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New languages - Polish and Greek - are available for Cryptory customers.

More details:

"We are proud to announce that our site is now available in Greek and Polish. To find your language, locate the language menu in the upper right corner of the site. From the drop down box select a language specific to the 13 countries now represented on the site. Click on your country/language and notice that the dedicated toll free phone number for your country appears below. You can contact us 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. Or try our 'Live Chat' feature located next to the telephone number.
  Currently we are developing a system that generates weekly reports that will allow for global transparency for the services provided by CRYPTORY. These reports include additional information such as: costs associated with new equipment, Blockchain Links (number/hashes of mined blocks on, expenses attached to electricity, number of processors, ratios related to first and second generation processors, and other reports and documentation that support this goal."


JustBeenPaid/JustbeenScammed ProfitClicking/ScamClicking through investor's eyes RSS - comments


Hola mis amigos! Today I am publishing the history which has been sent by one of our readers. Sit back and read this!
"Was member of Just Been Paid=JBP. Was working really well,No Sponsoring required & a Shift every 90 days,where ad packs not yet expired are taken back to reduce DSC ,but every 4 converted to Ad Panels,which you could upgrade 2 postions of 6 for $10 maximum,& when filled received $60 per Ad Panel,plus a refund of $5 per $10 upgrade.

We were building,so sadly began to w/d just a few weeks before suddenly sold to ProfitClicking = PC,with ZERO notice!The JBP w/d had no restriction on limit of w/d & also paid within approx. 24 hrs.or sooner.The bad move,was giving members no warning of the sale which was in the works for a year!So no time to make a decent w/d to carry one through initial changes.PC did not have initial changes.They were one permanent disaster! Could not make a single w/d for as long as they were in.The daily limits always reached,yet nobody could EVER w/d,so we started saving & not repurchasing & built up a substantial amount in our JBP/PC wallets.One thing that always remained the same,was that you got a free $10 test drive with an ad pack & each ad pack paid 20 cents a day,7 days a week.NO Sponsoring required to earn DSC from each ad pack.They never got around to doing a single Shift,which was the ONLY way that the program had sustainability.Even although you initially lost DSC,you would in JBP have a few weeks warning of pending shift,so you stop purchasing ad packs & save all DSC,so that after the shift,you have sufficient in your wallet to purchase a whole lot of ad packs & immediately,up went your DSC.Also you ended up earning far more than from all ad packs expiring,due to the free ad panels for every 4 ad packs lost,which earned $60 as opposed to $15 after an ad pack expired.

In came ACX.At first it looked as though they were going back to the extremely successful JBP strategy.We had our ad pack wallet for DSC.Also JBP/PC wallet was carried over,but never clear acknowledgement,that without the JBP/PC members,there would be no business to purchase.It ONLY existed,due to JBP/PC members.So always as if doing us a favor by carrying over money paid for,worked fr,earned & owed.Initially all was going in a great direction.W/Ds made after about a year of ZERO access to our money earned in PC.

