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We will be debt swapping the entire system at the end of today (server

Please read this forum thread:

1) Help us do last minute bug checking, and earn $1 per issue you find.

2) All the value in your accounts, including balances, active investments
etc; will be converted to shares. The swap price will be between 26-27cents.
And this will be rounded up. So if you have $0.271 in your account balance,
you'll get 2 shares, not 1.

3) After the swap, we'll be introducing our new plans. Which are basically
one big first in, first out system. Where every investment joins our fast
track queue; there are no daily payments; you just get your full 186/250%
return as soon as you reach the top of the queue. (And our portfolio is
obviously contributing all its revenues towards paying the users at the top
of the queue)

So investing first, after the debt swap, is going to get you paid in a

4) After the swap, the Experimental Fund will re-open. 
But it will only accept $500-$1000 in total investment. And we will be
ramping up the risk factor to a 50%-100% hedge per day. So it's going to see
enourmous results; but the wipeouts will flush out most of the system every
time... As I think that's going to be the best way to run that plan.
Complete risk, for complete returns. And the more it turns over; the more
the MTV portfolio makes in commissions... But we'll keep the capital numbers
small, to ensure they get re-invested & there is continuation even in the
event of multiple loss days; to ensure the refund system gets chance to

5) If your account has $0 value in it, it will get deleted with the debt
swap tonight, as we purge all dormant accounts... So if your account
disappears overnight, and you can't login. Just signup again. But if you
have any money in it, you'll be fine.


So this is it!
The beginning of 2014 for My Traffic Value, and a completely fresh start /
clean slate to finally push this business to that critical mass we've been
pursuing the last 2-3years... We've got a huge starting portfolio, liquidity
is fixed, and the PaidVerts spec is virtually complete. So we'll begin
construction of that right away.

Fingers crossed for a huge year.


Newsletter: MyTrafficValue debt swap details, AdClickExpress pending withdrawals RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Another week has passed and with that our general wisdom has noticeably increased. Right? That would be lovely, but we all know that nobody notices the passage of time. Much less any wisdom intake, let's not kid ourselves.

But we do get to do things, for instance review 3pamm and WealthGroups. Have you read our reviews of the recently added programs? If not, be sure to check them out! And now, let's get it on, as Marvin Gaye would say...



In the latest newsletter, My Traffic Value announced that a "debt swap" which is going to affect the entire system and "will occur in the next few days". According to My Traffic Value, this move should provide the system with "a completely fresh start": the new MTV will be simpler and the plans will change a bit. To add to this, the program should seem completely new: " it will literally appear like we're launching from day one all over again". Except for the following changes: there will be new limits on investments and commission.

Members can now invest $1-$5 per day and per user with the 186% plan and the affiliate program will be one-level from now on. However, MTV will pay commission "on any gameplay you refer". Also, the investments will be handled in a simpler manner as they "will join MTV's simplified fast track queue". Another result of the debt swap will be the removal of all "inactive and zero value accounts". When it comes to the active users, your wallets will be "converted to shares", fully repaid, and "the estimated swap value will be $0.25-$0.27 per share".



UInvest brags about Artwork's "Badminton Sport and Spa Club is a Thailand indoor gym designed for badminton activities", its this week's first project. Also, there was a UIcloud Webinar Meeting held in Arabic on 21 January 2014. According to the newsletter, there are going to be more seminars in different languages. What's more, UInvest announced the top 6 funds launched in 2014: Moneybookers, Murg, Demjjid, Salaar, Taiiab, and the aforementioned Artwork.



In the second newsletter, Indigo Hill Investment Inc. reminded that BitCoin and LiteCoin deposits are acceptable, along with most of e-payment processors, e.g. Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPay, Payeer, Western Union, Money Gram, and bank wire. Also, soon the website will be improved and should be "more convenient to use".



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