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XgoldingHola mis amigos!

Ho, ho, ho, amigos! It’s my utmost pleasure to welcome you during this lovely, albeit snowless, Christmas season. Do you feel like you’re stuffed beyond your natural capacity? Do you feel like George Michael actually was a part of your Christmas dinner? Do you smell like a forest? If so, you can checked the Christmas off, you’re done. Ready for some money making?



There’s not much to write about xGolding – besides the fact that it seems as if all the good names have already been taken and now all we are left with are names that sound like they are stright from a whole lot of different line of business, ekhm – since it still holds the money-monitor’s WAITING status. What should be said, however, is that xGolding’s website definitely gives one a lot of reading material. Also, the page seems well-prepared and thoroughly organized, which makes making one’s mind up that much easier. xGolding is “an investment company investing in the creation and development of small and medium sized businesses and sharing the dividends with final end investors”, which sounds somewhat vague, but the to-the-point FAQ section provides you with all the answers you need, e.g. “the minimum investment is $10”, “the maximum investment is $250,000” and “the investment term pays 2% for 150 business days”, that is Mon-Fri “excluding banking holidays”. xGolding accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. Thanks to the “Getting Started” subsection, signing up is pretty straightforward but if you still need some help, the live chat should make that a piece of cake.



Sureinv has been around since November but only lately we were given the opportunity to get to know Thomas Jenkins, sureinv’s administrator (, who hopes to “break the 1000 client barrier before Christmas” and according to whom, thus far sureinv’s has only encountered “minor problems”. Besides the interview, the latest newsletter contains mostly Christmas wishes and reassurance that “sureinv is not using the upcoming holidays for excuses to not to pay you:

interest will be credited as usual each day from Monday until Friday and we will process withdrawal requests on the public holidays in our country as well, which are Dec 25th, 26th and Jan 1st”.

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Hola mis amigos!

There comes a time in life when you feel like you’re just waiting for something. And I’m waiting, amigos. Waiting for something exciting to happen. Exciting in a good way, like a really interesting new program, not like a major market crash. I’m really not into major crashes, or any crashes for that matter, amigos, believe me. Unfortunately, it seems that I’ll just have to keep waiting and then wait some more.



When I say “interesting program” I mean sparkly, fresh and innovative. I really don’t mean a program that has a problem status almost from the very beginning, vide camboura. I may settle for regular programs with some regular investment plans. And this week we have two of those: Diamond Benefit and TrackInv.

Actually, one may think that it’s just one and the same program since the FAQ section is practically identical. Are Diamond Benefit and TrackInv twins? One may only wonder, but the answer to this question seems to be hidden in the following answer: “Can I lose money? There is a risk involved with investing in all high yield investment programs. However, there are a few simple ways that can help you to reduce the risk of losing more than you can afford to. First, align your investments with your financial goals, in other words, keep the money you may need for the short-term out of more aggressive investments, reserving those investment funds for the money you intend to raise over the long-term. It's very important for you to know that we are real traders and that we invest members' funds on major investments”. You know what, amigos? I can’t even give you a direct link to that, because this quotation can come from either of the programs.

Diamond Benefit domain was registered on November 28, 2012. TrackInv was registered on November 10, 2012. Both IP numbers can be traced back to the US, either Los Angeles or Chicago. Both websites have COMODO SSL certificates implemented (Diamond Benefit: PositiveSSL, TrackInv: EssentialSSL). Neither of the programs offer compounding, the payouts take up to 20 hours (Diamond Benefit) or 24 hours (TrackInv). Both programs offer four investment plans, but the identicalness basically ends there. Diamond Benefit gives you the possibility to earn 120%, 350%, 800%, or 2200% after 1, 6, 10, or 20 days. The minimum investment is always set at $10, the principal included. TrackInv has similar options: 3.5%, 4%, 4.5%, or 5% daily for 15, 30, 35, or 60 days. The minimum is also set at $10 and the principal is also included. When it comes to payment processors, Diamond Benefit accepts SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve and TrackInv Liberty Reserve, EgoPay and Perfect Money.



It has been a couple of days since the last time was online and the investors got a hold of their money. According to’s Facebook page, all of the problems are a direct result of Liberty Reserve’s account blockage. What’s more,’s administrator has issued a statement in which he declared that Libert Reserve “put a limit on [their] funds” without any notice and because of that has been struggling with “paying any withdrawals to their clients”.

