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CatenaFinance update: We would like to inform you that, due to the holiday season, we have a few
non-working days ahead of us. Today (December 24th), tomorrow (December
25th) and as well as December 31st and January the 1st will be
It was our intent to carry on through the season working, but we were
unable to circumvent the non-working days for the banks and the

By the way, we have just entered our seventh month online!

Thank you for your trust and happy holidays!

Uinvest Friday newsletter - what about withdrawals? RSS - comments

Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

New Opportunities of UInvest Franchise  

Indeed, UInvest franchise opens a whole world of new opportunities for both uinvestors and business owners. Now, as you may know from the last MC, a franchisee can launch a so-called TOP fund, a tool for accumulation of uinvestors’ balances. With its help a franchisee can collect necessary funds for business projects and provide withdrawals to uinvestors. To learn more about how this model works, please click here.

Moreover, if you are a business owner and you are looking for funds, feel free to contact a TOP distributor, who now has an opportunity to list your projects.   
Submit your project today and get funded!

This Time UIdonate Helped 5 Children! 

We are happy to inform you that in November and December UIdonate project received a record amount of donations. First of all, we would like to thank our uinvestors, who donated their funds via UIdonate.

We have distributed these funds as efficiently as possible. As a result, this week 5 children have got the long-awaited help. They are Bohdan Aframchuk, Eugene Stepanov, Ilia Piven, Anastasia Golubovic and Eve Boyko. Due to our UInvestors’ donations we paid a course of the required treatment for each child. Once again, thank you very much!


Meet the Winner of the G.U.N. Contest!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we would like to congratulate the winner of the annual G.U.N. Anniversary contest, Vladislav Gorban, and wish him all the best in all his endeavors and activities as a GUN Agent.

As you may remember the task was to create a New Year card with GUN logos and post them on the GUN project facebook page. His work got the biggest number of likes from our audience and he really deserved his Apple IPad. It will be sent to him asap. Congratulations!
We would like to thank everyone, who participated in our contest.

All the best from UInvest!

Payza suspended US accounts! RSS - comments

Due to circumstances beyond Payza control, Payza’s account platform is no longer accessible to members in the United States.

The third party relationship that enabled U.S. members to access their stored value account services was terminated. This means that U.S. members are not able to Add Funds, Send Funds or Receive Funds using Payza. You can still log in to your Payza account and initiate a Withdrawal Transaction, however, all withdrawal requests will remain pending until further Payza notice.

Payza wrote on their blog that they are working diligently to resolve this matter and more updates will follow.

Newsletter: Pirate-Skull and GoldenTowns adds, Uinvest Italian conference RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

It's a magical day today and I think the newsletter will prove that. Amidst the pre-Christmas craziness, the frenzy of shopping and barely surviving the crowds buying all the perfumes and pajamas in the world, we managed to carve a small piece of fairy-tale-like reality in the world of money making.

Today we have pirates, games, and hotels in Italy, amigos. Oh, and some wickedness as well, naturally. It wouldn't be a proper fairy tale without the darkness, right?



I realize it's silly, but I want to utter the phrase "Ahoy Mateys!" so badly right now. Today's first protagonist is Pirate Skull, a program with a website evoking all the imagery usually associated with Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp or Captain Hook, depending on your preference. I'm guessing Captain Hook is closer to the creator of the program, Oleg, since he goes by the name "Capitan Skull". According to the snippets of information on the website, the administrator has been online for 5 years – whatever this means – and has been investing online for 3 years. He was dealing mostly with "bit coin and crypto money (bit coin stocks market)". Then he "sold his old bmw, this January and moved all his energy for money mining! Some C## and he made some stock broker bots for mtgox and btc-e" and now he wants to "work for your money", along with his robot, "growing, pumping and dumping Crypto Markets".

RoxProfits added PerfectMoney RSS - comments

PerfectMoney is now accepted by RoxProfits. All available payment options:

Payza, EgoPay, PerfectMoney. We have also requsted our first withdrawal (the minimum is $10).

RemiTrade review RSS - comments

Related to: RemiTrade

RemiTradeHola mis amigos!

There are programs that are flashy and glittery and you pay attention to them immediately because of all the dazzling.

There are also programs that grown on you the more you peruse them and the more you look at the chilly and understated design. Our today protagonist definitely falls into the latter category.

