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blocked ProfitClickingFor some time now, users have been complaining about random account blockages and it’s hard to decipher what’s really going on. Some users claim that they haven’t done anything wrong, others admit to meddling with the system or breaking the user agreement.

Still, we’re hoping to know more, so be sure to let us know if something happens.

Here is the official ProfitClicking statement about blocked accounts:

There are several reason why this may have occurred.  We have had many members with multiple accounts come up recently, and as per the Terms of Service of Profit Clicking this is not allowed.

We have also had a massive amount of members that have been using a script or tool to automatically process their withdrawal requests to force them into the buckets.  This is also a direct violation of the Profit Clicking Terms of Service and is considered account abuse and fraud. 

If any member has been blocked, they will need to submit a help desk ticket and have their account researched in detail.  Upon resolution, the account will either be released back to the member or the member will receive a response as to why their account was blocked and they will be unable to regain access.  The Fraud department is working overtime regarding this. 


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