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ProBusinessHola mis amigos!

Last time we “spoke” I got scammed. Yes, there is no other word for it. Because what should one say when they try to inform the readers in a reliable manner all the basics regarding the new programs and the minute you publish your story, it turns out that the very program you just described is actually a scam?

Fortunately, I didn’t like the program from the get go, so I’m actually quite relieved that my intuition is intact. Yes, I’m all “glass half full” today, amigos. And yes, it’s because of the weather, as always. I’m telling you, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue not much can upset me. I’m that simple. So, let’s try to uncover this week’s scams and successes!


First of all, theoretically there are four new programs to enjoy – Secure Income, Sureinv, ProBusiness, Rise Capital – but the truth is that Rise Capital is already in trouble (NOT PAYING), so putting what I preach into practise, namely that one should learn from one’s mistakes, I won’t bore you with any details regarding Rise Capital, since it’s basically a(n) (un)done deal by now. It’s kind of ironic that Rise Capital stopped paying, because one of their “advantages” was that “All payouts are instant”. Got to love the irony, amigos!


When it comes to the rest of the newcomers, they all still have the WAITING status, but it seems normal since they are really new – giving them the benefit of the doubt is still in order. The Russian-themed ProBusiness has been with for a week now, and despite some really questionable English present on their website, one may conclude that ProBusiness is all about the HYIPs. According to the properly-secured, it is an “investment project (company) raising finances of private persons with the purpose of further increase of each investor’s capital”. Moreover, “with the amount equivalent to 1500 USD we propose you to enter into an agreement of online money investment in form of the offer acceptance”. There are also two types of investment packages available: “packages with 10 day payments” from 2.45 % per 10 days (valid for 30 calendar days) to 3.67 % per 10 days (valid for 720 calendar days) and “packages with payments in the end of the term” from 9 % for 30 calendar days to 300% for 720 calendar days. There is also a bonus for those whose birthday overlap with the investment period: “1% of the amount on your account for each your birthday”. The payments may be done via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, WebMoney, bank wires, Ukrainian liqpay and many, many more. To add to this, you are allowed to withdraw your money earlier, however a 20% “penalty” will be taken from your account.

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ProForexUnionHola mis amigos!

Are they already playing “Last Christmas” in your countries, amigos? Is it me or do Christmas decorations appear earlier and earlier every year? It may seem that Santa is just around the corner waiting with an overloading bag of presents, when in fact its weeks before anything good and jolly enters our lives.

Let’s be honest: November sucks and there is no way I can sugarcoat it so that you start believing otherwise.

Still, as a pre-Christmas bonus, if you will, we added three programs to our list last week. Maybe this will cheer you up a bit?



We’ve seen Plans, we’ve seen Options, but Professional Forex Union has introduced a new word to our dictionaries and that is a Tariff. Pro Forex Union offers four different Tariffs: Client, Accumulative, Profitable and Assurance. If you want to begin your Pro Forex Union adventure, you are going to need at least $10 and 20 to 60 days. Compounding is available regardless of the plan – oops, I meant Tariff! – and the principal is returnable. Signing up is easy and as straightforward as the program’s name, which gives you the basic idea of what they do immediately. Pro Forex Union apparently tries to be as “pro” as possible, providing their users with as many as six options of funding their accounts: Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, bank wires and OKPay. The domain was created almost a year ago and expires within 5 years and the security of the website seems to be doing its job.

Another recently added program is FRMOEG, but it’s hard to evaluate its services right now since, its website, is out of service for the time being... From what we managed to gather so far, though, the minimum to invest with FRMOEG (one of the most ridiculous names ever, I must say) is $20, which is non-returnable so be sure you know what you’re doing. The profit you may earn sounds tempting, nevertheless: 5% a day or 20% a week with possible compounding. The payouts shouldn’t take more than the usual 24 hours, and it’s all done manually. I hope that they will also manually take care of their website – and what I mean by that is “make it work, people!”.

Update: FRMOEG turned to scam! 

Guaranteed Profit – great name, right? – is the last new program that I’d like to introduce to you, amigos. With a serious-looking and user-friendly, though slightly hard to read due to the color choices, website GP –

“an investment program owned by Guaranteed Profit company, which offers investment opportunities to a wide range of investors”


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