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Hola mis amigos!

I don't know about you, but all the labour-related celebrations make me… Not want to work.

What's that all about? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Shouldn't I feel energetic and joyful or something? And how are you spending you free time? Barbecuing? Fishing? Yes, I'm fishing for information, amigos. See what I did?



Five programs have joined our ranking since I last imposed my writing upon you. I'd especially like to direct your attention to the first two: Finarri Inc. and Bitcoin Trader, because they simply stand out.

Finarri Inc. is your typical Forex program, but with a decent website and well-written materials. Registered in the Seychelles (02 Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles), the company boasts being able to handle "the investment needs of over 2,000 offline customers". The domain was created on April 18, 2013 and is valid for 5 more years. The program as such was launched just a week later and has managed to attract almost 200 members so far. Unfortunately, not much more can be found when it comes to Finarri's background or whereabouts and there aren't many ways to enquire since what we are given is just basically three e-mail addresses:, and, but what we do know is that the website has been secured with a year-valid RapidSSL certificate issued by GeoTrust on April 20, 2014.

Also, if the Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages evolve, they may become additional sources of information. When registering, you do need to give them your full name, but not much more than that. Funding your wallet is easy, you just need a PM, Payeer, EgoPay account or a Bitcoin wallet address. Investing is just as straight-forward with three plans from which you can choose: Finarri Basic (daily profit: 0.80-1.20% if you invest $10-$999.99), Finarri Advanced (daily profit: 1.20-1.80%, investments range from $1000 to $9999.99) and Finarri Premium (1.80-2.60% if you invest $10000-$99999.99). All plans last 90 "trading" days, which means that you won't get paid on "both US and British Virgin Islands official holidays", and you need at least $10 to start. Compounding is always available and you can choose 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% or 100% of your daily interest to be "credited to the balance available for withdrawal", according to the rather extensive FAQ section. Another way to profit from Finarri Inc. is the affiliate program which pays 7% commission.


Newsletter: BitcoFinancial new program, SteelAssets and ForexStructure are scams RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

You might think that nothing is going on right now. You might think that we're just chilling and drinking mimosas all day long. Or that we forgot about you. To all that I say: never! OK, to be honest, I also say "I wish" to the second one.

Or something like, "Maybe someday?". Or, "Are you paying?" Anyway, it has actually been a quite unusual period recently. For one thing, one new program evidently tried to break all-time record of going up and down at the same time (or, to put it less euphemistically, of sucking): we introduced SteelAssets on April 2, 2014 and it managed to achieve the PROBLEM status within 2 weeks. Congrats, I guess..?



With domains created two weeks apart (March 20, 2014 and March 5, 2014) Best Stock and Invest Money seem like twin brothers (or sisters, I wouldn't want to discriminate): they both offer 4% daily for 100 business days, that is from Monday to Friday, with the minimum set at $1 and no compounding available. If you think that the programs are weirdly similar, wait until you peruse their websites. Sure, the design is different, but everything else seems pretty much the same: you've got the "Rules", "FAQ", and "Sign Up" sections, which is pretty normal, nothing of out the ordinary, but the deja vu feeling just would not let me go. It turns out that the "Rules" section, the FAQ section, the signing up process and even the support are all done in the exact same way. Unfortunately, so is the security – by which I mean the lack of thereof. Both programs accept Perfect Money, Capital Sure, Ego Pay and Payeer, and both deal with payouts within 12 business hours. As far as details go, Best Stock actually offers 4 plans with daily profits 1.50%, 2%, 3% or 4%, depending on the amount of money you're willing to invest ($1-$1,500; $1,501-$6,000; $6,001-$12,000; $12,001 and more). Invest Money offers 5 plans with the following daily profits: 1.50% ($1-$1,000), 1.80% ($1,001-$5,001), 2.50% ($5,001-$10,000), 3% ($10,001-$50,000) and 4% ($50,001-$1,000,000). Both programs pay up to 5% for referrals.