Slowly things started to change.First you could not transfer funds from one wallet to another.We had our ad pack wallet,DSC earnings,Shift Wallet,money received after a shift,JBP/PC wallet,now Only available to use 20-30% when purchasing a new ad pack.Next came an ACX wallet.This was for new money for purchasing.So you would have odd amounts in each wallet,not enough to purchase an ad pack or ad panel,but not able to transfer from any one to another.Next came that we were next on the agenda,going to receive an offer of a % payout for our JBP/PC wallet.This was a great relief,as for over a year it's just been numbers of money we own,but have only 20-30% access to it,in purchasing an ad pack.That offer NEVER arrived,yet Several new options came out daily.When asked about the offer,by submitting a ticket,you would receive a list of links of how to earn money with ACX.NEW Money EVERY week,Listen to ALL promotion training & referrals are rewarded,by being put at the top of the w/d list,oh yes,from w/d from Referral Wallet.No Sponsoring required,is now 100% about Sponsoring,rewarded for quicker w/ds,and the 20 cents per ad pack a day,was now changed.You could ONLY use the 20-40% of your JBP/PC wallet,IF purchased from ACX Wallet,that's purchased with new money.Also,now when purchasing from DSC,ad pack wallet,you only earn 10 cents on weekdays & 5 cents on weekends from this wallet.Even when purchasing with new money,20 cents weekdays,10 cents weekends.Shift wallet,.50 cents weekdays & .025 on weekends.So no longer 20 cents per ad pack 7 days a week,from ANY wallet.No more access to owed JBP/PC wallet,unless using New Money with it.Also the % gauged according to "in profit"
or "out of profit".We,my son,brother & me,were Always "out of profit",as our funding of JBP/PC,far outweighed our w/ds.That was always correct on my record,until the last Shift.Suddenly they had an error,my w/ds suddenly far outweighing my funding.Submitted a ticket to ask to look at my account records & please correct,as it effected my % I could use when purchasing ad packs with new money.Response,"sorry for the error".NEVER Re-adjusted to correct status!Also those JBP 90 day shifts,were suddenly happening Every 2 - 3 weeks,so money goes into Shift wallet & when you purchase ad packs with the ONLY money that you now have,except for JBP/PC which cannot use with Shift wallet,your DSC is .50 cents weekdays & .025 on weekends,so no possible way to EVER get ahead,unless you put in new money!My JBP/PC wallet has about $26,000+.My brother about $28,000+ & my son about $15,000.We have NO NEW MONEY,they have all of our money!We funded JBP/PC & have NO NEW MONEY .For Dec. they ha a special Xmas promotion.If you purchased with new money,you would receive 30% per ad pack purchased through the promotion,7 days a week.I Don't Ever put in new money to ACX anymore,but for the promotion,30% 7 days a week,I took every dime I had to purchase promo ad packs via STP,for my son,brother & me.Error.They never paid me the 30%.A "Glitch" caused us to receive 20% on weekdays & 10% on weekends.Submitted a ticket immediately.What happened to our 30% 7 days a week for ad packs purchased via STP.All in their records & mine & STP.Response,"don't worry,you will still eventually earn $15 per ad pack! It's an Xmas PROMOTION,to have money for XMAS.We need our 30% promised NOW.Never got it & anyway,they had a SHIFT & took ALL the promo ad packs back,turned to ad panels per every 4.

Ad Panels....used to upgrade 1st 2 positions,to max. $10 each position.When filled,receive $5 per upgrade refund & receive $60.Now they have introduced a WARP accelerator.You choose to upgrade each 2 positions per ad panel to between WARP $11-$60,to fill & get paid $60??????? Now ad panels fill at a speed according to the highest WARP positions.So I have accelerated 3 ad panels $32 each to receive $60....really $28 after putting in $32 WARP,but not one of those ad panels have filled.Used to be,you could purchase a $2.50-$10 to fill a panel.Now,after to fill the empty position with your WARP,somebody has to fill your WARP position at a speed of Max. Warp paid! What's the point of paying $120 to receive $60?????

My 1st w/d with ACX I received in 12 hrs.After they started all this Promote,Promote,Promote,Pay,pay, all these non transferable wallets,I decided,that each time I would reach $30,I would w/d to repurchase with New Money & earn the original 20% on weekday & 10% now on weekends.This time,my son & I had a w/d in for 244hrs.It was canceled due to ANOTHER shift.The money was NOT replaced back to our ad pack wallet where it came from,but put into the Shift wallet which can be used for ZERO other than to purchase ad packs ,NEVER w/d from this wallet & get paid $0.50 on weekdays & 0.025 on weekends.

Emails EVERYDAY.Training for promoting links.Training for purchasing highest warp for ad panels to cycle."NEVER MISS ONE MINUTE OF PROMOTING,EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR THAT U ARE AWAKE!"

The list goes on & on! I am now earning nothing,due to plan to w/d & purchase with New Money,as Every time a w/d came in from a referral wallet,it was placed ahead of us,so we would never actually receive a w/d.My $34 w/d to purchase ad packs with only 20% of my JBP/PC wallet,due to their IN Profit Error,never corrected,placed in the Shift wallet,not ad pack wallet where it came from.At least we would have earned 10/5 a week,instead of 05/025 & the ONLY reason that we are still there,is the STUPID hope that their Next on Agenda,long buried offer for % of JBP/PC wallet!

