understood, it is overused the situation, when legal exchange services and their domains are seized.

On what grounds the U.S. government did claim that these services operate in the conspiracy with LR? Why did they also blocked domain which belongs to a legal and licensed EU company? Fortunately, Ecardone is working under a new domain:


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