If you love to read a lot, Bitco Financial is your kind of program. The minute you open their website you are surrounded by reading materials of all sorts. Even their motto is quite a mouthful:

"A safe and reliable passive income for all online investors presented by a realtime cryptocurrency trading firm".

Phew! was created on December 1, 2013 and the domain was secured with PositiveSSL certificate on March 15, 2014 (valid for a year). You might not see the certificate at first, it seems to be implemented only half-way, but when you type in "https", you can see that it's there. What is Bitco Financial? It was founded by Shawn Smith, "an Irishman based in Lancashire, United Kingdom with [...] family of 4", who used to be "just a single father working as a freelance networker online". Then he found Bitcoin, started "mining" and noticed that "this mountain of virtual coins were starting to hold some value after all". Consequently, he – along with his friends – launched Bitco Financial, their "first online investing program". Partnering with coinbase, Bitstamp, BTC, Cryptsy, Just Coin Exchange and Vircurex, they now "mainly focus on mining, trading and exchanging Bitcoins and other Altcoins such as LiteCoin, PeerCoin, DogeCoin, etc."

According to the excellent FAQ section, the company was legally registered in Preston, Lancashire (UK) in November 2013 (the confirming document can be found here: How do you start investing with Bitco Financial? You need at least $10, a Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, PexPay or Payeer account, and at least 20 calendar days. There are two plans: Plan 1 with 1.67% daily profit for 30 days (including principal) and Plan 2 with 2.5% daily profit for 20 days (principal is returned "in full after plan matures"). In both cases, total payouts amount to 150%. Compounding is always available; due to popular demand, recently, Bitco Financial enabled the compounding option for Bitco Deposits as well., while might seem a bit troublesome to navigate, is available in four languages (English, French, Russian and Polish). Registration is straight-forward, but you do need to use your full name. When it comes to support, Bitco Financial can be found on Facebook or Twitter, but you can also contact them via e-mail (, call them (+44.1772368005) or chat online. Naturally, Bitco Financial has a referral program and they pay "a 5% referral commission for every referral introduced by you".

ForexStructure newsletter - 8 Major Updates / Development RSS - comments

8 Major Updates / Development this month you should know � ForexStructure Newsletter.


Hi Everyone and good day.

It�s been over 30 days and ForexStructure would like to take this opportunity to announce major changes, improvement, and updates to our valuable members/investors through this newsletter. So please be patient and read every thing to make better decisions and maximize your earning.

Here are 8 major updates / improvements FS made in the past 30 days.


1. Our Investment Program has been prepared by well experienced professionals in Forex market.

ForexStructure recently designed a investment plan for both newbie as well as experienced investors looking for high yield in quick around time.

Our investment plans have been designed by experienced team of investors who have in the industry for over 2 decades helping people make high returns.

We understand that you do not want to get into the hassle of learning all the technical details and other documents to get started. That is why, our trading experts have developed a user-friendly investment system that is extremely easy for anyone to get started.

All you have to do is sign up to become a free member, deposit cash and sit back and let our program make cash for you. How? Well, you have to wait for �investment period� to complete. Once the period is complete, you can withdraw your earnings depending upon the investment plan you choose at the beginning, any time � day and night.


2. From DAY 1, we have been getting good results and working harder to improve our program.

After 30 days staying active online, Forex Structure has been offering significant amount of returns (over 150%) to its members.


3. Review by MNO (by Paul) has been published on his site

Last week, ForexStructure got an honest review of its investment plan from Paul � an online investment reviews and experienced investor himself � on Money News Online.

You can read the review here.

Paul talks a lot about the investment plan, advertising budget, security, ratings, and server which should give you an in-depth idea how efficient the program really is. Thank you Paul for wonderful review of ForexStructure.


4. More Reviews from Bloggers Coming UP!

After FS review on MNO and Wealthy Biz, many bloggers are trying to reach us to post a review of our investment program.

