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Hola mis amigos!

Finally! It’s time to rest, relax and do nothing, amigos! We have waited and waited ever since Christmas and we have survived. I’d like to congratulate you and me for making it through the worst, gloomy and snowy days and nights when the final escape to the Caribbean doesn’t seem that silly. Let’s dive into the news, amigos, before we start our lovely time of overeating.



The only one with a WAITING status so far, Forex Invest was founded in 2006 and supposedly “provides provides everyone interested with a professional Forex asset management and enlarges the number of satisfied customers throughout the world“. The domain was created just recently, on March 20, and it expires within a year. Despite the young age, the page is secured with GlobalSign SLL Server Certificate issued on March 27 and valid until 10/13/2016. You can have only one account, but – to balance it, I guess – you may use STP, EgoPay, PM or LR to transfer money.

The minimum to invest is set rather high, at $20, and you can choose between three plans: EUR/USD 2-2.5% daily for 10 business days. GBP/USD 2.5-3% daily for 20 business days or AUD/USD 3-3.5% for 30 business days. All plans offer the compounding option and the principal is returnable. Fortunately, you don’t need much to withdraw as it starts at $0.1 and payouts take up to 24 hours but, according to the Q&A section, “[f]unds are usually available within 12 hours”.

nVesta is a little older, with the domain being created on February 11 this year (which expires within a year) and perhaps that is the reason that the website is so cool. This currently PAYING program invested in a GoldCoders licensed script, decent DDoS protection and GeoTrust DV SLL Certificate which is valid from 2/11/2013-2/14/2014. The website itself, although lacking certain information, is rather appealing and easy to navigate. When it comes to the money, you can fund your wallet using STP, PM, LR or EgoPay and the minimum to spend is $1.


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