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Hola mis amigos!

It’s sunny, beautiful and the spring has entered my world. Thus, I don’t feel the urge to complain anymore and I can get straight to the point. Let’s welcome our newcomers, amigos!



The first of the programs introduced to our list last week, S&P Forex, is a hyip that supposedly “has been gaining really big profit on international FOREX Market”. Other than that, not many solid facts may be found regarding S&P Forex besides the creation date of the domain, that is March 23, 2013 and the fact that it expires within a year. Also, the page has been secured with Comodo’s PositiveSSL certificate valid from 4/5/2013 to 4/6/2014. What we read in the About Us portion, is that S&P Forex is “a private investment company found in February”.

When it comes to the plans, there are three options: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The principal is always returned and compounding is always available. The plans differ as far as the duration (30, 60, 90 business days) and the minimum and maximum spend ($10-$500, $500-$2000, $2000-$10000) are concerned. Also, you can gain 2.5%, 3% or 3.5% daily depending on the plan chosen. You can fund your wallet via EgoPay, LR, PM, STP, the minimum to withdraw is $0.1 and “funds are usually instantly payout”.

Another program, Freedom Trade Finance, is a company “in the business of building businesses”. With a domain created on April 6, 2013 (which is valid for a year), Freedom Trade Finance “offers [...] an opportunity to invest in Forex Market”. FTF’s website, while not that developed, is secured with GeoTrust DV SLL certificate issued on 4/6/2013 and valid until 4/9/2014. Freedom Trade Finance has three investment plans: Standard ($10-$1000), Premium ($1001-$5000) and VIP plan ($5001-$20000). None of the plans offers the principal back, but the compounding is possible every time.

The daily profit is set at 13.5%, 14.5% and 15.5% for 10 days. The profit is calculated from Monday to Friday only. FTF allows LR, PM, EgoPay, STP, and the minimal withdraw is set at $1 for EgoPay, $0.5 for STP and there are no fees for LR and PM withdrawals. Soon, Freedom Trade Finance will introduce OkPay and PexPay to the list of acceptable processors. According to the FAQ section, “funds are usually available within 24 hours, each day”.

One of the cutest website ever to grace our list,, belongs to AHL ADVISERS, “specialists in financial markets”, or “weather risk management” company which, reportedly, has been in business “for more than five years”. What is the weather risk management? According to, it consists of “forecasting weather impact and weather risk”, “modeling and managing energy use and production”, “scoring and mapping risk exposure”, “creating environmental safety measures”, and “discovering energy-efficient engineering solutions”.

As far as the technical details go, the domain was registered in 2005 and expires in 2014, but the Thawte DV SLL certificate was issued for 4 years on October 23, 2012. The minimum investment is set at an unusual $2.2 and the maximum is $58000. While extremely funny, the website is not as user-friendly and transparent as one would wish. However, the “Knowledge” section of the website is actually truly helpful and amusing. The “Seven Fundamental Rules” provide one with all the basic information. For instance, in order to become a member one must be at least 21 years old. Depending on the investment options you choose (from Fund A to Fund E, or Fund V, Fund VIP and Fund EX), you may gain more from 2.2% for 92 days to 15% for 8 days.


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