In coming weeks, you should be able to see more reviews and blog mentions about FS investment plans from expert bloggers whose honest reviews should help you figure our where we stand.


5. Successfully verified PexPay account on ForexStructure.

In addition to using EgoPay, Payeer, Bitcoin as payments systems, ForexStructure have also successfully verified PexPay account allowing for easy deposit/withdrawals.

In coming weeks, we�ll be adding MORE popular payment options so that you can participate, deposit, and withdraw your earnings fast and at ease.


6. What is Forex trading and why should you care?

Forex trading is one of the biggest market in the world. With over US$4 trillion daily returns, Forex trading is also the most liquid market.

Here are few reasons why people trade in Forex

You can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You trade during both rising and falling of the market.

You find great trading opportunities during high volatility periods, especially when a market opens or closes. Prices can change unexpected and quickly, creating trading opportunities and risks as well.


7. Website has been improved to give you more information about the ForexStructure.

Recently, ForexStructure has spent thousands of dollars to make our website user-friendly and optimized for search engines. As a result, every important sections � account login, registration, customer support, FAQs (to learn all the basics), information about our investment plans are easily accessible. Likewise, making a deposit and withdrawals is easy and takes only few minutes.

If you have any issues getting started, simply chat online (live). A customer care staff will be there to give all the information to get you started.


8. Representative Program will be launched within 1-2 months.

As part of our strategy to make extra cash for our members (investors), ForexStructure is planning to launch a �Representative program.� Within 1-2 months, as a member, you�ll be able to participate and act as our representatives to help spread our message to your connections � friends, family members, and other would-be investors and earn EXTRA income.

You�ll be able to sign up, use FS banners and ad copy and start promoting on your website, blogs, social media accounts. If anyone participates in our program through your referral, you�ll earn commission. Awesome, isn�t it?

Have questions, queries, comments? Send us an e-mail at We�ll respond within 24 hours.



Best Regards,

ForexStructure Team

Newsletter: Steel Assets and Silitia new programs, Uinvest new affiliate program RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Welcome to the new world of spring and sunshine! Or haven't you even noticed that something has majorly changed around you? I have said it before: you have to move out of the basements, guys.

Especially since not that much is going on in our line of business recently. Use this time to work on your tan, amigos… Here's what happened recently.



The first new addition, Steel Assets, deals – yes, you have guessed it – with the steel industry. The website, valid for just one year and created recently, on March 24, 2014, is easy to browse and sufficiently secured with Thawte SSL certificate which is valid until March 2015. There are three investment plans to choose from, all last 10 calendar days, but differ when it comes to the returnability of principal, compounding and daily interest.

The first plan offers the return of the principal as well as compounding and pays up to 5% daily. The other two do not offer neither a returnable principal, nor the compounding option, but they do offer a higher interest: up to 14% daily or up to 165% after 10 days. If you're interested in investing with Steel Industry, you need at least $10, and you can go as high as $10000.00. Payments done via STP, EgoPay, Payeer or Perfect Money, are handled manually, so the payouts take up to 24 hours. Steel Industry also offers a three-stage affiliate program, which pays 4%, 5%, or 6% – depending on how many direct referrals you have gained. If you need to contact SI, you can use the contact form on the website or the following e-mail address:


The second new program on our list is called Silitta and it's your typic Forex program. You need at least $10 to start investing and a lot of patience, because of the abundance of investment options that await you. Luckily, the website is user-friendly and unsophisticated. Still, it is secured with GlobalSign's SSL certificate which should last until June 2018.

Scam e-mails from cheaters RSS - comments

This is the warning which we received from EgoPay:

Dear Customers,

EgoPay Team wants to inform that we never send e-mails where we threaten our customers to block their accounts, request verification or grant them with free prizes.

If you think that the “warning” e-mail is sent officially by EgoPay, the first action you have to do is to check our News and Blog pages in our official website. If there are no news regarding the e-mail, please contact our Support who will answer all your questions.

