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NeoMutual reviewHola mis amigos!

I don’t get to read as much as I’d want to. There you have it, my full confession. What may seem like a paradox to you, since all I do is write about the pages of programs I’ve visited, is actually 100% true.

You need to understand that most of the websites I peruse do not provide the reader with some fancy reading material; it’s mostly the same stuff over and over again: we are the best, we care, our team of professionals this and that, we’re not like the others who cheat, etc. You get my point, amigos?

Which is why I so rarely get excited about some program’s blog or Facebook page or Twitter account, because – more often than not – they only just repeat the same slogans they used on their website. As you may have guessed, today’s protagonist is quite unusual. In a good way.


NEO Mutual is a company that, according to the website (domain created on January 18, 2013 and expires within 3 years), is “incorporated in the Republic of Panama” (the official address: Revolution Tower Calle 50 Panama City Republic of Panama). Not only do I like the name considering my almost-life-long Matrix obsession, but – as you may have already deduced – I genuinely enjoyed browsing through their well-prepared and designed website. The reason is quite simple: it’s a page that you can actually read. Filled with plenty of information on what they do, how they do it and what NEO Mutual is all about, but in a way that’s not overwhelming.

The content is truly informative without being dry as dust. I’d think that the copywriter responsible for the page content should give her/himself a pat on the back. The only thing that may be missing is some personal info about the creators, who seem to be on the “protect your identity” side of the forever-ongoing online privacy discussion. The user-friendly script provided by Shadow Script and the clean and clean-cut design make for a nice online experience (although I must admit that the homepage photo of “corporate looking” stern people started to make me feel uneasy after a while... But, I suppose, that’s something for my therapist to consider). How do I know who developed the script, you ask? Funny thing, you see, they simply added a neat little package of information called “Technicalities” from which you may also find out that the hosting is taken care of by BlockDDoS and that NEO Mutual implemented some SSL security (PositiveSSL certificate by Comodo valid from 4/6/2013 to 4/7/2015).

As far as the registration process is concerned, I should warn you that somehow it may seem daunting at first glance, it’s actually pretty standard. They do require, however, you full name and birth date. Obviously, there is only one account “per individual or corporation” and the “account creation” is being monitored.


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Hola mis amigos!

What a beautiful and sunny day to be alive! I hope you’re already tan and well rested so that you can appreciate what’s coming for you today. As usually, we aim to please and, despite what some pessimists may call a bore of a week, we have managed to add four new programs for you to consider.

What’s more, expect some true in-depth analysis in the days to come, as we’ll review some of the newcomers in a close-up.

And, in case you still feel like life just isn’t exciting anymore, remember what I’m always saying: no news is good news in this business. Keep up the good work, the universe!



Since I’m a fan of alliteration, I’ll start with Fast-Funds, a program with a domain created just recently, on June 27, which should work at least two years. The page is secured with PositiveSSL Comodo certificate issued on June 28, 2013 which expires within a year. As of now, the program’s got the paying status on money-monitor. To keep up with the alliteration trend, Fast-Funds is all about the Forex business and offers four investment plans, each starting at $10 (non-returnable principal): you can get 25% daily for 5 days, (115% total return), 130% after 5 days (120% total return), 170% after 10 days (150% total return), or 280% after 20 days (240% total return). The interest accumulation depends on the plan and can be acquired: “Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and is credited to your available balance at the end of each day”. The maximum spend is $20,000, payouts shouldn’t take longer than 12 hours, which isn’t that long considering they’re being handled manually, and you can use STP, EgoPay or Perfect Money.

Since I always feel like traveling, let’s now go to Australia, at least figuratively. Australian Business Group is “a private investment club” that “examines the current exchange rates, gold, stock and foreign exchanges and then at the right time enter the market and gin as much as possible”, which actually means that ABG has “mainly [...] been playing at the Forex market”. With one of the most complicated websites ever, Australian Business Group provides one with quite the reading material. The domain was created last year, on December 22, and expires on December 22, 2013.

Unfortunately, there’s no security certificate to further my usual investigation. What I do know is that for the time being ABG has the paying status on our page. Also, thanks to the plethora of information on the website, you can view three different certificates, read about the Forex market and get to know the investment plans ABG offers. There are five plans: Start, Light, Trust, Gold Forbes, Stability. The profits range from 1% to 3% and you can start with just $1 and go as high as $15,000. Plans last from 15 to 90 days. With the exception of ABG Stability, you earn your profit on working days only. The most expensive plan, Stability, pays 7 days a week and it is also the only option with a non-returnable principal. Withdrawals start at $0.01 and are processed manually within 48 hours, except weekends and public holidays, and ABG accepts bitcoin, STP, EgoPay and PM.

The third contender, NEO Mutual, has set the bar quite high with investments starting at $20. According to the website, NEO Mutual is “incorporated in the Republic of Panama”, and deals with the hottest thing right now, namely the crowdfunding. The domain was created on January 18, 2013 and expires within 3 years, and the website is secured with PositiveSSL Comodo certificate from June 6, 2013 which expires on July 4, 2015. To fund your NEO Mutual wallet you need an account on one of the following: bitcoin, STP, EgoPay, PM, PexPay. If you’re looking for the investment options, it’s under Features, Compensation Sheet: there is Junior, Senior and Executive (by invitation only) option and you can earn 1.4%, 1.6% or 1.9% a day accordingly. The “compensation” lasts 200 business days and earn 280%, 320% or 380% of “total compensation”. Payouts take up to 48 hours, there is no compounding and the principal is not returned upon maturity.


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