Liberty Reserve Blocked a Million Dollar Account: the Reason of’s Death? RSS - comments problemIt has been a couple of days since the last time was online and the investors got a hold of their money.

According to’s Facebook page, all of the problems are a direct result of Liberty Reserve’s account blockage.

What’s more,’s administrator has issued a statement in which he declared that Libert Reserve “put a limit on their funds” without any notice and because of that has been struggling with “paying any withdrawals to their clients”.

If you were wondering why is in so much trouble since they also have a Perfect Money account, the administrator has come up with an explanation for that as well: “even though we have a Perfect Money account we do not keep funds in it and we deposit/transfer all our money from PM into our LR account every time.

 When we need to pay PM withdrawals we transfer money from LR to PM but all money is kept in LR”. Although this policy may sound somewhat controversial, it is not even closely as controversial as the following announcement:

“we get very huge DDoS attack on our name servers from Liberty Reserve [...] after publishing that news in our website”.

One may have thought that all the explanation is nothing we haven’t heard before from all the failed programs trying to justify their actions. However, upon a closer examination (, it turns out that’s Liberty Reserve account has over a million dollar balance (!). As shocking as it may seem, you can see that amount for yourselves:

 What does it prove exactly? First of all, since has published its account’s balance, it may seem that such an amount was in fact blocked by Liberty Reserve. 

To add to this, it proves’s popularity seeing that the program has actually accumulated such an amount of money. Still, despite the obvious acclaim, the level of investments, not to mention previous withdrawals, resulting in a one million dollar account remains truly fascinating. Naturally, the first reaction to such a piece of information is the suspicion of manipulation, but the screen above comes directly from Liberty Reserve’s website and can be checked by anyone, all you need to do is enter the following account number: U5699172.

What remains to be examined is the future of’s money and that is what is going to investigate. For the time being,’s administrator asks all interested parties to contact Liberty Reserve “by all means possible emails, support tickets, chat etc. requesting that they release the limits on AVO funds so we can pay withdrawal requests”. In case this does not happen, asks you to “request your initial investment back directly from Liberty Reserve”.


Newsletter: official scam status, Hyips turn to scam before reviewing... RSS - comments scam and problem statusHola mis amigos!

Yes, that’s right, another week’s gone. Sometimes it seems to me that I may serve to you as a remainder of the time passed. It’s making me sad, amigos. So, let’s stay positive and imagine that I say this to you in a creepily happy voice: “Another week’s gone! Yeah!”. No, still sad. But, hey, at least Christmas is getting closer and closer. Are they playing “Last Christmas” at your malls and shops already? They should, in my humble opinion.

Other than getting older – hurray for that – not much has happened financially speaking. I think that I’ve taught you that’s it’s a good think over at No major disasters, no news flash about scams – that should make us extremely happy, amigos. Unfortunately, not everything is pink and sparkly today, but let’s not think about it before we really have to. First of all, let me introduce three new programs: Global On Fast (problem status), High Earn Investment and Supreme Riches (problem status). See? Even the names sound optimistic. But, to be completely honest, they always do in this business.



The problem with new programs is that – believe it or not! – they are new. I know, I know, it must have come as a surprise to you, but that’s the truth and somebody had to say it. What I mean by that – and I actually do have a point there – is that it’s just hard to write about something that barely started existing. Probably with the exception of cute puppies and kittens, but let’s not kid ourselves, what we can say about them usually consists of annoying sounds and faces and sentences like, “Oh, look how cute they are!”. Basically, that’s no Schopenhauer, right? Anyway, when it comes to two of our newest additions we have not even registered any payments so far, so it’s even more confusing to write about them. Still, Global On Fast, which page is currently unavailable making it even harder to review, is a company focused on “long-term and high-yield online projects all over the world”. From what we gathered, they offer plans that begin with $10 of non-returnable principal, they accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, but, really, that’s all I can tell you right now since is giving me some sort of message in Russian, which roughly translated amounts to “ domain name has been successfully registered and is ready for use”. Honestly. What I do know is that the server of this “successfully registered” website is located in Ukraine, which seems to be a more and more popular choice these days. If you are looking for some variety in your life, though, another program, namely High Earn Investment, is registered in Turkey and the server is located in the States. What’s different about HEI is that we get to learn the name and some other basic information about the program’s creator, which is a rarity of unspoken proportions in this business. Although the website needs some major work done (and some nice editing as well), it’s rather user-friendly and seems to be decently organized. As one may learn from the “Plans” section, High Earn Investment offers ten daily plans, which vary between 1 and 10% interest and $1-5000 investment. The downside is that they accept Liberty Reserve only, but the upside is that the principal is returnable. However, one should take into consideration the fact that the website is not protected in any way, which is disturbing since they ask you for your full name and address upon registration. What’s also disturbing is the fact that HEI shares its IP number with a significant number of different online money making businesses...

Newsletter: MartFinance and StrongInvestment adds, AvoUsa ( scam sign? RSS - comments

MartFinanceHola mis amigos!