EgoPay emphasizes – we NEVER send e-mails which would contain any external links as all issues can be solved internally by connecting to your EgoPay account or contacting Customer Support.

Yours sincerely,
EgoPay Team

FinMutual 250 days online RSS - comments

FinMutual  has reached a milestone of 250 days online. The full update:

"Thank you to our over 7500 investors who have made the first 250 days possible. Over the past 250 days, many companies have come and gone while FinMutual has risen to the top. This is because of you our members and the team here at FinMutual. We are here working for you and stay tuned for future updates."

Newsletter: WinMent, ForexStructure new adds, FinMutual downtime RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

Things have been rather slow recently. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, you will never hear me complain about having more free time, this I can promise you.

Another promise that I can make today is that in the following newsletter, you will find two new programs and some rather important news. Ready?



Founded in 2009 "with a paid-up capital of USD 5 million" and domain created in 2012 (valid until June 2014), Winment seems to be one of those companies that are all about being regular. Why would I say that? Well, taking into consideration their website – which is a solid effort, but nothing that would blow anybody's mind – and the fact that the page is secured only partially, I would say that they do not care for major revolutions. As I mentioned, the website is decent, easy to browse and setting up an account takes seconds, but you will not remember it for long.

As for the security, when you add "https" manually, the site turns out to be secured with Global Sign validation (valid to January 28, 2019), but it does not seem to be the default option. What does Winment do exactly? According to the "About" section, "Winment is a company specializing in the field of asset management and investment services". Unfortunately, not much else is known about the company.

You can transfer your money via Perfect Money, EgoPay, Capital Sure or Payeer and start investing at $10. Thanks to the well-researched FAQ section, one may find out that there is no maximum amount that you can invest, and that Winment's system is "fully automated [...] so your deposit amount will appear on your balance instantly". There are four plans to choose from: Trial, Standard, Advanced and Exclusive. You can earn 4%, 4.5%, 5.5% or 7% daily respectively. All plans last 40 business days, the principal is non-refundable and there is no compounding available. If you have questions, Winment only answers the basic contact form, apparently.


Newsletter: FinMutual new listing, MutualWealth halted by SEC, Cryptory new lang RSS - comments

Hola mis amigos!

First of all, don't you worry. I know that I disappear from time to time, and you must feel terrible about it: you're probably suffering from insomnia and PSTD, you're crying all the time and every day is now a bad hair day.

I apologize. But sometimes you just have to let it go. And by "it", I mean the online world. Still, I have been busy and today I'm going to share all my freshly acquired knowledge with you. We have added a new program, discovered some unsettling facts about Mutual Wealth's future and conducted an interview with's administrator, which is available here: Are you ready to start our journey?



To start with, FinMutual, our newest addition, is "in the niche of crowdfunding". The program set up its domain in July 2013 (valid for a year) and implemented Comodo Extended Validation Secure Server certificate in February 2014 (valid for a year). It is easy to check the program since they do not make any mystery of their address (FINGROUP LTD., St. John Street, London) or phone number (+4402032397334). In fact, you can also contact the company via Skype ( or Facebook (

As far as the plans are concerned, there are three different options: 1.80%, 2.20% or 2.60%. You can earn daily from Monday to Friday for 160 business days. Deposits start as low as $25 and there is no maximum amount set. The principal is non-refundable and there is no compounding option available. The total return varies between 288% and 416%. All the shares are kept by FinMutual for "around 2 years" before the entrepreneur can buy them "at market price". Payouts are handled manually and can take up to 48 hours. You can use all the major money processors: SolidTrust Pay, Bitcoin, EgoPay, Perfect Money, OKPAY and PexPay to deposit your money with FinMutual. When it comes to Perfect Money, due to popular demand, FinMutual has verified its account and now "processes withdrawals with Perfect Money VERIFIED status".

Where did I find this piece of information? On FinMutual's highly informative and regularly updated Facebook page. The website is just as well-prepared, although one may find the forever funny "lorem ipsum" leftover under Terms and Conditions. Still, it is easily navigated and setting up an account won't take more than a couple of minutes. Naturally, FinMutual also offers an affiliate program, and one can earn 5% on referrals.