90 days per shift,approx.45-70% depending on cash flow.Now become every few weeks.The 1st shift they took 45%.I was SO impressed.Suddenly 2 weeks later,they took 90% & said that they were So Sorry,but Payza had frozen their funds & it was their main source of funds,so due to this temporary obstacle,they had no choice.They at that time were still paying 20/10 from all wallets.I felt ad for them,until this not only became the norm,but each wallet was paying lower & lower DSC & All money would end up in lowest Shift wallet,as they were doing them 2 x a month.Could NEVER any longer get in a w/d as all my referrals long time left.So All money would end up in Shift wallet.Ad Panels will NEVER cycle,unless you accelerate double of what you will earn & JBP/PC wallets sit there.Funded,Worked for,Earned,Owed & ZERO access without New Money & then just 20-30% towards purchases.NEVER to w/d from.

I could write a book.Support NEVER addresses the issue.Never correct an Error & like robots just send you all the links to learn to earn! Promote & Fund Weekly with at least $100 new money & No talk of payout offer for JBP/PC wallets.I would love to forward you one of the daily emails.Perhaps I will.

Forgive the length.Tip of the iceberg."

Love & gratitude & pray that members of your newsletter are warned,

Nadine Sirota


EgoPay close U.S. accounts RSS - comments

From to news page of EgoPay:

Due to the current United States laws, all EgoPay accounts that belong to U.S. Citizens/Residents/U.S. Companies will be locked on the 28th of March. You can still implement your operations the same as before until 14th of March. Please note, that after 14th of March you will not be able to receive any funds and will only have an option to send or withdraw your funds.

Please manage your payments and withdraws in time.

Newsletter: InvestFond new listing, short review of our top programs RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Oh my, have we been busy! It's like Santa's workshop over here, amigos. No candy cane or lame toys, though, we are in the facts domain, after all. February somehow seems to be the perfect month to compare, contrast and evaluate the results. Although "evaluate" may be too strong a word, so let's go with "review", OK?

We have added one new program this week and we will discuss it shortly, but we also wanted to take a closer look at our "staples", programs that have been listed on the longest. Our Top Old 3, if you will. Shall we?



According to the website, InvestFond deals with Forex and is fully licensed by European Securities and Exchange Commission (license no. 208/13, registration no. 291974). Unfortunately, not much more is there to find out about the company's background – a whois search leaves you with nothing and they do not enclose any information on their website, which is rather well-organized despite the very modest "About Us" section. What we do know is that the creators are probably Austrian, because the site is available in English and German and 50% of the testimonials section is in German (yes, it means one of two testimonials) and the address given is Guglgasse 11/11 Vienna, Austria. We also know that the site is secured with EssentialSSL certificate valid until January 2019. Also, we do know how to deposit money, withdraw money, etc. thanks to the "Help" and "Funds overview" section on You need at least $50, withdrawals take maximum 24 hours, they accept Gold, Perfect Money, EgoPay, BitCoin and OKPAY. When it comes to the plans, they offer from 3% to 19% weekly (average rate – you can see the "average weekly profitable rates" on the main site)) for 40-120 days. The profits are calculated on weekdays. There are 6 plans altogether and you can use the handy Investment Calculator to check them out ( There is no affiliate section to be found but – as one may gather from the "Help" part – they offer "a flexible affiliate program to our customers [...] [who get] a 5% commission from any referral that deposits to their account". The principal stays with IF, and if you go before your time, so to speak, you shall pay "40% prematurity withdrawal closure penalty". Contacting IF is not sophisticated in any way: use the contact form online, call them in Austria (+43 136 49 403), use Facebook or Twitter.



I do not know if you know this, amigos, but out list is truly structured. You might have thought that we are just having fun and playing with the numbers, but it's science, guys. Or math, at the very least. The programs earn their position on our list in the following ways: they get points for going through the verifying process, for the so-called "deposit volume", the time they have been monitored, their ROI and our rating points. Also, you get some "base points" and you can also "order" points. As far as our rating points go, they are also awarded for very specific actions/services: payout speed, support quality, design, script, security and transparency. A program can get 10 points maximum in each of these categories. Now that you know the math behind the system, let's take a look at the programs that have been with us the longest.

