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Hola mis amigos!

 I’m going to start with a semi-philosophical question today: when faced with a choice between new and old, which do you choose more often? I know, I know, it sounds simple and the problem may seem made up at first, but just think about it. Old or new? New or old?

I’m almost sure that after giving it some thought most of you will avoid the question altogether with the “it depends” answer, which gives me even more ammunition and, what’s even more important, some serious validation. Why, you ask? Because you’ve just confirmed that it’s almost a philosophical question, thank you very much.

By now you’ve probably started wondering what this issue has to do with money making programs. Everything, amigos. Does “age” matter when you choose a program? Does the period of time for which a domain, certificate, etc. remain valid matter? Does “older” mean reliable? Does “new” mean more innovative? Think about it as we take a closer look at today’s youngster, EliteBank.

First of all, it seems that EliteBank is as invested in the time issue as I appear to be. EliteBank’s domain was created on February 8, 2013 and EB clearly emphasizes its longevity with the following piece of information: “Domain registration for 3 years”, which can be found on the home page. Clearly, time is important here, amigos. While the creation date could make EB a youngster, or even a toddler,

EliteBank’s team does not really seem to fall into that category since, according to the website, they have “more than 10 years of banking experience”. However, unfortunately no paperwork has been published online, which is always a pity since – let’s be honest – we really appreciate such gestures. Luckily, one can easily find EliteBank’s official address: Calle 9 San José, Costa Rica, thus – according to Terms of service – “EliteBank is regulated according to the legislation of Costa Rica and fully licensed and authorized by all applicable bills and laws”.

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EurexTrade offline scamFor the very first time I have the utmost pleasure of being with you - metaphorically speaking, naturally - on the day of cuteness, pink, lovey-doveyness and basically everything that makes a sane person feel slightly nauseated. However, I am a strong believer in one rule: it's nice to celebrate, regardless of the occasion.

Thus, we truly have a plethora of news for those who need a break from all the overwhelming joy, and for those who are simply addicted to knowing stuff. Happy Valentine's Day, amigos! I mean, depending on your geographical status, I guess. Happy Post-Valentine's Day to all of those lucky ones, who can put this cuteness behind them.



If you thought that the abundance of new information was all we had to offer on this beautiful February day, you were deeply mistaken. Let's start with the "oldest" one, WhiteMoney, that has been on our list for more than 5 days and so far has the PAYING status. Despite having the most controversial name ever, WhiteMoney is actually somewhat straightforward: an investment company or "a private investment club" that calls itself a "bank established and uniting the talented financial professionals who have long been operating in best investment markets worldwide", which basically means that they "have been trading Forex for well over 7 years now and developed many Forex robots which they use for automatic trading".

The plans pay 2.2%-25% daily with the minimum investment set at $10. The page, although quite nice, does not give you a lot to work with and not much can be found there, so it's hard to tell you all the details, but they accept LR only and withdrawals should take up to 12 hours.

Another so far PAYING newbie is Malaysian Inc., a rather interesting program with "business lines in [...] core markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand". According to the website, Malaysian Inc. was registered in Malaysia in 2008 and the domain was registered on September 10, 2012. With a Comodo EssentialSSL Certificate bought on February 6, 2013 and a well-thought through website, it's easy and secure to get acquainted with Malaysian Inc.'s offer. To start with, the contact information is right out there, "Malaysia 81900 Kota Tinggi 93 Jalan Delima" and is followed by two e-mail addresses (support@malaysian-inc.com, malaysian.inc.com@gmail.com), well-implemented online chat and contact form.

If you're wondering why Malaysian Inc. hasn't been online before, the answer is in the exhaustive FAQ section: "our investment company exist for a small circle of customers for about 5 years old. Now we decided to enter the Internet, so that all people have the opportunity to use our services". There are 4 investment plans (Basic, Regular, Premium, Excellent) that last "15-30-60-120 business days" and the minimum investment is the "amount of 5 US Dollars". You can earn from 1.62%-2.95%, compounding is available every time and the principal is returnable. At the moment Malaysian Inc. accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and EgoPay.


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