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nubcoyuHola mis amigos!

After some major dry spell when it comes to the news, I think I can safely say that you shall not be disappointed today. Maybe “deluge” is not the word I would use, but it seems that – finally – something started happening again.

And that’s not all just because of Sandy, trust me.

Despite what my choice of words may mean (I know, I know, “dry spell”, “deluge”), I’m not that crazy about the weather. I need to warn you, however, that if you are sick and tired of hearing about the hurricane, you’re not going to feel better after reading our newsletter. SaCASPIAN CAPITAL, CLEAR DIAMOND INC., BEWEALTHYWITHUS, NUBCOYUndy is everywhere, amigos!



As you can see “deluge” expression seems about right when it comes to the abundance of programs added to our list last week. One may say that this time we have something for everyone: those who love long-term relationships should check out NUBCOYU’s1.4% a day for 200 days” offer, while those who seek adrenaline can choose between Caspian Capital (1-30 days plans that offer 20%-380% profit), BeWealthyWithUs (108-150% after 1 day or 45-100% daily for 3 days) and Clear Diamond Inc. (from 13 hours to 30 days, from 10% an hour to 500%).

Clear Diamond and BeWealthyWithUs have been around less that 5 days and to call their websites basic would be saying too much, but both programs let you start at no more than $5, however they are not planning on returning your principal to you. Both programs have also implemented the omnipresent COMODO SSL certificate. To add to this, Clear Diamond and BeWealthyWithUs have yet another thing in common: a rather uninspiring support system, so if you have any questions, you are mostly on your own.


Caspian Capital LLC. is in the oil business and according to the website, the company is registered in the US as a Limited Liability Company (745 Fifth Avenue 27th Floor New York, New York 10151). The explanation for the name of the company is rather clear: it invests in oil, “specially in the Caspian Region”. CC’s clip-art inspired website is rather sad, so I will try to concentrate on what’s truly important: let’s start with what Caspian Capital itself calls the reason to invest the money with them:

“1.The Oil Industry is very strong 2. Tax advantages due to Government's needs 3. Oil Industry is less influenced by fluctuations in the stock market 4. Quick returns which are always very high 5. Oil Industry is VERY PROFITABLE industry”.

I think we can all agree with the last one. At least I do not know any poor oil investors, but maybe that’s just my own experience. As far as the first reason goes, the oil industry is rather strong, but we all know that it all depends on the current politics, which is not all that reassuring. Tax advantages are always a nice addition, although it seems a little vague. As for the rest, it’s all subjective, so I will let you decide on your own, which is, by the way, what I always do anyway...

Registration is easy and quick, but I have to warn you that Caspian Capital LLC. does require your full name. You can, however, open more than one account. CC accepts EgoPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money and you can start investing with (non-returnable) $10.

While the website may seem incredibly basic, Caspian Capital offers a plethora of investment plans. Well, maybe “plethora” was an exaggeration, but still – there are six different plans: Atrek, Kura, Ural, Samur, Saluk and Terek. Yes, it’s time to refresh your geography knowledge, amigos. There are no long-term plans, the duration varies between one day ($20 minimum, Kura Plan) and thirty days ($500 minimum, Terek Plan). You can get from 20% (the 7-day, 140% ROI, $10 minimum Atrek Plan) to 380% (Terek Plan).

The principal is always included and the interest is acquired daily or “credited to your available balance” upon your plan’s expiration date. According to the decent FAQ section, Caspian Capital pays seven days a week, which means that what counts with CC is the calendar, not business days. When it comes to handling the transactions, it is done manually: withdrawals ($1 minimum) are “usually” processed within the typical 24 hours, but Caspian Capital warns that “in case of technical fault” delays may occur. In case it happens, you can always contact CC since there are 4 ways to get a hold of them: phone, e-mail live chat and contact form.



While the name itself is more than confusing, NUBCOYU is on the “more transparent” side when it comes to the “revealing information” policy. Despite the level of difficulty when it comes to spelling, much less pronouncing, the name of the company, it’s “About Us” section is rather inspiring. Why, you ask? Because, first of all, it has more than three sentences about how great, amazing and competent “experts” they are.

For one thing, we get to understand the reasons for the unpronounceable name: Nubcoyu is the team leader/creator of the company, which “consists of 5 people”. What does NUBCOYU do? “They aim to invest and expand [their] mutual funds using low to high risk levels markets”, which basically means that they also invest in “restaurants, guest houses and other low yield assets” as well as in “other online opportunities, such as HYIPs, matrixes, MLMs, cyclers, etc.” but only in programs “at the pre-launch stage” and based on “information from the inner circle”, which sounds a bit like industrial espionage, doesn’t it? In addition to this, NUBCOYU is interested in “Forex Trading, bonding, sport arbitrages and all other fluctuating markets all over the world” and “covers markets in affiliate marketing and e-commerce” that is they “create websites that sell products for famous and trusted providers such as Amazon, MarketHealth and LeadAgree”. Regrettably, there is no more information regarding the big players as NUBCOYU only “plans to showcase their websites soon so that wouldn't be a long wait”, which may actually mean anything, let’s not kid ourselves... I said that they are articulate, but I sure didn’t promise them being explicit.

Although the contact form, as well as the name, suggest Japan as NUBCOYU’s headquarters (to be specific: 400-0108, Yamanashi Prefecture, Kai City, Utsunoya, 445, Japan), the server location seems to be Chicago. The website has been online for more or less two months (the domain was created on 2012-08-07) and the creators decided to invest in it for at least 2 years (the domain expires on 2014-08-07).


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