Remi Trade is a company with its seat in Dominica (8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica), which is always a nice place to have a place in, right? Naturally, it's all about the business aspect of such a decision, but you know that I always enjoy the administrators sipping drinks on a beach. It's just so much better. Moving on, as Remi Trade proudly announced "We are not so young". Indeed, according to the website the company was founded in 2002 and was apparently waiting to appear online, which happened in 2009 when "online opportunities for trading and investments were introduced [...] for public in general not for practitioners solely. There was also an increase in our initial capital. The increase gave us an opportunity to make a serious reserve fund in order to have deposits from investors insured".

And then the proper Remi Trade emerged with a domain created on November 12, 2013 and GeoTrust SSL certificate implemented three days later (valid from (11/16/2013 to 11/19/2014). While the first move was perfectly executed – the domain is valid for another ten years, I have some doubts whether optioning for an optional "https" is necessarily the right choice. Sure, your data are "protected by 128 bit SSL encryption; if it is activated, you will see a closed padlock in the status bar of your browser". However, you do need to know that beforehand, so just be sure you see the "padlock" as RT suggested.

When it comes to navigating the website, it could not get any simpler. As I've mentioned in the introduction, the website is not one of the most innovative and groundbreaking pages in the history of the Internet, but it's crisp and user-friendly, which is just as well. The only problem I have personally encountered has to do with the registration process. First, let me assure you, it's a pretty obvious process and needs no explanation, really: you just give them a name and surname, your e-mail address and some password information. Then you have to answer a secret question and Remi Trade chose the "family set" with questions like "Mother's maiden name" or "Mother's birthday", which I always enjoy.

I don't know if it was my infamous bad luck, but I could not log into my account. Having copied everything from the confirmation e-mail received seconds before, I clicked on the "Forgotten Password" option – thinking "I must be going senile and I've already forgotten my password" – and received another e-mail with… A different login ID and the same password. For some strange reason, the confirming mail says one thing (your name is your ID), the password reminder tell a whole different story (it's your surname). But, amigos, we can always attribute all that to my luck, right? OK, once you're in, you need to… Fill out more forms, I'm afraid. As soon as you log in you get the following message "Attention! Please fill you contact details. Click here to proceed. To finish registration enter personal information: User Settings" (the details in question are the address and your birth date). I skipped that part and I'm still alive, so I think it's not as urgent as the message makes it seem.

PokerByProxy recovery plan? Or scam sign? RSS - comments

Please read the last program's update about yesterday's loss (99%):

Over the past few months, Poker by Proxy has been having an amazing time. Profits were great, and our users were fun to correspond with. However, things have changed, and in the process have totally destroyed us. Today's loss is not a typo. While we haven't completely lost that amount, we have taken massive losses thanks to Paypal and a few other unforeseeable events. It is with great dismay that I post tonight's update. Below I have outlined the primary challenges that we are facing, along with the plan to move forward.

Payment Processors

The main problem is that the payment processors seem to be run by thieves. Paypal has now managed to steal the vast majority of the funds that were deposited. Not only have they frozen accounts, they have billed our personal credit cards, bank accounts, and more. Paypal is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen, and somehow they manage to get away with it. To make matters worse, some idiotic investors have caused problems by starting disputes when their withdrawals weren't paid instantly. We are VERY clear about how withdrawals work, yet some of our members seem to be illiterate. That brings me to the next challenge we've been facing:

The Users

The vast majority of PBP users are friendly individuals, however there is a relatively large handful that seem hell bent on causing problems. These users have managed to freeze many of our accounts, reverse payments, threaten us when withdrawals aren't paid within an hour, and much more. Furthermore, these users post negative comments on forums and blogs and then demand ransom money in order to have them removed. It's unbelievable.

The Plan

Moving forward we must make some major changes. First of all, we're removing Paypal all together. I also encourage anyone who uses Paypal to stop working with such a fraudulent company. The next step will be to get things back to normal as soon as possible. With the heavy burden of the frozen funds out of the way, profits will resume. In terms of making sure no one loses out, we've compiled a list of all of our users, along with their total deposits and withdrawals. A portion of each day's winnings will now been used to bring everyone back up into the green (most members are in profit already). Please note that there will be some rules when it comes to this.

1) Anyone who threatens us or anyone associated with Poker by Proxy will voluntarily forfeit any funds that they have deposited with Poker by Proxy. We are tired of the ridiculous threats. We have actually received threats of violence when a user's withdrawal took more than 2 hours. We have no interest in dealing with such idiots.

2) If you send any message requesting that your payment be expedited, your funds will be forfeited. Such messages simply waste everyone's time.

3) The recovery process covers deposits, not overall account balances.

4) Withdrawals will now be paid within 72 hours. If you complain, as many of you have when your withdrawal was processed within a few hours, your account will be forfeited.