According to its official website, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed an official complaint in the US District Court for the Central District of California to stop "a fraudulent pyramid scheme by phony companies masquerading as a legitimate international investment firm", namely Mutual Wealth. What one may read in the complaint is rather succinct and to the point, since the claim is that "almost nothing that Mutual Wealth represents to investors is true".

MutualWealth halted by SEC? RSS - comments

According to its official website, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed an official complaint in the US District Court for the Central District of California to stop "a fraudulent pyramid scheme by phony companies masquerading as a legitimate international investment firm", namely Mutual Wealth.

What one may read in the complaint is rather succinct and to the point, since the claim is that "almost nothing that Mutual Wealth represents to investors is true".

One of the arguments is that Mutual Wealth does not actually purchase or sell any securities on behalf of investors, as it is supposed to do, but just "diverts investor money to offshore bank accounts held by shell companies". What is more, there is no seat of the company in Hong Kong or New York. To add to this, the list of executives on is completely fabricated and it is not "duly registered with the SEC", as MW claims "in e-mails to investors". SEC also mentions the fact that MW "operates through entities in Panama and the UK and uses offshore accounts in Cyprus and Latvia [...] to divert money from investors". What may be even more damaging to MW's image is the fact that, according to SEC, the company's "sole director and shareholder presented forged and stolen passports and a bogus address to foreign government authorities and payment processors".

Consequently, as of March 5, 2014 MW's assets has been frozen and the website should go offline. However, at the moment the page seems to be working fine and Mutual Wealth assures that the company is "aware of this issue and it is not as bad as the press makes it look". Moreover, MW claims that they are in fact working on some sort of resolution with the Securities and Exchange Commission. To add to this, according to Mutual Wealth, "[t]he issue at hand is a disagreement between us and the commission as to the status of advisors in the United States [and our] legal team will be in Court this week".

Interview with PiratCoin Admin (Andrew) RSS - comments


After tough enough was closed system Liberty Reserve, some programmers and webmasters had the idea to create their most secure and anonymous payment system. Among these people was our spokesman Andrei today (under the pseudonym Pirat). His system called PiratCoin, of which the creator can tell us a lot of interesting things.

Editorial: Welcome! We sincerely very pleased that you have agreed to answer all the questions, because our readers will be very interested to learn more about your system. We know that you are the founder and leader of the project. Tell our readers how it all began? How did the idea to create a system, which were the prerequisites?

Pirat: Hello! The idea of ​​the project originated immediately after the death of "Liberty Reserve", in May 2013, after the loss of finance, and my comrades. Then it was decided to personally monitor the finances by opening its currency! Above the title and appearance have conducted a number of nights, and eventually the project was born.

Editorial: It's not the first time I hear that closing Liberty Reserve prompts to create a new system. Liberty officially closed because of money laundering that you think about this?

Pirat: Reading materials of the case, I discovered a few things. Partner Arthur in 2009 said that in "Liberty" are only scammers and other gray mass, what Arthur himself said: "Let him alone Bin Laden will change!". It was one of the causes of ill-closing. Speaking honestly, I understand that "Liberty Reserve" 50 percent consisted of money laundering, but there is another side of the coin! At the same time, "Liberty" is always responsible for his words, and was not indiscriminate blocking of accounts, which allow themselves to PerfectMoney!

Editorial: By the way, I remember that one of the systems, which appeared immediately after the closing of Liberty, was a system MeraPay.

Pirat: I would add that there were many platezhek, one of them - AsianReserve. And besides, many more closed.

Editorial: Anonymity - your horse. But at the same time, now with the anonymity and freedom associated Bitcoin. What is your opinion about what you think and kriptovalyute general about this philosophy, the idea of?