Newsletter: StampPool new listing, WealthGroups Limited turned to scam RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

I think you'll welcome this with true pleasure: I have nothing but some solid news. Just one new program to learn about, no major tragedies, no soul-sucking information. Go ahead and read, amigos. I promise there won't be any need for pulling your hair out.



Freshly added – I would say hot off the press, but it's not this kind of business – Stamp Pool makes a really good first impression. A well-developed website with bright colors and plenty of reading material, Stamp Pool seems prepared to conquer the online world. The domain was created just recently, on January 14, 2014 and will be valid for a year. The site is secured with GlobalSign SSL certificate valid from February 2, 2014 to January 28, 2019.

According to a whois search, the program was registered by Lucas Wilson from Nicosia, Cyprus. What is Stamp Pool? In short: "the first and leading virtual mining contracts provider in the bitcoin mining industries". The longer answer includes explaining that they take care of the "technical" and "technological" part of "bitcoin mining industries". This "cloud mining technology" promises 0.5% to 2.5% daily dividend when you invest at least $10 for 30 days. In fact, the "minimum purchase amount is 1 Ghs" and that's how you get the $10 for 30 days result. You can buy as many "contracts" as you want, but remember that you cannot open more than one account.

The principal is technically non-refundable, but after your contract expires Stamp Pool "will buy back your contracts and give back your initial funds". At least according to the FAQ section. For those who choose the affiliate option, you get $0.01 "incentive bonus" just for referring, "1% funding bonus" for referrals who deposit money and "6% loyalty bonus", meaning that "3% of the purchasing amount on the level-1 of your referrals, 2% of the purchasing amount on the level-2 of your referrals, and 1% of the purchasing amount on the level-3 of your referrals". If you have questions, be sure to contact Stamp Pool: you can send them a message using a contact form, e-mail (, or Facebook ( or try the live support chat online. Also, the contacts page informs us that the company is located in London, as well as the Republic of Cyprus.




UInvest has chosen to make the conversion more accessible: it's now easier to "separate UIbalance from earnings received from TOPs' projects". Also, soon an improved mobile version of the site will be available. Thanks to the new app, you will be able to buy obligations via your mobile. What's more, "a section for purchasing obligations with Bid and Retail", "a tool for receiving shares from an obligation" and "a section for managing transactions related to obligations sale" will be introduced.


Moreover, let's sum up two recent management chats. During the most recent one, with Alex PR, which took place on February 12, the switch from "80/30" to the "70/30" rule, the creation TOP funds and its consequences, etc. In the course of that, issues like liquidity, commission also came up. The most interesting part about the "happy hour", was also touched upon: during next Tuesday's happy hours there will be "no limits for commission fees for FPs". It also means that those who wish to withdraw "not by installments, but immediately, are welcome to submit their offers next Tuesday from 4-5pm" and all FPs, "who are ready to give withdrawals, but with their own commission, are welcome to buy UIbalance from customers next Tu from 4-5pm". The previous chat, held on February 5, saw a guest called TOP Murg, who talked about the project on his Murg Invest Platform.

Newsletter: Valencia FH, Eos Financial Limited add, AdClickXpress turned to scam RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos,

this time we've had a truly busy week. Don't fret, don't panic, nothing majorly terrible happened. It's just that – maybe it's the before the lovey-dovey day atmosphere? – many things are happening at the same time. But first things first: we have added some new players to our game list.



Both our today's protagonists can pride themselves in originality. I know, I don't say that often, but it's true. Valencia Finance House, "a Dubai based investment company that focuses on the Forex and Commodities Trading and various large-scale Real Estate Projects", has also designed a very cute and unusual website. Maybe it's the fact that "Valencia Finance House has strong presence in all of the six member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), i.e., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates", or maybe it's just that they like cheerful colors – either way, it's interesting. By choosing one of the funny boxes on the main page, you can go to all the necessary places. What's usual about the page is the one-year valid EssentialSSL Comodo certificate implemented on January 28, 2013. The domain should last a bit longer, until November 2015.

