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Hola mis amigos!

I have so much to tell you today with regard to the newest addition to our lovely list of programs, that without further ado... Here we go!


To start with, SilverOz which, according to its website, “holds strong positions on the world market of silver production and trading” and was named so that we’d remember that ounce (or “oz”) is “a common measure of precious and semi-precious metals and bullion coins”, at the time being holds a waiting status on money-monitor’s list. With a domain created in March 2013 that expires within 5 years, it may seem that SilverOz plans on staying here for a while. The SLL certificate issued by Thawte on April 10, 2013, however, expires within a year, so you never know.

What we do know is that the rules are simple: you invest $1-$25000 for 150 days and you get 2% daily. Compounding is available and so is a returnable principal. Payouts should not take more than 24 hours and start at $0.01. You can use all the most commonly recognized payment processors, that is STP, PM, LR, EgoPay and the payments are done instantly.

Another new “waiting” addition, 40DaysForex, does not seem as optimistic about its longevity as the previous one. I mean, naming a program “40 days” does not boost one’s confidence, right? 40DaysForex domain was created just recently, on May 14, 2013, and expires within a year. With what looks like a partially implemented Comodo Positive SSL certificate also issued on May 14 and which expires within a year as well, 40DaysForex sends a very concise message. This “international investment company” offers 3.5%-4% daily payouts for 40 calendar days or 1.4%-2% daily for 40 days. It takes at least $20 to start investing, but only $0.1 to start withdrawing (shouldn’t take more than 12 hours) the money using all the major players (STP, PM, LR, EgoPay). The principal can be withdrawn afterwards.

The first thus far paying program on today’s list, ADRO Capital Ltd., provides one with “solutions [...] to generate returns without any need to have the ability, experience or knowledge in Forex trading”. The minimum investment is set at an unusual number, $9, and there is no maximum. ADRO Capital can pride itself in having an extremely well-developed and user-friendly website secured with a one-year valid Comodo High-Assurance Secure Server certificate issued on April 19, 2013.


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