If you were wondering why is in so much trouble since they also have a Perfect Money account, the administrator has come up with an explanation for that as well: “even though we have a Perfect Money account we do not keep funds in it and we deposit/transfer all our money from PM into our LR account every time. When we need to pay PM withdrawals we transfer money from LR to PM but all money is kept in LR”. Although this policy may sound somewhat controversial, it is not even closely as controversial as the following announcement: “[w]e get very huge DDoS attack on our name servers from Liberty Reserve [...] after publishing that news in our website”. One may have thought that all the explanation is nothing we haven’t heard before from all the failed programs trying to justify their actions. However, upon a closer examination (, it turns out that’s Liberty Reserve account has over a million dollar balance. As shocking as it may seem, you can see that amount for yourselves.

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Right5 scamHola mis amigos!

Remember how I always say that no news is good news? Well, I could not be more wrong this time. As you may have noticed, not much seemed to happen last week. Maybe you felt like everything was right on track, the sun was shining and the birds were singing happy, happy tunes.

Don’t worry, I thought so as well. And we all could not be more wrong, it appears. But let’s start with some happy thoughts, shall we?



Some of you will probably be relieved to know that this week we won’t bother you with lengthy comparisons and reviews of at least 3 new programs. There was only one addition to money-monitor’s list last week, namely Fast Earn. A rather uncomplicated program with creepily happy people on the main page. It’s almost sinister how happy they are – nobody should smile this much without some major drug abuse. But that’s just my humble opinion, amigos. Fast Earn, “a new private investment fund created for people who do not have time to deal with their own finances” supposedly “[provides] top quality services” which range from “consulting to paying the earned money”. It all sounds just glamorous, but let’s check what Fast Earn is actually about, without all the fluffy sounding introductions.

Here are all the basic facts: Fast Earn is all about the Forex market, the domain was registered on September 28, 2012 and expires within a year, it’s hard to tell who pulls the strings since it’s yet another website that’s “WhoisGuard Protected”. Other than that, the page seems secure enough: the classic COMODO SLL Certificate was implemented on 10/11/2012 and should be valid for at least a year. What’s rather unusual these days is that the “support center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, but be warned that it takes the form of an extremely basic ticket. When it comes to the plans, they are your regular fast earning options, which means that “[i]nterest on your [...] account is acquired Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly and Yearly and credited to your available balance at the end of each day”.

The aforementioned plans are called in a different manner on the main page – which seems sloppy as well as confusing – and that is: Economy, Business, Professional and First Class. I have no idea what airline tickets have to do with HYIPs, but what do I know... In order to become a part of Fast Earn, you need at least $10 for the Economy plan (120% after 1 day), $12 for the Business plan (300% after 6 days), $15 for Professional (800% after 9 days) and $20 for First Class (1400% after 15 days). The payouts (which should take 1-20 hours) are handled manually and the “profits are gathered on your account and you can withdraw them anytime”. Only one account per person is permitted and they expect you to give your full name. You can fund your Fast Earn account via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay and... That’s practically all since not much can be said about Fast Earn’s creators and the website itself is... To say basic would be paying a compliment.


In other non-bad news, Goldenarium added EgoPay as their fourth payment processor while WeFindWays have accumulated no less than five “e-payment gateway[s]”: Pexpay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay and EgoPay.

WeFindWays also bragged about attracting “200 advertisers and surfers” within just the “first seven days of operation”.


Yes, mis amigos, we’re now done with happy thoughts. If you read our interview with Ex-Admin, the author of and a former administrator of HYIPs, you should know that the HYIP business is rarely a happy one. Need some proof? newGNi’s administrator made a big deal out of the fact that Liberty Reserve reportedly blocked newGNi’s account because of some limit issues. As it turns out, Ex-Admin managed to contact Liberty Reserve with regard to such an infringement and it turned out that there was no such “limit” issue at all. According to newGNi’s admin, Jurgen “Liberty Reserve is 'limiting' accounts - for whatever reason, they are able to receive - but not to process payments, which is a deception first at all, to lure more participants into paying to a limited Liberty Reserve account, while their merchants are not able to use the funds at all. Needless to say that we were not informed about any limitation”. However, as Ex-Admin recently revealed, newGNi’s “account is working properly”, which is a direct quotation from LR’s live chat support. Moreover, such according to the LR support, such “account does not have any problem to send or receive funds”. What do you think about all this, amigos? And that’s not even all there is to know about newGNi...

As you are probably aware of, Right5 is officially over. After all how do we know if something is official these days if not from Facebook? You know what I mean, amigos... On RightFive’s Facebook page one may find the following message:

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IntraFundsHola mis amigos!