Pirat: The idea is ingenious. I will say that Bitcoin was launched together with the "Perfect Money", and it is clear that both systems have achieved success! The idea of ​​Bitcoin so ingenious that only heavy clip from the authorities all over the world dropped to the lowest rate. Without sanctions Bitcoin price would be equal to 10 thousand dollars for 1 BTC.

Editorial: Do you think that the authorities are afraid of imposing sanctions?

Pirat: Authorities fear, do not need any more swift translations. But this is just one of the reasons. After all, the authorities are afraid not so much Bitcoins as technology, in which he carries himself - kriptovalyuty technology. Detsenentralizatsiya - the payments of the new generation. If you give them the strength and the will, they can capture the hearts of the people due to the openness and transparency.

Editorial: Is there a future kriptovalyut, or perhaps in the future they will have a different shape?

Pirat: In business, as in war, you can lose at the last moment! My predictions about the Bitcoin has not come true, I'm not anticipating such attacks authorities, who are attracted to the fact that the price slipped! Also we got a vulnerability in Bitcoins same "monster» - Mt. Gox - reported that they received on February 10-11 uncommitted transactions and not withdrawn any time Bitcoins! I think it will go a serious struggle for countering the use of monetary aggregates in the world, not just in specific countries! We have a future kriptovalyut and electronic wallets too. Will they be banned as marijuana, with their active circulation, or become legal as gold, - I can not judge, but clearly the market waiting for the change, but in what direction - time will tell.

Editorial: Let's go back to your system. In any payment system security - this is one of the most important factors. Is it possible in your case to say that complete anonymity synonymous with security?

Pirat: Anonymity really our rolls, namely: 1) we do not store IP-addresses, 2) no one, respectively, do not hand over the report, 3) system was created by people for people, and if the data received during registration, you were not lost or stolen, access to your funds is not possible! Of course, where the pros and cons there. Password recovery in case of loss is only available on request to the administrator!

Editorial: Yes, it's very interesting. It's nice that the user need not worry about their funds. Speaking of users. Can you tell us how many you have now?

Pirat: We are constantly monitoring the influx of users to the system. And if you analyze all the data, now comes to us every day around 90 new customers. In total, the system registered more than 11,700 people. This is from September 2013.

Editorial: That is to say that the official launch of the system in September?

Pirat: Yes, or to be more precise, the system was officially launched on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Editorial: What motivates you more enthusiasm or still just a commercial interest?

Pirat: Me driven to victory, because, as any webmaster, first of all I'm interested in the success of the project in 2014, the Pirates have already earned commissions on more than $ 2000. And it confirms that the bright intentions will always thank financially.

Editorial: This is good. I ask to talk a bit, what is the key success. How did a relatively short period of time to attract users? Tell us what is necessary to do and how many?

Pirat: First, was originally there is good communication with the future users of the system. Also been divided client across various sectors, all of which were made by hand pirates who, of course, can be displayed on WebMoney and Bitcoin! At first people did not believe that someone can give 1-3-5-7-10 and even $ 20, but gradually handing over distribution attracted people! But other than that, we understand that the development of the payment system with no shops that accept the currency, it is impossible to us and joined the first store. This VPN-service with offline Bitcointalk! More - more. The main breakthrough, of course, given the investment funds that take the pirates, now there are seven. Of course, have to do a lot, and stay on our laurels, we are not going to!

Editorial: What attracted you serious investors, then, of course, a lot. Very pleased that Russia has a system and the people who allow secure payments.

Pirat: Russia - the land of talent, no doubt! Promotion payment system hands of its owner seems insane! Are all used to say: "We are in Panama, we are in Europe." We, we, we! Continuous MMM! In our case, we came a touch of irony to the project! Everyone understands that the share of humor at the same time indicates the seriousness of what is happening! I did not know the best way to make people trust me money but to show that the pirates themselves may entrust money to put on the account and withdraw! Then like a mirror: if you are smiling, and then you smile.

Editorial: This is brilliant, and like all brilliant - just. By the way, do you plan to make the system more complex, for example, create new services in the system PiratCoin?