The section that impressed me most was, peculiarly for me, the Investment Plan part – rarely does one see such clarity and, let's say, efficiency of form. The plans are clearly divided and aptly described: there are three options, and they are different when it comes to the profits (2.50%, 2.75%, or 3% daily), duration (30, 45, and 60 days), the minimum amount of money required to participate ($20, $50, and $100) and, naturally, the total return of investment (175%, 223.75%, and 280% – all including the principal). The principal can be withdrawn after the expiry of the term. There is no compounding and the minimum to withdraw depends on the payment method of your choosing. First of all, you can use EgoPay, Payeer, Perfect Money, OKPay, bitcoin, bank wires, but when you withdraw via bank wires or Western Union you need at least $500. Other processors are way "cheaper" – transactions start at $1. According to the comprehensive FAQ, "there is no maximum limitation on daily withdrawals" and you can spend any amount you want. Payouts are handled manually, therefore they may take up to 48 hours, but usually it's just 24 hours. Bear in mind, though, that "bank wire and Western Union withdrawals are processed within 1-3 business days".

Newsletter: UnitedHyipLeague, Eblone adds, MyTrafficValue debt swapping RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

It's been another good week. I simply cannot get enough of those, amigos. Let's dive right in: don't worry, there's truly nothing to worry about this time. Promise!



There are two newcomers this week, both added the same day. Since I'm kind of wicked, I'm going to introduce them in a reverse alphabetical order. UnitedHyipLeague is a UK-based investment company (1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR, ENGLAND), registered under the following number: 08826560, that "works with searching and development of high yield investment portfolios that bring a lot of income with small deals". To add to this, on their website under "About our company", UHL mentions diamonds, oil and borrowings. The website is pretty much standard, secured with Trustwave Domain Validation SSL certificate valid from January 5, 2014 to January 5, 2015.

The domain was created in 2011 and should last until 2016. It's more or less easy to navigate, the Q&A section is well-researched and the support team is always at the ready – you can contact UHL using e-mail (, phone (+44 203 5196838), contact form or just live chat, which is available 24/7. With video testimonials and 15 representatives in 10 different countries, UHL seems to have the "hands-on" customer approach. Signing in is not difficult, but the plethora of investment plans offered may be a little daunting: you can start at $25 and go as high as $50000.00, the profit ranges from 2.5-3% a day for 75 calendar days through 10% daily for 35-75 calendar days, to 350-750% after 35 to 75 calendar days. To invest you can use Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer, Western Union or bank wire. Payouts are handled automatically within 24 hours. Compounding is available in all plans, but the principal is non-returnable. There is no minimum or maximum amount to withdraw.


Another newbie, Eblone, has one of the most professional websites I have seen in a while. Clear, simple, intuitive and stylish – looks fresh and new and experienced at the same time. With a domain created in June 2013 which is valid until 2022, and Comodo Extended Validation Secure Server SSL certificate valid for a year, Eblone means business. Accepting all the usual players, EgoPay, Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Skrill, OkPay, and bank wires, Eblone ("a registered trade mark of Eblone Wealth and Investment Management Limited, registered in England and Wales, no. 08565579, with a registered office at Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR"), asks the investors for at least $50 for starters. According to the comprehensive FAQ section as well as the "About Us" portion of the website, Eblone "was established in 2007, and the first “Eblone Wealth and Investment Management Limited Act" was passed by UK Government in 2013. The company is a sole entity and not part of any group.

My Traffic Value Debt Swap RSS - comments

Last update:

We will be debt swapping the entire system at the end of today (server

Please read this forum thread:

1) Help us do last minute bug checking, and earn $1 per issue you find.

2) All the value in your accounts, including balances, active investments
etc; will be converted to shares. The swap price will be between 26-27cents.
And this will be rounded up. So if you have $0.271 in your account balance,
you'll get 2 shares, not 1.

3) After the swap, we'll be introducing our new plans. Which are basically
one big first in, first out system. Where every investment joins our fast
track queue; there are no daily payments; you just get your full 186/250%
return as soon as you reach the top of the queue. (And our portfolio is
obviously contributing all its revenues towards paying the users at the top
of the queue)

So investing first, after the debt swap, is going to get you paid in a

4) After the swap, the Experimental Fund will re-open. 
But it will only accept $500-$1000 in total investment. And we will be
ramping up the risk factor to a 50%-100% hedge per day. So it's going to see
enourmous results; but the wipeouts will flush out most of the system every
time... As I think that's going to be the best way to run that plan.
Complete risk, for complete returns. And the more it turns over; the more
the MTV portfolio makes in commissions... But we'll keep the capital numbers
small, to ensure they get re-invested & there is continuation even in the
event of multiple loss days; to ensure the refund system gets chance to

5) If your account has $0 value in it, it will get deleted with the debt
swap tonight, as we purge all dormant accounts... So if your account
disappears overnight, and you can't login. Just signup again. But if you
have any money in it, you'll be fine.


