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JM Fund interviewDear readers!

Today, I'd like to share with you a recent interview I had with JM FUND:

Money-Monitor:  First of all, let’s talk about your background: is your education or professional experience what inspired you to take interest in this particular line of business?

JM FUND: Yes. First, let me introduce myself, my name is Jerry, my colleagues are Michael and Matthew. We’d been graduated from Technical University in Netherlands since 2007. During the time at university, we prefered trading computers, hardware components more than programming. I’m come from Asia, Michael and Matthew are come from Africa. Our first project was website design for one governor, then from that contact we had moved on to many more such as Lands system, road construction, construct government house, provide computer equipments for local and state offices…

What inspired us to involve in this line of business is because we want to do more projects and we see the great potential of getting fund by online investors. We also saw that not all are honest; they came and run away with money. So we not only want to get funding for our current projects but also want to build a trustful place where people can invest, a place that they can be free of worry and enjoy a life that God has given to them.


Money-Monitor:  According to, you have been around for 5 years. Why did you decide on creating a website just now?

JM FUND: Our first company was called JM TECH World. You can check to know when we started. (The website hasn’t been working for sometime, but it will in near future).

We have been getting money from offline investors since 2010 to fund our own projects. We offered them capital return after 6 months. Offline investors are limited because of connection we have. Normally, we present our ideas to friends and let them see how much profit it can bring back. So now, we need to increase the capital therefore we go online…


Money-Monitor:  What is your impression of your first month online? Was there anything that came as a surprise to you?

JM FUND: Not easy to convince investors, need big amount of money for Ads. Blackmails are our first surprises.


Money-Monitor:  Despite being new to the online world, you already took care of the security of the page. You hold the COMODO SLL Certificate and, according to your website, you are protected against DDoS attacks. Do you feel like that’s enough or are you planning on adding some more security-oriented features?

JM FUND: At this moment, we use shared hosting at KoDDos, but our server is already online therefore we are moving now. To protect our investors’ data, we use auto daily backup from the third party provider. The shared hosting can be good for some time, but it won’t meet our need. We are here to make a difference, so we must act ahead of time.


Money-Monitor:  You’ve taken care of the security, but one may think that the graphic portion of JM FUND’s website is rather basic. Is the way the site is designed final or do you think of it as a work in progress?

JM FUND: Well, the current website is just a beta and for testing purpose only. Better things are coming very soon.


Money-Monitor:  Judging by the images on the website and the fact that you invoke the name of the Lord in the “About Us” section, it may seem that JM FUND’s target are family-oriented Christians. Is that how you see the JM Fund’s clientele?

JM FUND: Yes, we won’t use the name of the Lord, if we don’t know what we are doing. We are here to prove that good things do exits.


Money-Monitor:  Both Facebook and twitter icons are implemented into JM FUND’s website, however, as of now, neither of them redirects to your fan page or your profile. When will we be able to find JM Fund on social media platforms?

JM FUND: Facebook and Twitter will be available when our new website is finished.


Money-Monitor:  Some companies treat their Facebook pages as just another way of reaching out to their clients in terms of support, others decide on a more commercial approach. On what kind of Facebook policy are you planning? What can we expect: day-to-day updates, opinion polls, contests?

JM FUND: Facebook will be our second news page where people will get the latest update from our site; moreover they can post their comments and share how their life has been changed... Update will be weekly.


Money-Monitor:  JM FUND’s support system works 24/7, withdrawals are processed Monday to Saturday, the members can earn the profit on business days only. Why did you make such distinctions?

JM FUND: We don’t offer something that unrealistic. People only get their salary from MON-FRI, so SAT-SUN payment is not profitable in the long run for our company and investors.


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