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make-millionHola mis amigos!

As we all know, even when it comes to politics certain views and notions may be considered “cool” while others will forever remain in the “lame” category. If one thing’s obvious these days, it’s that being eco-unfriendly may bring some serious damage to your company, your image or even your own fur (no pun intended!).

I have no idea when it happened exactly, but it did and it’s now really cool, or even obvious which is that more surprising, to be pro-eco, eco-friendly, organic, bio or whatever the correct term is today. If you are one of the green people (don’t worry, I’m not insulting you with some alien-analogy), then’s website is right up your alley.

First of all, it’s the most green page I’ve ever seen, I think. The main message seems to be that money grow – not on trees, though, but actullly in the grass. First of all, may I ask where one byus such a lawn? Secondly, despite the fact that make-million’s website is rather basic, the colors and the dollars that keep looking at me give it a nice touch. What’s more, while I don’t see how a website can truly be eco-friendly, this one definitely is user-friendly, because finding anything is rather an easy task. To add to this, the page is sufficiently secured with RapidSSL certificate issued on January 12, 2013 by GeoTrust Inc. The easy-to-remember domain was registered last year, on the 6th of August, and expires within two years of that date. It’s unknown what took Make-Million almost half a year to actually launch the program, but – as it is – it has been running little over 40 days. However, when one looks at the chronology of Make-Million, it starts to seem somewhat logical. The company, which deals with gold and stock markets investments, was actually founded on the 20th of October last year.

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Mutual WealthHola mis amigos!

Have you ever noticed that January is the busiest month ever? It’s as if everybody is trying to prove to oneself that this year will be different.

Naturally, that’s never the case, we stay who we are, but let’s not get depressive. Anyway, as I was saying, January is busy and there seems to be an ocean of new players coming out to have some fun in the online world. Don’t believe me? Here we go!



Although the youngest on money-monitor’s list, out of the three programs it is Mutual Wealth that’s the oldest with the domain registered in 2008 (according to, the domain expires by 2014-11-05). However, according to their “About Us” section “MWF Financial Limited was founded in 2009”.

Registered in Cyprus (Strovolos Center, 2nd Floor, Office 204, 2042, Nicosia) with its “corporate headquarters” in Hong Kong and a “secondary office in New York”, Mutual Wealth is one of those rare companies that try to be transparent – you can find its “corporate structure” online ( The website is well-developed, secured (Comodo SSL Certificate) and filled with reading materials, so if you are one of those who always want to know more, feel free to check it out. For those readers who enjoy the “give me the gist of it” kind of texts, here’s what you need to know about Mutual Wealth:

investments start at $100 (it’s possible to withdraw the principal), you can earn 1%-5% per week, there are three major option to choose from (Easy Saver, Active Trader and Growth and Income), the investment periods vary between one month and two years, and the compounding is available (you can reinvest 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%). Withdrawals are almost instant since the whole system is automatic. Upon setting up an account, you need to give MW some pretty detailed information that has to be correct since they are “required to have accurate personal details of account holders on file”. Another important things is that MW accepts Liberty Reserve and bank wires only.

Next in line, when it comes to age, is Make-Million with a domain created in August 2008 (and which expires this year, in August) and a recently bought Rapid SSL certificate provided by GeoTrust, Inc.


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