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EpicRoyalFundTo begin with, let me just say that I have nothing against cliques, closed groups and invitation-only parties. Truly. I actually enjoy them whether I am a part of them or not, I swear. I’m all for separating yourselves from other people – as you may guess I’m not a party animal anyway and I’m not much of a people person either.

Besides, I believe that we all live in different groups whether we want to or not, whether we believe that everybody is great and perfect and pink unicorns are an intrinsic part of our lives or we avoid any human contact because it may be contagious. Let’s face it: each of us belongs to some groups and none of us belongs to all of them. That’s just a social fact, amigos, don’t get all upset with me. What I don’t get, however, is creating an online money making service and separating it into two different parts: “Private Website” (you need a "sponsor/guarantor" to enter this one) and “Members Sign-In” (you need to enter “a VALID and REGISTERED email address” here). It’s not that I don’t enjoy the idea, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that its follow-up is, how should I put this without being rude, flawed. Or faulty. Whichever you prefer, EpicRoyal.

When you create two different version of a website there are a couple of things you should consider first. For starters, make sure that the sections do not exclude each other out or are not repetitive. Believe it or not, to enter either of those sub-websites, you need to be “invited”. Moreover, you can access the “Members Sign-In” section from the “Private Website” section, so why bother? To add to this, none of the sub-websites work correctly, that is in a timely manner. It takes up to three minutes (!) to enter either of the pages, which is far too long in today’s world. A movie can be loaded quicker, amigos. What’s more, I don’t care how pretty a website is, it cannot take me 10 minutes to scan through all its sections. Not to mention the fact that it takes a whole lot more to load the implemented PDF documents and you’ll be lucky if you can do it on the first take since the page crashed 4 times before I managed to upload the document. I truly try to be objective, amigos, but someone is just trying to irritate me, I guess.

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EpicRoyalHola mis amigos!

How are you spending your last days on Earth? Have you checked everything out of your bucket list? Have you spent all your money on all your credit cards since you won't be needing them anymore anyhow?

Have you watched Glitter with Mariah Carey to prepare yourselves for what the end of the world feels like?

Let's be honest – surely not. Since you're reading this very newsletter you're probably wasting your last days on desperately trying to earn money. Congratulations, amigos. You're officially not crazy. And chances are that you will be here long enough – at least until January 2013 – to read about the best services of 2012 according to money-monitor.com. Categories include: investment programs, payment processors, exchangers, forums and blogs. All we need to do know is hope that the Mayas were just really high on drugs. Or practical jokers. Preferably both.



Since they are pretty similar, let's consider the three newest addition to our list chronologically. Constant Capital's domain, constantlypaid.com, was created on June 29, 2012 and expires within 3 years. There isn't much to write about the website itself, it's actually rather generic and may be put into the "will do" category. When it comes to the creators, according to the well-prepared FAQ section "Constant Capital Ltd. is legal and fully registered private investment and financial company in the United Kingdom. Company Number: 06817442".

One may wonder, however, how a UK-based person could have written the following jewel of dyslexia, "to check our company registration certificate, please KLIK HERE". But maybe that's a kind of an inner joke that we're simply not familiar with? The investment plans (Silver, Platinum and Gold) are straightforward: 3-5% daily profits for 30 calendar days with returnable principal. You may start with $10 and go as high as $4999. You may also request your money back before the end of the term, but bear in mind that by doing so "you are reducing funding by 25% as a fee". Constant Capital accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay, the minimum to withdraw is set at $0.01 and it takes up to 24 hours. Opening an account is fairly easy and you can open as many of them as you want if you provide different e-mail accounts. CC's support system is well done: there is an online chat, a ticket system and four different e-mail addresses to contact them (Investors Support: support@constantlypaid.com, Affiliate Program: affiliates@constantlypaid.com, Accout issues: accounts@constantlypaid.com, Spam Abuse: abuse@constantlypaid.com), as well as the actual address

(Head Office: 266-268 WICKHAM ROAD, SHIRLEY, CROYDON - SURREY, UK and Sub Office: 87 The Crescent, West Wickham, Bromley, UK).

What should be mentioned is that so far Constant Capital is the only program out of the three newbies to have a PAYING status.


Although EpicRoyal sounds like a casino name or a Ocean's Eleven spin-off, it's actually "an offshore private wealth/retirement club formed in 2010 by merger of Ericson Private Investment Club (est. 2006) and Royal Caribbean Investment Group (est. 2008)". What is really means is that EpicRoyal is a company registered in Panama with its headquarters in Stockholm, or at least that's what a whois search leaves us with (to be precise:

EPIC 688577 Panama S.A., Jeffrey Ericson, Engelbrektsgatan 23, Stockholm).

It should be pointed out that EpicRoyal is one of those unfortunately rare programs about which such a piece of information can still be found. The domain, epicroyal.com, was created on September 19, 2012 and expires within 3 years. As mentioned in their "About Us" message, EpicRoyal used to be a "closed" and "inclusive" club for "investors mainly from Northern and Western Europe". In a way, it seems that they cannot leave that image behind – epicroyal.com is divided into separate "Private Website" and "Members Sign-In" sections, and you need a "sponsor/guarantor" to enter the "Private" one. Elitist much? What's even more annoying is the waiting since epicroyal.com will not be added to the "fastest website" category anytime soon. One may even say that the only really simple part of epicroyal.com are the plans: 8-130% rate of interest for 7-60 calendar days. And the fact that the principal is returned upon maturity. OK, maybe instant withdrawals and accepting all the major payment processors, namely Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay as well as bank wires can also fall into the "easy" group. In case you need some more information, you should contact Jeffrey Ericson (+46 812 410 505). Those who have already registered may also use the ticket system. However, becoming one is definitely not a piece of cake: maybe it's just my rotten luck again, but the page crashed five times when I was trying to register. Hope you'll be more lucky, amigos.


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