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 Although it may sound crazy, amigos, it seems that online money making programs and websites are just as prone to being fashion victims as regular people.

Have you noticed that? The color schemes, the logos, the way the page is designed, the usage of tutorial videos: it’s usually all the same at the same time. It’s rather easy to decipher the online fashion code but what usually remains unfathomable is the reason why. Maybe, just like regular fashion, online fashion heavily relies on seasons?

For example, the colder it gets the more basic the design remains? Or, the other way round, the warmer it is outside, the more colorful and baroquesque the website becomes? I shall ponder this extremely important issue, but for now let's concentrate on today's protagonist, AD Solid.

First of all, the basics: is little over a month old, the domain was bought on December 2012 and expires within three years. Unfortunately, that's all the necessary information one may get since the data are secured by Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. and the "About Us" section is, well, underdeveloped at best.

To start with, it's rather hard to find it since one has to scroll waaay down to discover the "About the Project" part, a.k.a. About Us. Once there, a potential investor gets all the cliches at once:

"the project is created with two goals: the first goal is to enable advertisers to promote their products and services to a clearly defined audience - investors in the Internet. The second goal is to enable investors to participate in profitable medium-term programs and with their investments to help develop the site and increase its audience".

Is everything clear? I thought so. If you're still looking for some hard fact, you may find them -- again -- at the bottom of the page, under "Our Location": "at present our company is in the process of legal registration in the Republic of Panama. Address: Suite 1208-B, 12th Floor Tower, Torre de Las Americas, Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama. E-mail: Helpdesk: Tel.: 507.836.6031". Now, that's what I call information.


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