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again: autumn makes people strangely active. In a good and in a bad way. There are three new programs, but there also was a number of, let’s say, mishaps this week.

I’m not going to lie to you, amigos, not everything is pink and pretty in this newsletter, but we have our moments. Here we go:




Attention! Makedreamsolid turned to scam 

Both of our newest additions Rich Deposit and Makedreamsolid are not one of those programs that make you feel like you’re in a marriage. With Makedreamsolid, you can earn within 1-15 days, and if Rich Deposit was to be compared to a relationship, one would (rather crudely but what can I do) call it a one (to ten) night(s) stand: the plans it offers last between 1 and 10 days.

Other than that, the programs aren’t that similar. In fact, it’s hard to compare Makedreamsolid to any other program since it has the most frightening and disturbing website ever conceived. If you have some ugly childhood memories about bullies picking on you, beware: can make you feel like you are right back where you started. The person responsible for the, for want of a better word, cover photo should reconsider his/her choices in general. A scary, desperate looking and miserable guy pointing at you doesn’t feel like “making dream solid”, if that’s even a thing. Dreams aren’t meant to be solid, that’s the inherent characteristic of dreams, but what do I know. Wait. “Make dream solid” is actually about making one dream solid? Or making a dream a solid? The name’s too confusing, so I’ll give it a rest. Rich Deposit’s website, on the other hand, is rather childish in comparison. You have cartoon people smiling at you and looking silly and important at the same time.

The websites apart, Rich Deposit is your typical Forex business, “[i]nvesting in stocks, bonds and currencies”, while Makedreamsolid goes for “[getting] as much earning from Gorgon gas Oil and Stock Market” and being an Australian-based “leader in the Gas and Oil market”.

When it comes to the money, Rich Deposit gives you three plans: Manager, Supervisor and Director, and in order to become a part of either one of them, you need to invest $3-7, which is not a strict rule. Manager is a one-day plan, with 120% return, Supervisor “works” for 5 days and should bring 250% profit and to become a Director you need $7 and 10 days after which you should get 700%. The principal is included in those numbers and no compounding option is available, which is also the case with Makedreamsolid. As I mentioned before, Makedreamsolid offers short-term plans. There are no cute names for them, you can simply invest at least $10 and choose to earn 15%-700%.

Both programs allow only one account per person and the minimum to withdraw is not high: $0.01 for RD and $0.03 for Makedreamsolid. Rich Deposit handles withdrawals manually and a “query will be executed as fast as possible” and “will take from 10 minutes to 16 hours”. Makedreamsolid’s payouts should take up to 12 hours. Both programs accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, and Makedreamsolid also accepts Solid Trust pay and Egopay.



Another new addition, Intra Fund, is a rather original HYIP. That’s mostly due to the fact that for once one can add an actual name to a program and the name is Jacob Uvarov. Not much can be found on the owner of Intra Fund, but perhaps it’s a good thing – not being into the whole social media movement makes him even more original these days.

Intra Fund is a well-prepared program with a decent website and an worthwhile affiliate program. Let’s start with the referrals since it’s usually the most dull part of any online investment program, so you’re in for a (money) treat. Intra Funds gives “up to a 8% commission” for those who “[o]ffer our products on your websites and/or newsletters”. You don’t need to do much, they “supply all the tools you need as an Intra Funds Affiliate and handle all the fulfillment details, such as order processing, product shipments, billing, and your compensation”. According to Intra Funds, “[a]ll you have to do is talk to your customers and make money”. Naturally, there is a little catch, in order to get that 8% you have to refer “28 and more” active members. One to nine members “cost” 5%, ten to eighteen 6%, nineteen to twenty-seven 7%. The good thing is that you can “[t]ake advantage of our long cookie duration” and “[i]f a customer comes from your referral link, and then comes back to purchase four months later, you [still] get [the] credit”.

As I said before, is a good web page, one of those that seem to be well-thought through, secure (there is the GeoTrust DV SSL Certificate which is valid until 9/11/2013) and where you can find every piece of information that you may need. That is except the exact location of Intra Funds headquarters but, unfortunately, that seems to be the trend recently. Along with making tracking the domain-related information impossible. All one can learn about Intra Fund is that the domain was created on the 8th of September 2012 (which is quite mysterious since, according to the website, Intra Funds is online since the 1st of September) and it expires within 2 years. I really start wondering whether all HYIP owners are in fact rather paranoid secret agents and, thus, never divulge any personal information. What we do know about Intra Funds’ creator is that he likes money, vide his encouragement that “[t]he more you deposit, the more you and I can benefit from it”. What’s more, sometimes he refers to himself as “I” and sometimes he is a “we”, vide “I have been doing this for years now and successfully lived through the stock market turmoil several years ago. Moreover, we have grown big and confident enough to start safely offering our services to investors and companies all around the globe”. See, amigos? Can’t tell if that’s the case of a split personality or just a big ego, but either way it’s kind of funny.

