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I sincerely hope that you’re as happy with this lovely time of year as I am, going for long walks and enjoying the sun. I even hope that you don’t have the time to read the newsletter, amigos, or that you are just skimming the text to get the gist and go out again.

Let’s get down to the point, then, shall we?



Investsuccess, a company that – according to its website – is located in the United Kingdom and is a “registered trademark of Success Investments Limited, Global House, 299-303 Ballards Lane, London, N12 8NP” deal with the Forex market. The Certificate of Incorporation that has been made available online records the company’s 10 year existence. The domain, however, was created in February 2013 and expires on February 2, 2015. The website was soon after secured with a one-year RapidSSL certificate issued by GeoTrust.

There are seven plans to choose from: starting with 105% after 1 day up to 12000% after 60 days. The principal, at least $10, is returnable, but the compounding option is not available. There is no minimum “payable” amount since it depends on the payment processor that you have chosen. Transactions are handled manually and the time frame for payouts is 24 hours. For those interested in affiliate programs, “the affiliate fee rate is set at 5%”. Investsuccess accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

EuroStar (reviewed here), another new addition, is “a private investment group operating in the world securities and financial markets”. According to its “Questions” section, the company was founded in 2006, first “as a small investment group” that was operating “only in the UK stock market” and that has “gradually” expanded to “all major financial markets of the world”. Since that’s not very specific, we can guess that these markets include: the US, Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, UAE, Indonesia, Algeria, India, Japan, Philippines, Hungary, Malaysia, Germany. Or at least that’s what one can deduce judging by the well-organized “Representatives” portion of the website. Speaking of the website, EuroStar managed to create a pleasant design, combine it with some well-written and informative content and secure the page with EssentialSSL certificate issued by Comodo. However, what’s rather unusual, the certificate has been issued for three months only (from 26 April to 26 July, 2013). The short-term thing is kind of true for the domain as well since it expires on February 23, 2014. Luckily, the BlackDos hosting is in place which may make one feel a little bit better. As I mentioned before, the page is one of those that you’re actually happy to peruse. What I find a little disconcerting is – you might have guessed it by now – all the European Union visual references, especially since the company is reportedly global-oriented. Still, as promised, no actual politics will take place here, amigos.

What does EuroStar actually do? To paraphrase the home page slogans, “makes you financially independent” and gives one “a unique chance to climb the financial freedom ladder”. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like anything, but let’s not get discouraged, it’s honestly all in the “Questions” section: “your money is being traded on Forex & commodities markets”. Provided that the company has been online less than two months, the number of representatives all around the globe seems impressive. Perhaps that is because the affiliates not only get an “increased affiliate rate” (the regular commission is 4% for level one and 2% for level two), but also certain bonuses. However, that’s all I could find regarding the representatives program, so if you speak English and enjoy helping others and you want to become one you should use EuroStar’s support system to get all the details. It shouldn’t be a problem since EuroStar implemented a truly cute online chat in the form of speech balloon that, according to the support team, “is available most of the time”, as well as a ticket system. Bear in mind, though, that in order to get the position of a EuroStar representative you need to fill in an application, contact the customer service “to inquire about open positions” and wait for a decision.


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