Let’s start with something positive: “Make your dream come true”, “We never forget who we are working for”, “Take a rest”, “risk free investment”, “safe income”.

I already feel much better, don’t you?

I vowed to myself that this time I’m going to stay happy and optimistic, so let’s go, amigos!



Firstly, let me be clear – all the above mentioned mottoes come from our newest programs: Mart Finance and Strong Investment. See? Even the names sound somewhat promising. According to,

“Mart Finance is private alternative investments adviser and diversified portfolio management specialist, offering assets and capital management plans to its clients. Our investment strategies are built on solid, proven to work commodity trading techniques developed by an elite reputable group of fund management professionals”.

How do they plan on achieving all that? By “providing a comprehensive resource for individuals new to the market or with limited experience trading foreign currencies, or interested in oil trade or gold trade or stock market" and “being an innovative and technology driven company”. So, amigos, to sum up: we’re dealing with a forex company that plans ahead. To be exact, they expect to “increase their turnover by 100% in the next three years”. If that’s not optimistic, I honestly don’t know what is...

If you want to become a part of Mart Finance’s dream, you need a Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money or EgoPay account and at least $10. Signing up is easy (and a one-time experience since you’re allowed only one account), you don’t have to tell them much about yourself, and once you are in there are three plans to choose from: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Yes, it’s that simple. All of them last 20 business days, but what makes them different from each other is the amounts invested and daily profit rates. It takes $10 - $2,500 to be on the 1 Level with 7% daily interest, $2,501-$5,000 and 8% profit on the 2nd Level and $5,001 to “sky’s the limit” to achieve the 3rd Level’s 9% daily profit.

Additional deposits may be made but one has to remember that “all transactions are handled separately” and, as such, may take some time. The profits are being accumulated on your account and you can withdraw them any time you like; the principal, however, is non-returnable and no compounding option is available as of now. Payouts shouldn’t take more than the standard 24 hours, but in case something’s wrong you might get a bit frustrated since there is no way to contact Mart Finance besides the very rusty support ticket (still, according to the website, “you will be contacted via e-mail within 24 hours of them having received your e-mail”).

I promised to stay positive, but I just have to point out two things: not much can be found about Mart Finance and its creators and the security of the website leaves a lot to be desired. What is known is that the website is 4 months old, the “primary country” is China (according to and that the domain expires on the 21st of June 2013, which may seem weird to a person less positive than I am, since they expect to prosper for at least three more years... When it comes to security, Mart Finance supposedly has the ever-present COMODO Certificate, but as far as I can see, the page is not secured in any way. But maybe that’s my lack of experience with positive thinking?

Major DDoS Trouble at AVO INC RSS - comments

“73,000,000 packets-per-second (PPS) SYN Flood and 118 Gbps UDP attack” do not sound good. According to the latest newsletter, AVO INC suffered from “the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet”.

It may sound dramatic, but as of now AVO INC is protected against such attacks by “the highest protection packages available” that “cost AVO more than half a million dollars”.

It’s hard to confirm such a piece of information but from one can gather is using Amazon Web Services to host their files and, what is actually mentioned in the newsletter, “AVO moved to Prolexic [,] [t]he same protection provider that Liberty Reserve and most of the international banks use”. AVO assures that it’s more than enough to keep the service safe and let’s hope that’s true!

Newsletter: introduction, Uinvest and Capitaliva upgrade, MINT is a scam RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Remember last week when nothing happened? And the previous one, when – wait for it – nothing happened? Well, mis amigos, appearances can be deceiving, is all that I’m saying.

Why? Because from the scarcity of news that we’ve been delivering, everything may seem normal. And, partly, that’s true. Just take a look at the highlights of last week.


When I took the very first look at, I thought I got the wrong address. Is it a page with links to other pages? Is it a certificate agglomerate? But, after some time during which I decided I’m in the right place, I started to appreciate their approach. Firstly, everything you need to know is there. Yes, in a very ”in your face” kind of way, but at least you don’t have to waste your time searching for all the documents. Secondly, in a way they really make my work obsolete: I don’t have to report that, for example, they are protected against DDoS attacks by Staminus when it’s on their home page. Who are they, you ask? It’s yet another piece of information that can be easily found on their home page.

The Brooklyn-based company was founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2003 as a “large-scale asset management company in the United States of America”. However, AVO INC.’s “About us” part is not any different from all those kinds of stories that we read on every page of every program: it was “created by a group of professional traders, qualified experts, skilled analysts and experienced bankers” who deal with “stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, energies, raw materials and mutual funds”. But how do they operate now? They haven’t been online a week but you have to stay with them for 90 business days (Monday to Friday) in order to see the results: they offer an investment package which includes a 3% fixed daily profit that is “delivered” to your account on a day-to-day basis. According to their F.A.Q. section, “[t]he minimum investment amount is [...] $10 for e-currencies and the maximum amount of investment is not limited”. You can make as many investments as you like using various methods (bank wire, Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money), but remember that the compounding option is not available but, naturally, you can re-invest your money “directly from your account balance”.


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