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Liberty Reserve seems to be having a love-hate relationship with programs lately. It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago that newGNi became so annoyed with LR’s policy of blocking accounts that it decided to terminate all LR trasactions.

Now, due to the deluge of e-mails and request, and because “there are no new reports of blocked or hacked accounts”, newGNi decided to take Libery Reserve back for now. newGNi seems to really listen to the users since it is now also allowed to make internal exchanges “via [the] Currency Exchanger from PexPay and EGOPAY to the other accepted payment processors”.

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TheBigFive Hola mis amigos!

 The school year started with an abundance of new programs, so be prepared! It’s just like checking if you bought all the notebooks and other supplies like, I don’t know, pencils and what-not. This time you have to make sure you’re prepared for not one, not two, but three new programs. Are you ready?



The first new program on our list is JM FUND, a company that reportedly has been in business for 5 years, but went online just recently, that is a month ago. JM FUND is for those who enjoy simplicity and do not have the time to sieve through a plethora of plans. It’s not a program directed at the “compare and contrast” crowd, there is only one plan to choose and it’s as straightforward as it gets: you get a 10% profit within 15 business days. How does it work exactly?

According to the website, the “investment model is based on short-term and long-term investments (60% in short-term and 40% in long-term) and generates income way greater than most regular investment models do”. To add to this, JM FUND supposedly works with “state, local government and companies in Asia and Africa” and in doing so “[helps] local and state government” and aids in “[revitalizing] the economy and [creating] more jobs that are so desperately needed”.

Sounds a little vague, but soon we should be able to tell you more, or at least the JM FUND’s administrator will tell you more about the way the program operates. Yes, there’s an interview coming and you’ll be able to find all the possible answers to, let’s hope, all your possible questions about JM FUND. For now, let’s focus on what we know: in order to become JM FUND investor you need at least $10, setting up an account is easy and they do not expect you to share many personal details, the “business days” are your typical Monday to Friday, no big surprises there.

You can fund your account using all the major processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, and withdrawals (minimum $0.01) shouldn’t take more than the standard 24 hours. The website itself is a little basic, but it is protected against DDoS attacks and uses the COMODO SSL certificate. Despite the fact that you can earn the money only 5 days a week, the support team works 24/7 and there is a live chat in case you have any doubts.


Prospera Nova is a little less mysterious when it comes to conveying its offer. PN has also been in business for some time now (according to the Legal Certificate displayed on the website, the company was created in 2012), the domain was registered on the 27th of May 2012 (and expires on 27-05-2014), but the online expansion started on the 5th of September. It seems that Prospera Nova mostly deals with forex investments, but “the] main portion of [PN’s] income comes from stock market activity". Unlike JM FUND, we know a little more about Prospera Nova’s whereabouts: “Prospera Nova LTD is a private investment program that is based in United Kingdom” and the server is located in the Netherlands. Becoming one of PN’s members is quick and painless, the minimum is set at one dollar only and PN’s accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay, and withdrawals take up to 24 hours (minimum $0.01).

The motto should have already been a clue, “Dream It. Achieve It”, but it still may come as a surprise that there is no maximum amount to spend. Sky’s the limit, apparently. Or perhaps not since, according to Prospera Nova’s FAQ section, “t]he profits won't reach the sky”... The compounding option is available, but beware: just like with JM FUND, the profit is earned on weekdays only. Also just like JM FUND, it’s not an offer for those who like to have options – there is only one plan and it’s the following: “[d]aily payouts of 2% (Monday to Friday) for 365 days”. Again, similarly to JM FUND, the website needs some major TLC, but it should be secure: PN invested in the RapidSSL Certificate.The support part of the website, on the other hand, could use a little diversity – in today’s world a simple ticket system just isn’t enough, even when it’s supposedly 24/7. By the way, should we assign the fact that JM FUND and Prospera Nova both offer 24/7 support but let you earn the money only on weekdays to some kind of new online eccentricity? Anyway, what’s important is that out of the three new programs Prospera Nova is the only one that gives you the compounding option and returns your principal.


newGNi: No More LR, Welcome EgoPay RSS - comments

Due to the well-known Liberty Reserve problems, newGNi decided not to cooperate with LR anymore and add EgoPay instead.