Pirat: Yes, and the main goal at the moment - is the addition of new ways to output to countries such as Ukraine, China and India. Finding the mechanism of transfer on the cards for these countries, we can say with confidence about the growing popularity of the pirates, but we look around! Also, the system we have our own prepaid cards available at! Speaking of the "chips" of protection and improvement of the functional, the procedure itself and the refactoring engine update on new technologies for our plan to be held in 3-4 months, to reach 25,000 customers! And it is this: 1) password recovery by email with an additional level of protection, 2) SMS password to login, 3) the system mini-credits in your account, and 4) the ability to create prepaid-card pirates and transmit it as a gift or exchange (issuing cards with balance).

Prepaid-Card is a two pairs of numbers and letters that have a pirates "dry." Everything is simple! For example, you have purchased or have changed the map of the pirates. There are two pairs of numbers. Pirates on the site you specify the amount that must be removed from the card and wallet pirates, where she put it - voila! That is to say, coins PiratCoin in solid form. In the future, prepaid-card could be distributed worldwide.

Editorial: Yes, really ambitious goals. It's no secret that the Russian authorities actively oppose Bitcoin, and other altkoinov kriptovalyut. How do they explain the cause - the fight against terrorism and money laundering. Whether there is the fear that because of the fact that your system offers anonymous payments on you can also make pressure?

Pirat: Yes, of course I was very upset that day when a law on the persecution of Bitcoins. But calmed down when I realized two things: 1) my credo - no retreat, no surrender, 2) I know that, for example, the owner has PerfectMoney Russian passport and lives in Russia. In addition, we actively go beyond Russia and have already a lot of clients from Vietnam, Poland, Ukraine, and India. We plan to further develop this area. Of course, we warned about the risks of all. Pirates concerned as well as Bitcoin or PerfectMoney in Russia! I want to add that I support the reputation of a reliable person who wants to remain anonymous. And seeing the confidence of the users, I will do everything to continue to "pluck a standing ovation" for ingenuity and reliable service.

Revision: But I have one burning question. Even before the New Year, I deposited the bill PiratCoins purse WebMoney. Everything went instantly. However, in deriving back (with Pirate on the VM) had to wait a few days. Do you plan to accelerate the process of withdrawal from the system?

Pirat: Yes, this question was supposed to be, because it disturbs everyone! Indeed input of money in Pirates automatic, but output delays! Delay at the beginning of course, there are big: users sometimes had to wait a week! Now applications perform from 1 to 24 hours. The output looks like this: once a day (in the afternoon) collect applications, where there are the same purses, combine and send a request. The amount of claims paid always, though there is a slight delay. Now we derive every 24 hours, but soon concluded accelerate to every 12 hours.

Editorial: It's good, because then there is nothing to worry. As I understand, the system is no commissions?

Pirat: Commission to enter the system at the moment is 1 percent, a maximum of $ 5. At the conclusion of the system commission is not charged.

Issue: I want to know that "behind the scenes". Tell us about your team.

Pirat: So far we have only three. Among them I - administrator, webmaster, principal owner and chief ideological rolled into one. Also, our team has the developer - a genius programmer who graduated from the MSTU. Bauman. The Third Man - my deputy, who is responsible for communication with the part of customers. In principle, each of us doing a lot of work.

Editorial: Tell me, to whom is largely oriented system: for a simple user, or still have a goal to attract business?

Pirat: We will do everything to increase the coverage! First of all I would like to see the hosts in the ranks of their customers and the company by type and WMmail CoinAd! Also there is a great desire to enter foreign markets by micro-payments, because pence saves!

Editorial: A general wondering how you image appeared pirates who got the system?

Pirat: The image of pirates originated long before my eyes, but not obviously! Worldwide pirate movement is gaining momentum! As an ambitious and purposeful company we decided to give a powerful and terrible name of your project. Therefore, we are confident that the system will PiratCoin conquer greater heights.


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