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KlidesHola mis amigos!

Welcome back to the real life! No more daydreaming of sandy beaches and barely-clad representatives of the opposite sex (yes, I’m trying to be politically correct, amigos).

It’s school time and no matter how old – or young, if you prefer to still think of yourself that way – you are, there is that sense of finality in the air and you know it.

Call it years of indoctrination or, more or less voluntary, slavery, but somehow our whole systems feel that once August is over, it’s serious. Now, I definitely didn’t expect this, but the world of online money making does not seem to follow this unwritten rule. When it comes to reporting news, never did I experience a week as uneventful as the last one. Did all the programs’ owners never go to school or something? Don’t they know that September should mean big changes? Never mind, actually, maybe it’s the way it’s supposed to be. After all, let’s all remember: no news is good news.

In order to breathe some life into the stagnated world of money making – but only only because of that, don’t you worry – we added two new programs to our list and they’re called The Klides and Mini-Invest.



Although domain is only 52 days old, the company itself claims that it has been around for some time now. In fact, one can find the following information at the very bottom of the page: “2007-2012 The Klides Ltd. All rights reserved”. According to the “About the Klides” section, the Klides investing company is composed of “a team of financial managers which in late 2009 successfully created and developed from scratch their own platform to manage assets and integrated it into the Internet environment”. In other words, by the means of their own “technology” named Cross.skim Trading®, The Klides “performs automatic monitoring of all orders and deals on basis of which it further releases an analytical report which in turn serves as a base to the automatic placement of orders to buy/sell stocks and other stock instruments”. In plain English? The Klides basically deals with gold-mining, oil, electrical power engineering, financial sector and telecommunication companies securities. The thing that may somehow set this program apart from all the rest of such speculators would be that The Klides “invest 85% of assets in those securities which are maximum crises and volatile trends resistant”.

Despite the fact that The Klides is claiming to be planning ahead, for example to “start publicly keeping the books and publish reports” by 2015 and some further expansion “by early 2016”, not much can be found on the founders of the company/program. Yes, the domain name expires on the 11th of July 2017, which is so far ahead in the future that I can’t even see it clearly, but apart from some basic information not much can be said about the whereabouts of The Klides.The IP number search, depending on a search tool, gives you either the Czech Republic or Russia, and the basic whois search leaves you with the following location: “1536 Leomon st, Evergaldes FL 36058” (


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