As of now, there is no LR payment option available to newGNi members. However, it is still possible to withdraw money using Liberty Reserve – newGNi wanted to take into considerations those, who “believe in [LR] and don’t like to switch to another processor”.

Those, who are ready to let LR go, “can exchange and withdraw” all LR “proceeds to Solid Trust Pay or Perfect Money”. What is crucial is that using newGNi’s Currency Manager is not free of charge, the following fees apply: LR to PM is 8% and LR to STP is 7%, and that the fees may change at any given time.

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GoldenariumHola mis amigos!

This week I'm going to test the theory that simplicity is always the best option. No narratives this time, amigos. No complaints about the workings of the world, no sadness over the end of summer, no rambling about the scarcity of interesting news.

No, amigos, the following newsletter will be a one big positive message: no major drama took place last week.

Besides the fact that one of our newest programs decided to add some music to their page. Why would I call it drama? Because I did not expect such travesty and I left my speakers on. What a delightful surprise it was, I've got to tell you. What am I saying: you will hear it for yourselves....


It may seem that the world of online business is suffering from: a. some kind of a writer's block, b. a major domain shortage. One may say that the names of the up-and-coming programs get weirder and weirder every day. I'd like to present you with two brand new examples of the aforementioned phenomenon:

Goldenarium and PipsFund.

While I get that "Goldenarium" is a semi-suitable name for a company which deals not only with Forex business, but also invests in gold, silver, or oil, I truly hope that PipsFund ("investing in the Forex market", especially "USD/GBP fluctuations") has nothing to do with the orphan from Great Expectations or a birds' disease. What's more, when Goldenarium goes for the James Bond imagery with the guy in a tux and a drink and a golden girl in the background, PipsFund may have some more lofty aspirations which are reflected in its Tolkien-originated motto: "The greatest adventure is what lies ahead". Let's hope that doesn't mean we have to go on a trip that's going to last over a year and after which the only place suitable for us will be the land of the elves or something. However, at least PipsFund's page is not irritating.

What do I mean about that? It does not, for instance, have streaming videos that play whether you want them to or not, or music, or too many pictures and, basically, too much of everything, vide Goldenarium. Aesthetics aside, what are the programs all about, you ask?
Firstly, Goldenarium Ltd. is a London-based company (which may come as a surprise considering the bad grammar and spelling mistakes present on the page) registered in the UK ( The website was created on the 8th of March 2012 and its expiration date is the 8th of March 2015. It holds a COMODO EV SLL certificate, and also "a website identity assurance warranty of $250,000", which theoretically means that "you are insured for up to $250,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site".

With as little as $10 or as much as $250,000, you can invest in one of the three plans Goldenarium offers: Bronze, Silver, or Golden Plan, which should give you a daily profit of 2.45-3.5% (you can calculate your exact earnings using the calculator implemented into the website). The plans last 90 (Bronze and Silver) to 120 (Gold) business days and after that time your principal will be returned.

Once your account is set up, which shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes, you can fund it via Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money. The optional compounding is available, you can compound "any amount between 0% and 100%", and you can make multiple deposits. Withdrawals are possible starting with $1, but since they are process manually, it can last up to 24 hours. Goldenarium also offers a rather generous two-level affiliate option, namely up to 15% referral commission.

At the very first glance, PipsFund seems way less open about its roots, but it is a whois search that leaves you with the strong conviction that PipsFund founders do not want to be found (sic!). Using WhoisGuard Protected company, PipsFund managed to cover its tracks thoroughly. Maybe it was supposed to shield the staff from spammers, or maybe it's all about the privacy? Either way, one may think that at least some information regarding the company should be available to the potential members.

newGNi on Liberty Reserve situation RSS - comments

Because of the well-known by now Liberty Reserve problem, newGNi decided to “allow internal exchanges from LibertyReserve to PerfectMoney or SolidTrust Pay” so that the members will have “an alternative option to withdraw [their] proceeds to either SolidTrust Pay or PerfectMoney”.

One should bear two things in mind: this option is applicable to LibertyReserve transfers only and there are exchange fees to consider (as of now: LR to Perfect Money 7%, LR to SolidTrustPay 5%, but they may be changes “at anytime and without prior notice”). For those who have a pending LR withdrawal request and wish to exchange it: remember to cancel the request first. Those who prefer to wait for Liberty Reserve are free to do so – their requests will be processed “as soon as Liberty Reserve is operational”.


Any questions? Contact us!
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