Today's events are unfortunate, however with a bit of luck, we can get everything back to normal in the near future.

Quite a lot happening here over the past 24 hours as you all know. We have received more than 400 e-mails and internal messages since yesterday's update, and I'm sure that we have numerous more to come. Please be patient if you don't receive a reply right away. Today's result of 4.2% has been posted and all accounts have been updated.
Recovery Process

As mentioned yesterday, we are embarking on a recovery process to ensure that no one loses out with Poker by Proxy. We have compiled a list of all accounts, along with their total deposits and withdrawals. We will be systemically going through the system clearing names from the list as we get to them. We have posted today's recovery results below. The following users have either been paid a refund or are already in profit.

We were quite clear yesterday that users who sent pointless threats would voluntarily forfeit their right to the refund/recovery process. The following users have done just that.


Anyway, lots more to come as we move forward towards a full recovery.



Newsletter: MoneyMonitor new look! AutoValuta launch, RemiTrade, RoxProfits adds RSS - comments

AutovalutaHola mis amigos!

Have you seen Money-Monitor recently? Man, it has changed! Be sure to browse through our fresh-from-the-oven website and check out all the new options and possibilities.

We don't look too shabby for a nine-year-old, right? The new money-monitor experience now includes a chat, online calculator, IP comparison tool, new filtering system, status monitoring system and Care Investors program thanks to which any problems with payouts will be closely monitored by Money-Monitor and the program's representative. Not to mention that all the plans and programs are presented in a much more user-friendly manner.

In other news, our partner, Lilion Transfer, has also introduced a new service: As you probably know, Lilion Transfer enables buying, selling or exchanging currencies, and is in the same line of business. AutoValuta's domain was registered on February 10, 2012 as part of Monetto S.A. – the owners of Lilion, Lilion Transfer, Flash-Cash or Monetto and, since the service is truly intricate and comprehensive, the website is constantly being upgraded. What's the difference between AutoValuta and other exchangers?

Bitcoin update from Cryptory RSS - comments

  Due to the significant fluctuation of the Bitcoin exchange rate, CRYPTORY has adjusted the method of calculation used to determine profit. Now, when you add Bitcoins to your account, the unit of currency will not automatically be calculated in U.S. dollars. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC into your account your income will be calculated in Bitcoins, the control panel and calculator will determine yield curve dynamics in Bitcoins.
Learn More
You can login to your account any time. Please visit our website and click on the "Login" link on our home page. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it using "Password Reset" option at
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our Service Guide at or contact Customer Support at
Thank you and welcome again to

Newsletter: Invest Age LLC and RosePiggy new listings; Arbplayer weekly payments RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Another lovely and peaceful week, you ask? Oh, yes, amigos, I'm happy to announce that the waters are calm and there seems to be nothing but dullness and boredom ahead, thankfully. Let's hope this trend prevails, mateys!



The first newbie, Invest Age LLC, has actually been around for a bit – the one-year-valid domain was registered on June 26, 2013, there have been 17 newsletters and there are more than 1,300 "likes" on Facebook. With a rather formal-looking, well-secured website (Comodo SSL 7/12/2013-7/13/2014) and overwhelmingly professional FAQ section, Invest Age seems to be all about business. What does IA do? If I were to deduce solely from the logo and the motto "Where Growth Exceed Expectations", I'd say it's something connected with technology. It turns out that the "don't judge a book by its cover" is some good advice since Invest Age is "an investment platform and subsidiary of INVESTA MANAGEMENT CO [...] located at 90 Park Avenue 16th floor, New York " that "[invests] in Forex, commodities and bonds around the globe". By investing at least $10 in one of six plans offered, you can earn from 1.8-4.5% and have a ROI of 152.50%-210.16% (including the principal).

Plans last from 15-54 days, withdrawing always starts at $1 and there is no maximum deposit amount. When it comes to the profits, the extremely informative FAQ sections provides us with an answer regarding the interest: "[d]epending on each plan [i]nterest on your account is acquired daily and credited to your available balance at the end of each day". There's no compounding and you can't withdraw your deposit before maturity, but the principal should be returned to you at expiry. Transactions are handled manually and payouts should take up to 24 hours. In case you were wondering which form of payment to choose to fund your Invest Age wallet, there's an abundance of options: STP, EgoPay, Perfect Money, OKPay, bank wire, Payeer or Western Union. Invest Age's support system seems to consist of a simple support form, e-mail ( and – probably – Facebook, because "Phone Number is: Coming Soon".



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