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IntraFunds Review

Hola mis amigos!

Imagine you came by a page that says that its creators “specialize in helping people improve their lives”. What would be your first thought? Mine was something like, “oh, an interesting charity program” and “are they some kind of volunteer personal coaches”?

Provided that you read this review on, it won’t shock you that it’s in fact a text I read on a HYIP program’s site, namely Intra Funds. I will never understand the need the HYIP creators have to prove everybody that it’s all about helping other people and being an altruist. I mean, do stock brokers or investment bankers make such claims? I don’t know any of them personally, but I’ve seen American Psycho and I don’t think charity played an important part in that movie. Neither believing that “if you help as many people as you can get what they want, you will get what you want” did. But maybe I remember the movie wrong, what do I know...

Besides the lofty aspirations, Intra Fund is a rather original HYIP. That’s mostly due to the fact that for once one can add an actual name to a program and the name is Jacob Uvarov. Not much can be found on the owner of Intra Fund, but perhaps it’s a good thing – not being into the whole social media movement makes him even more original these days.

Intra Fund is a well-prepared program with a decent website and an worthwhile affiliate program. Let’s start with the referrals since it’s usually the most dull part of any online investment program, so you’re in for a (money) treat. Intra Funds gives “up to a 8% commission” for those who “[o]ffer our products on your websites and/or newsletters”. You don’t need to do much, they “supply all the tools you need as an Intra Funds Affiliate and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, product shipments, billing, and your compensation”. According to Intra Funds, “[a]ll you have to do is talk to your customers and make money”. Naturally, there is a little catch, in order to get that 8% you have to refer “28 and more” active members. One to nine members “cost” 5%, ten to eighteen 6%, nineteen to twenty-seven 7%. The good thing is that you can “[t]ake advantage of our long cookie duration” and “[i]f a customer comes from your referral link, and then comes back to purchase four months later, you still get the credit”.


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