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2 days ago we wrote the article about the arrest of Arthur Budovsky, the supposed owner and founder of LibertyReserve payment processor. We confirmed his ownership by providing the link to the first LibertyReserve interview published by PlanetGold.

Our information were based on the two CostaRica's newspaper sources: and We still have no confirmation from any other official sources except - Consulting International Services in Costa Rica and this is unusual situation. Why people responsible for the current situation leave victims without any official update? If Spanish police and FBI were involved in this matter why they do not publish any official statememnt? Today is a business day but not for the United States. Today is Memorial Day and all offices are closed, so maybe this is the reason of no reaction.

There are still some questions without the answer:

Why FBI didn't publish their splash page about a domain seizure on libertyreserve domain as they usually do?

Why is not online?

Is it really FBI job or just DDoS or hijack domain attack?

I don't like to speculate without some proofs or reliable information, you can find many on other blogs an forums (competitors job, domain hijacking). However I did some research and found some interesting information that proof FBI activity.

Let's start from the current dns information of domain:

Name Server                          IP Location Wayne, PA, US Wayne, PA, US Wayne, PA, US

There is the same ip address for two dns' addresses which you can find also when you ping or nslookup domain:



Let's verify this ip:


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