So this is it!
The beginning of 2014 for My Traffic Value, and a completely fresh start /
clean slate to finally push this business to that critical mass we've been
pursuing the last 2-3years... We've got a huge starting portfolio, liquidity
is fixed, and the PaidVerts spec is virtually complete. So we'll begin
construction of that right away.

Fingers crossed for a huge year.


Newsletter: MyTrafficValue debt swap details, AdClickExpress pending withdrawals RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Another week has passed and with that our general wisdom has noticeably increased. Right? That would be lovely, but we all know that nobody notices the passage of time. Much less any wisdom intake, let's not kid ourselves.

But we do get to do things, for instance review 3pamm and WealthGroups. Have you read our reviews of the recently added programs? If not, be sure to check them out! And now, let's get it on, as Marvin Gaye would say...



In the latest newsletter, My Traffic Value announced that a "debt swap" which is going to affect the entire system and "will occur in the next few days". According to My Traffic Value, this move should provide the system with "a completely fresh start": the new MTV will be simpler and the plans will change a bit. To add to this, the program should seem completely new: " it will literally appear like we're launching from day one all over again". Except for the following changes: there will be new limits on investments and commission.

Members can now invest $1-$5 per day and per user with the 186% plan and the affiliate program will be one-level from now on. However, MTV will pay commission "on any gameplay you refer". Also, the investments will be handled in a simpler manner as they "will join MTV's simplified fast track queue". Another result of the debt swap will be the removal of all "inactive and zero value accounts". When it comes to the active users, your wallets will be "converted to shares", fully repaid, and "the estimated swap value will be $0.25-$0.27 per share".



UInvest brags about Artwork's "Badminton Sport and Spa Club is a Thailand indoor gym designed for badminton activities", its this week's first project. Also, there was a UIcloud Webinar Meeting held in Arabic on 21 January 2014. According to the newsletter, there are going to be more seminars in different languages. What's more, UInvest announced the top 6 funds launched in 2014: Moneybookers, Murg, Demjjid, Salaar, Taiiab, and the aforementioned Artwork.



In the second newsletter, Indigo Hill Investment Inc. reminded that BitCoin and LiteCoin deposits are acceptable, along with most of e-payment processors, e.g. Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPay, Payeer, Western Union, Money Gram, and bank wire. Also, soon the website will be improved and should be "more convenient to use".


WealthGroups review RSS - comments

Related to: WealthGroups Limited

Hola mis amigos!

Is it just me or is it harder than ever to find a well-designed website?

What is wrong with the world? Shouldn't it go the other way round: the older the Internet gets, the better the websites become? It should, right? Believe it or not, I somehow get the impression that programs care less and less about the way their websites look, as if that's not important when you deal with your clients online…

This introductory rant should give you the idea of what it's been like to deal with ugly designs, counter-intuitive and poorly prepared pages I deal with sometimes. Also, it should not surprise you that our today's protagonist is… Just the opposite of everything I loathe.


To start with, you immediately know who you're dealing with. WealthGroups, or WG FX Limited, is a UK-based company and "one of the investment funds that based its actions on the Forex market". Dealing "mainly with Forex market", WealthGroups has not forgotten about the first rule of the Internet: presentation is everything. While the "About Us" section may consist of some done and done cliches ("Our employees have many years of experience gained in the financial markets", but we do not learn more about neither the employees, not the markets), you can also find a PDF file of Certificate of Incorporation ( from which one may learn that WG FX Limited is a private limited company number 8655589.

To add to this, a whois search reveals that the domain was registered on 2012-08-02 by Frank Roger (9 Prebendal Court, Oxford Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire). One must not forget about one of the most crucial facts: the domain shall be valid for another 10 years, which is why you may read "© 2013-2023, Incorporated Company in the United Kingdom" on the bottom of


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