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BVI Trading LtdHola mis amigos!

It’s the first time we meet during this magical time! Did you enjoy your visit from Santa Claus? Or were you erased from his “nice” list years ago? And, if so, what have you done to deserve it, amigos? I hope it wasn’t because of some amazingly bad investments? That’s a lot of questions that could potentially ruin this lovely pre-Christmas time, but it’s all about transparency and honesty when it comes to gift getting, right?

Just like when it comes to investing your money online. Shall we begin this week’s sleigh-less journey into the mysterious world of HYIPs and Forex trading and such?



When “trying on” a new program, I usually go with my gut. I know it sounds corny, but that’s the honest truth – you can do all the research there is to be done, you can check all the facts, you can make yourself feel better by adding the “https” in the address to make sure the site is safe, but we all know that most of the aforementioned fireworks is usually just that – fireworks. You feel good when you watch them, but the event itself does not really matter in a great scheme of things. Still, they are so pretty that missing them is kind of a silly idea. So, amigos, let’s watch this week’s show – I present to you BVI Trading Ltd, “a private investment firm” with the goal of “connecting between investors and business owners and get as much earning from Forex, Stock Market” as... Don’t know, because they actually did not finish that sentence. But we are not in the business of rewriting somebody else’s texts, so let’s move on.

The website itself is actually nice to look at, easy to navigate and generally user-friendly with the notable exception of a truly terrible font choice, which makes me feel like I’m going to go blind any minute now. The domain was registered on October 21, 2012 (which matches the info BVI shares on their website, “The official launch date is October 21st, 2012”) and – which is quite unusual in a good way – expires within 5 years. What is even more peculiar is the fact that one can check who actually bought the domain since the website is not protected against such normal and understandable search. Although the name “Tommy Thompson” sounds weirdly fake, we are, nevertheless, left with a billing address (145-157 St John Street London), as well as a phone number (+44 7024055180) and e-mail ( And none of these things happen too often in the online reality. To add to this, BVI Trading Ltd also gives you the following piece of information in their well-prepared FAQ section:

“BVI Trading Ltd was founded in 2012 by a group of professional bankers and traders. We are private trading company registered in London of England. Our information is available in Companies House official government website followed by the name of "BVI TRADING LTD" and the file number of 8275917”. And that is a true rarity.

The security of the page is pretty standard, COMODO High-Assurance Secure Server Certificate bought on 11/1/2012, and so is the program’s support system – you can send them a ticket, an e-mail (, call them or send an SMS (+447024055180, +442032898899). As a plus one may note that they answer 24/7, including official holidays. The three-level affiliate program (hidden under “Partners”) is equally predictable with 1-5% commission, which naturally is not a bad thing. What’s unpredictable, however, is BVI’s investment plan offer, despite the fact that the names of the three plans offered have been more than overused. The plans go as follows: Silver (2.5% interest rate during 50 business days), Gold (minimum $501, 3% for 50 b.d.) and Diamond (minimum $10001, 3.5% for 50 b.d.).


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