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Hello all HYIP investors,

It has come to my attention that there is a growing controversy surrounding the popular program Profitclicking which recently bought out JustBeenPaid, another popular online earning opportunity. The controversy is centered around the management of ProfitClicking. As you may know, JustBeenPaid used to be run by a man known as "Frederick Mann" who the ProfitClicking administration now says retired just before JustBeenPaid was bought out by Profitclicking.

Some believe that JustBeenPaid, however, was instead operated by a group of highly skilled scammers, running under the pseudonym of "Frederick Mann."

In any case, the critics claim, the new management of ProfitClicking surely makes it a scam. A man named "HJ Dockstader" now works for the marketing team of Profitclicking. HJ Dockstader has an interesting history in the industry of online earning programs; indeed, he ran "Elite Activity" an online-based pyramid scheme eventually shut down by the US government. While it should be noted that the HJ Dockstader is still considered by some to be "truthful" as he did disclose that all members were paid from the investments of new members from the beginning of his "Elite Activity" program, such a program is against the law in the US. Because of this, HJ Dockstader was sentenced to 2 years of prison.

The critics of Profitclicking, most noteably the hyip-pulse blog, claim that HJ Dockstader is secretly behind all of Profitclicking and perhaps JustBeenPaid as well. They believe that it is highly unlikely that JustBeenPaid's previous admin would retire precisely when ProfitClicking buys out the company, and that Profitclicking would just "happen" to hire a previous "scammer" as an important marketing figure.

JustBeenPaid to ProfitClicking Transformation RSS - comments

ProfitClicking JustBeenPaidAll the buzz surrounding JustBeenPaid for a couple of months finally proved to be well-founded: JustBeenPaid has been acquired by ProfitClicking.

According to (a domain registered on 03/14/2012), the company was founded in 2004 in order to “provide rewarding programs that are effective for everyone, regardless of experience or financial situation". Sounds familiar? How about this: ProfitClicking's mission is to “[provide] a solution for the other 98%”, while JustBeenPaid's mission used to be “t]o provide the means for the '98%' (who typically struggle to earn money online)”. No wonder those “in the know" debate whether ProfitClicking and JustBeenPaid aren't just the same thing wrapped in a new shiny paper.

Especially since a simple whois search provides one with the following revelation: and are both registered to “Bigbooster Ltd”, the same company that was responsible for JustBeenPaid, and the contact information gives you one name: Frederick Mann. Some may find it bizarre since the ProfitClicking welcome message states that he has retired. Nevertheless, reportedly JBP “evolution" means that there will be “a brand new traffic exchange system, a pay per click marketing network and [...] contact management and marketing system”. As stated in the introductory announcement, the JBP accounts “are waiting to make the migration” along with the current “downline, [...] marketing links, [and] packages”. What do you think about this revolution?


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